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Jennifer Kelton’s dating community blog dedicated to dating advice and filled with dating humor and dating tips. About JenniferI have created this blog and social dating community to turn negative dating experiences into positive ones.
In need of a cyber fortune?Follow us on Twitter and Tweet #BODFortune to receive a personal DM message of hope, joy and wisdom. The Jay’s kick-off their season on Friday against the Yankees but based on this less-than-encouraging commercial we’re recommending keeping the beer quota high and your expectations low.
If you’re looking for a truly unique and memorable date may we recommend a giant pillow fight? AboutEligible Magazine is a lifestyle magazine for urban men and women who want the best from their dating life, their relationships and themselves. Well I went out and tried some of the techniques and I have to admit it worked like a charm. Then we talked for around 20 minutes then I looked at my watch and said look at the time I have to get going. It matched so I was like I will call you sometime towards the end of the week and maybe we can meet up and develop our a€?Friendshipa€? a little more.
With this little story, youa€™ve shown me that you UNDERSTAND what youa€™re learninga€¦ and you possess an important quality: Willingness to TRY THINGS. I thought that it would be interesting to talk about the psychology of approaching and meeting women.
Your email was a great introduction to this topic, as it includes several subtle twists and turns that make for interesting observation and analysis.
Listen to me talking about a€?observation and analysisa€?a€¦ I sound like some kind of freakina€™ smart guy. First you walked over and just said, a€?Hia€?a€¦then, when she kept walking, you said something that was both Cocky & Funny, and PRICELESS. You effectively said, a€?Ia€™m not intimidated by you, and, in fact, Ia€™m so comfortable around beautiful women, that I can make funny comments like this onea€¦a€?. Beautiful women walk around in the world surrounded by BORING, needy, approval-seeking guys. When someone shows up and actually demonstrates some HUMOR and some PERSONALITY and some STRENGTH, it really stands out.
Of coursea€¦ theya€™d cling to this girl like peanut butter sticks to the roof of a doga€™s mouth. By breaking off the interaction yourself when it was on an UP NOTE, you made yourself FAR more attractive to her.
After you got her number, you said, a€?Ia€™ll call you at the end of the week and maybe we can meet up to develop our friendship a little morea€?. Righta€¦ they would have said, a€?Hey, maybe I can take you out on a date this weeka€¦ how does that sound?a€?.
In other words, they would have basically communicated that they were needy Wussbags instead of communicating that they understood the situation and what they were dealing with. And, of course, they probably wouldna€™t have had a chance of seeing that woman ever again (except in their one-handed fantasies).
I think that most guys would read a story like this one and say a€?That sounds like B.Sa€¦ that would never worka€?. Well, Ia€™ll tell you somethinga€¦ Ia€™ve seen things like this happen so many times that I cana€™t even COUNT them anymore. I have one friend who I personally saw get the phone numbers of 25 different women over the course of one weekend.
In other words, we were busy MOST of the timea€¦ and he got those 25 phone numbers during breaks and evenings.
And if you want to learn HOW to do thisa€¦ then Ia€™ve got something important to tell you. And you may have also noticed that the guy who wrote the letter featured in this newsletter, started off with a€?I just bought your book todaya€¦a€?. Have you ever connected and had great chemistry with a man, but when things started to get close he pulled away? Well, if youa€™re like lots of women, then you probably spent all kinds of time and energy trying to figure out what was wrong with him and what his issues were. That there was something wrong with YOU, and that it was something you did or something about who you are that drove him away.
But if youa€™ve ever blamed yourself, beat yourself up inside and become painfully frustrated because a man has withdrawn from you, then guess what?
There was probably also something that YOU DID that helped to DRIVE HIM AWAY or that kept him from getting to a deeper level of attraction, intimacy and desire to be with you. With the first situation Ia€™ll give you the short answer right now, in a couple of easy steps. Therea€™s not enough convincing, discussing or pleading in the world that can help a man a€?get ita€? and make him open and connected with a woman.
