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Get My Best Work!Join my community of over 100,000 for updates on special events and the best of what I do. It’s a part of life you get more tired of the older you get – especially as it gets harder to find people who are looking for the same things you are. The most basic problem with traditional networking events is that they are mixing bowls for professionals who are there for different reasons. So, to help you navigate through, I am thrilled to share with you my top 3 effective dating strategies that can be applied to your professional networking efforts. As a businessperson, for your networking efforts to be successful, you need to be in a room full of people who are there for the same reasons as you. To expand on the dating analogy, books about finding your ideal partner or “soul mate” generally don’t advise you to go to nightclubs every night.
Instead, the best dating advice suggests that you leverage your friendships and your interests, while exposing yourself to environments and opportunities that are more conducive to finding a compatible mate. Unfortunately, almost all of the networking books and articles I have read focus their advice on how to make the most out of networking by attending events. In my upcoming book, Networking Is Not Working: Stop Collecting Business Cards and Start Making Meaningful Connections, I highlight how wasteful attending networking events can be and offer up some fresh, unconventional (or un-networking) strategies as alternatives for developing professional relationships. This is obviously the most ideal way to meet that special someone when it comes to personal relationships. Unfortunately, while these folks may have the best of intentions, they might need a little nudge.
I have come to rely on a strategy that makes it easier for my clients who want to help me, to do so.

Hosting an event to celebrate a special occasion for a friend usually will attract some friends of your friends, who you have never met before. But, my primary reason for setting them up was to do something for my existing clients I knew they would enjoy. I asked my clients (and strategic partners) to bring someone they thought would be good for me to meet. For me, it became commonplace for at least 50% of my non-clients at these events to reach out in order to learn more about my firm and see if I could help them.
Remember, if this does not happen (though I bet it will), your event should still be considered a success. I call it “Double Dating,” in the professional networking sense, when you involve another professional from your network in some type of outing. This arrangement gives you a way to expand your relationship with a business partner, while you also get to connect each other to a remarkable person from your respective networks. Using these 3 dating strategies to enhance your professional networking efforts will definitely equip you with the know-how needed to broaden your professional network and to build stronger relationships with both clients and strategic partners!
This post is written by Derek Coburn, who is the Co-founder of cadre, an un-networking community for remarkable professionals in DC and Baltimore. Social Networking Conference is the industry's largest conference that investigates the matchmaking, Internet Dating and Social Networking industries.
No matter how you slice it, everyone in the room is focused on his or her own personal agenda – whether it be signing up a new client, creating awareness for their business, or connecting with someone in the hopes of developing a mutually beneficial relationship. If you’re looking to meet someone nice who might be suitable for a committed relationship, you probably wouldn’t waste your time in that type of environment, right?

Networking for the long-term benefit of your business is the exact same thing, or at least it should be. Applying the same formula to your business, in the form of client appreciation events, can be just as effective. Even if you don’t end up with a single new client, your existing clients will have had a nice night out, met some cool new people, and shared the experience with the person they invited – all thanks to you. When I network now, I move with the intention (and inform those I meeting) that I'm looking for sincere connections, and that I love being a facilitation in my network. Filled with status update features, profile pictures, photo sharing, private chat (instant messaging), chat rooms, poke features, photo browsing, photo albums, forums, blogging, poll system and much more!It is fully moderated, and you can share a favorite moment with just a few taps from your dashboard. Your busy contacts will be thankful you’ve done the dirty work for them and you will benefit by eliminating any uncertainty over how to best describe what you do.
Then invite someone else from your network who you think your strategic partner should meet, and have them bring someone they think you should meet. Upload a photo from your gallery on your mobile, add a comment, others can view the photo, like and comment on it.Add people as friends and send them a chat message, be alerted when they reply. It's the perfect, teenage chat dating, solution!This product is designed specifically for making new friends, although it may seem similar to Facebook, but Facebook is designed for keeping in contact with known friends.

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