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Let’s put down the Primary candidate battering rams for a second and think about the opportunity this Election Year holds for us PR pros. When communications pros plan for their clients, they always look to plan for both the expected and unexpected. A clever program Citizen created years ago captured the minds and arm-pits of the press corps on the arduous campaign trail. Not every brand will have the head, heart or the stomach to make a program work during an election year. In today’s social media world, it seems that no brand is immune to social backlash when an issue arises.
There has been no shortage of public debate on volatile citizenship issues this year, from the Supreme Court ruling on Marriage Equality, the Confederate flag as a symbol of hate, or the blow-up of incendiary comments about immigrants by would-be Presidential candidates. What is a company or brand to do when the public debate and social conversation turns to polarizing subject matter? Jack Douglass calls out your bad grammar in this elegant rendition of his hit song "Raping Vs. Jack Douglass from JacksFilms gives the audience some entertainment on the Main Stage at PlayList Live 2013 on March 23, 2013. Jack Douglass gives helpful advice on crafting haikus for cats, writing like an adult, and managing your phone addiction. Any third party products, brands or trademarks listed above are the sole property of their respective owner.No affiliation or endorsement is intended or implied.

The next 12+ months will be largely wall-to-wall election coverage, so how do you keep your brands or clients’ brands in the news cycle in a positive way with the abounding political coverage.
There is art and science in crafting approaches that are relevant, responsible and rewarding in both proactive and reactive programming. These brands have deftly entered the fray by not supporting a candidate but instead hitching a ride on the race. In a nod to straw-polling, 7-Eleven counted their consumers’ selections of red or blue cups at the Slurpee machine.
We leveraged that group of hard working journalists to help launch Dockers sweat-protection technology garments. But in this era of always-on, consumer-powered conversation, I firmly believe more brands should at least give it a try.
Brands, even some of which appear to have amassed a world of social capital – via their well managed voice, humanity, content and channel management – are proving to be subject to the same slings and arrows over the Internet as lesser positioned brands.
In fact it has roots in a favorite saying of my dearly departed Grandmother, Nora McCullough.
Nailing the reactive work can be thrilling, but when the team has predicted what will be leading conversation and your brand is sitting ready to be part of it authentically, well that’s magical. There are very few corporate or consumer brands that would ever overtly align with one party or one candidate over another.
Other brands that have played well in news-cycle conversations have been Tide, Oreo, Duracell and of course the irreverent fast food chains Taco Bell and Jack In the Box.

Cleverly themed “Don’t Sweat the Election,” the effort leveraged iconic images of candidates sweating during stump speeches and appearances. Why let all that conversation and media coverage fly over without trying to be a small, funny, poignant, irreverent or even provocative part of it? Sure, they may have vested political or public affairs interests and positions, but choosing a side publicly would be market-share suicide. Nixon and his ill-fated debate against JFK during the first televised debate in history and George W.
Bush from his campaign trail are just two examples of how heated the campaign trail can get.
Dockers announced it was the “Unofficial Sponsor” of that year’s elections and seeded clothing (and product messaging) to the press corps to help keep them dry during their campaign coverage. It worked; the effort got Dockers out of retail trades and pages and right into the mainstream of national publicity and conversation.

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