Women who can do this usually enjoy much happier and stable love-lives than the a€?averagea€? woman. If you can learn to do this, youa€™ll be able to avoid the painful and frustrating situation of getting physically and emotionally involved with a man who just doesna€™t have the emotional capacity to fulfill you in a serious relationship. If youa€™ve ever been in this situation, then ita€™s time to understand that no matter how much of a a€?good guya€? a man might seem, and if his ACTIONS arena€™t those of an emotionally a€?availablea€? guy, then it doesna€™t matter what you think might be inside waiting to come out. They fall into the trap of getting physically and emotionally involved with a man BEFORE learning how truly open and available he is, and will be over time, with his ACTIONS. Hint, hint- the kind of guy who sees any kind of deeper emotional discussion or connection as a€?DRAMAa€? and doesna€™t know how to deal with it. Or the kind of guy who hasna€™t spent two seconds of his time thinking about what he really wants with a woman or what his feelings mean. Oh yeaha€¦ and another good way to learn about emotionally available and unavailable men is to read some more of my newsletters.
And check out my ebook for a whole bunch of my best a€?inside secretsa€? on communicating with those pain in the neck a€?emotionally unavailablea€? men. Therea€™s a small psychological and communication a€?shifta€? I talk about in my book that can mean the difference between a man getting angry and irritated or getting him to open up and understand when you talk to him. If youa€™re the kind of woman who really wants the kind of man that will NURTURE you and make you feel loved a€“ then you need to know if a man will be this way BEFORE you get too involved. So let me tell youa€¦ not all men want to, or know how to, be with a woman in an open and loving way. Translation a€“ you cana€™t change a mana€™s lifestyle or his a€?love-stylea€? just because you want him to change.

And if youa€™re going into a situation thinking that youa€™re going to be the one to tame this wild stallion just because you want it so bad and YOUR FEELINGS are so strong a€“ then youa€™ve got another thing coming.
Each persona€™s LONG TERM motivations and desires come from within themselves, and not from what other people want or expect from them. Nowa€¦ leta€™s say youa€™re the kind of woman who likes a challenge and adventure, and you value the fun of not knowing what comes next. But youa€™re spending time with a guy whoa€™s always seeking comfort, certainty, and security in his life to feel good.
Ita€™s NOT going to be his fault when youa€™re bored and unhappy with the emotional experiences you have, or dona€™t have, with him. Acting and communicating with a man this way not only tends to frustrate men, it actually works to TURN THEM OFF and kills the ATTRACTION that they feel for a woman. Which early on, before therea€™s a deeper emotional connection and a commitment, is EVERYTHING to a man. After years of study, observation, and living my own love life, Ia€™ve got some inside tips about men to share.
Leta€™s start with a few important questions that I want you to ask yourself first to get you to the right place to learn. Have you ever noticed that some women seem a€?curseda€? or a€?unluckya€? when it comes to dating and love. Meanwhile, other women seem to have all the luck, love, connection, attention, suitors, praise and a€?optionsa€? a woman could want. Regardless of where they are and what theya€™re doing, everything with men just seems to go their way. Are some women destined to never find true love in their lives, while others have so many choices that theya€™re spoiled? While other women seem to be the decision- makers with all the a€?powera€?, surrounded with men who will do anything for them. If you still think that physical connection means that a man has a€?chosena€? a woman, then youa€™ve got to get out of the house more often. What I mean by choose is; why does a man open up to one woman and explore a relationship with her, and not do that with other women that he might have been close to or physical with? Especially for men who often experience intense attraction at the first site or encounter with a woman. And by using the things that they think would work on them and make them feel closer, more open and more attracted to the man.
By the way, it often works differently with women as they want to know more about a man before they can feel open and attracted to him. Women who create INTENSE ATTRACTION with men often act in ways that are completely UNPREDICTABLE. Of course, the flip side of this is that if a woman acts PREDICTABLE, odds are that a man isna€™t going to feel much ATTRACTION for her. Ia€™m talking total BUNNY BOILERS here that yell, scream, make RIDICULOUS demands, throw temper tantrums, get dangerously jealous, etc. The strangest part about these situations is that the a€?non-crazya€? friend of yours can be the nicest down to Earth person you know. A HUGE part of what attracts people, even in light of a€?crazya€? behavior, is UNPREDICTABILITY. Having no idea what will happen next, the contrast of the ups and downs, the good with the bad. It doesna€™t make a€?sensea€?, but in reality, these things are unbelievably exciting and attractive to a man. In fact, theya€™re so ATTRACTIVE that men are often willing to forego or look past all kinds of things theya€™d normally run from just to stay around and experience more of the mystery, intrigue and attraction that comes from the unpredictable women theya€™re with. So how do BUNNY BOILER psychos relate to you and your love life, and why men choose one woman and not another? You can actually learn form the intense ATTRACTION that women (and men) who act like this create when theya€™re unpredictable. Ia€™m telling you that if you want to create INTENSE ATTRACTION between you and a man and keep him fantasizing about you and dying just to be around you, then therea€™s something to learn here.
Instead of being the a€?crazya€? kind of high maintenance and manipulative unpredictable, try something else.
Dona€™t let him know whata€™s coming next, and hea€™ll be excited and anticipating each new experience. Most men know how a woman is going to act on a date, or in a relationship when theya€™re with her. Looking over the results of these studies, therea€™s a consistent a€?themea€? about men who entered into serious relationships or marriage.
And I came to the realization about what this theme was myself by experience and observation myself over the last several years.
All the men I had met who were in or had serious and committed relationships in the past shared something in common.
When they were asked about what REALLY got them interested in their girlfriends, wives, etc., they all basically responded in the same way. Sure, lots of men mentioned this, but it was CRYSTAL CLEAR that this wasna€™t the REASON that they were with the woman in their life.
The most common feature for a man to describe and attribute his attraction and desire to be with a woman in the long-term was about a specific quality of her PERSONALITY. More specifically, ita€™s about the EXPERIENCE that a womana€™s personality creates when a man is around her a€“ and how she makes him FEEL. Do you know HOW to create the kind of EXPERIENCE that will have a man FEELING and EXPERIENCING ATTRACTION and LOVE? The kind of experiences that will have him asking YOU to settle down with HIM because hea€™s so into you? Or do you want to do what lots of other women do with a man when they see hea€™s not FEELING IT.
They have a€?the talka€? and start to worry about why hea€™s not being open and a€?availablea€? the way he used to be? In my ebook Ia€™ve fessed up to the inside secrets of attraction with a man that will get him back to thinking about you and pursuing you a€“ and not the other way around. The truth is that if a woman wants to increase her odds of finding lasting affection and love with a man in the LONG TERM, then she needs to know how to get out of the role of the a€?Selecteea€?. She needs to stop trying to show him or convince him to be with hera€¦ and instead, she needs to start using the LOVE and ATTRACTION TRIGGERS that actually WORK with men and dona€™t trigger their masculine isolated defenses instead. I call the long term a€?love triggersa€? that women create with men a€?Intellectual Attractiona€?.

Therea€™s a full Chapter in my book dedicated to the topic of creating both short term attraction and the longer term a€?Intellectual Attractiona€? that makes a man want to be with a woman for good. It will give you details, tips and teach you step-by-step ways to be the woman and the EXPERIENCE that a man falls for. Once you start using these a€?naturala€? ways to create attraction and experiences with men, it will feel as comfortable and as natural as anything youa€™ve ever done. Many guys that are looking for a woman to catch and keep will be put off by certain personalities and behavior patterns.
Becoming fluent in body language will ensure that you will be skilled in attracting the right man and sending the get lost signal to the wrong man.
The only thing standing between you and dating smoking hot-chicks is your beliefs, and not knowing a few little tricks.
Wise men have said that talking is for the birds, the more you talk the less you know what youa€™re talking about. Better Dating Ideas Vancouver offers weekly tips on the best places for a date in your city.
Throughout the classrooms of Madison and the sports bars of Green Bay, the post-dating vibe is alive and well in the seemingly-traditional state of Wisconsin.
Jess is the co-creator of The Gaggle, alongside her childhood best friend Becky Wiegand, and is the author of the book - yep! TURF, also known as The Toronto Urban Roots Festival features indie rock to country at Fork York and the Garrison Common. While we have certainly suggested some strange dates in the past, this might take the cake. If you’re a fan of theatre and your date is a fan of ale then you can consider this date the perfect compromise. She knows the best place for a casual cocktail on a first date, the best table for a romantic view and the perfect spot for a late morning brunch. It features articles and video content on dating, relationships, sex, wellness and lifestyle by some of the country's foremost experts.
Before I bought your book I was the shy a€?nicea€? guy who would always try to cling on girls and hardly ever talk to any and was always wondering why I couldna€™t get any phone #a€™s or dates. I saw this girl (looked like a model) I went up to her and said hi, (never done before) and she was like hi and kept walking. Whata€™s the FIRST THING a man notices about a woman that makes him feel like he could get SERIOUS with her? You can act UNPREDICTABLE with a man, and still do it in a healthy and constructive way that wona€™t have you acting like a whacko or manipulate him in any negative or fake way. It can also create an amazing EMOTIONAL EXPERIENCE that gets him out of his head and has him thinking about you. Whata€™s the FIRST THING a man notices about a woman that makes him think he could get SERIOUS with her? But ita€™s her personality that makes THE MAN FEEL SPECIAL and DIFFERENT around here that will interest him for the long term. Most women just STOPPED doing the things they used to do a€?naturallya€? and men responded a€“ negatively. This article describes the characteristics and traits people consider most important when dating someone. Using your suggestions and Dickens’s holiday classic, a group of talented, nutty, and inspired actors will improvise their hearts out and create a new comedy every night.
When it’s clear out, you can see the stars from the observatory on Friday and Saturday nights. This interactive village festival, full of roaming entertainers, enchanting scenes, elves and jolly characters, comes to life for its 6th year, to welcome the young, and young at heart. Write a love letter to a piece of art you admire or pick something local up for that spot you’ve been meaning to hang something. It was my own life’s multiple combo plate of bad date experiences that inspired me to create this supportive community. The good news is that this weekend delicious food trucks and tasty beverages are coming together under one warm, temperature regulated roof. Keep up with Whitney's articles to find out the coolest and most romantic weekly dating destinations in the city! The magazine is available online, for sale on Apple's Newsstand for your iPad or iPhone and soon to be in print. Then I said well how about you give me your e-mail address and I can contact you when I have some time. Youa€™ll learn how to trigger that emotion called ATTRACTION, so that when the day comes that you meet a TRULY AMAZING woman, youa€™ll know what to do to get and KEEP her. You’ll never look at Ebenezer Scrooge, Tiny Tim, and the rest of the characters the same way again. She told me she didna€™t have an e- mail address so I asked for her phone number and told her I would only call her about 3 times every day. Claus for Story Time, making a stuffed animal in the Toy Workshop, or decorating a gingerbread cookie in the Bakery, there will be something for everyone. She laughed and gave it to me and I said will I be able to get a hold of you on this number? It’s always night time at North Pole BC, so the Elvern Village lights twinkle even brighter! If you are not a decorating fanatic like me there are quick and easy ways (as well as budget friendly) to decorate for the 4th. Use red tablecloths with white napkins and blue plates (or any combo of the three) and your table is automatically festive. During the day three legged races and watermelon seed spitting contests are quick and easy activities that get everyone involved.
A balloon toss with red, white and blue balloons is a great way to cool everyone down in the afternoon sun. Fill the balloons with water (more water makes it harder, less water makes it easier) and then toss them back and forth, each time you catch the balloon you take a step back. If you are in an area that allows home fireworks make sure to have enough adult supervision for the kids to avoid mishaps.

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