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Madeleine Mayer has been a freelance journalist since 2007, covering science, health and fitness.
Roll up your sleeves if you are wearing long sleeves, and look at the underside of your wrist.
If some of your answers are inconclusive -- for instance, if you looked equally good next to the pink and the orange -- then you may have a neutral skin tone. Many people learn their skin undertones by seeing how their face and skin looks with gold or silver jewelry placed against it. Some people can determine their skin undertones by pulling their hair back and placing a white cloth, such as a towel or shirt, around their neck and shoulders.
There are color classes and consultations available with professionals like myself to help determine which shades of foundation and clothing look best with your skin undertones. By taking a few minutes to break down the color categories, one can save so much money when it comes to shopping for clothes, accessories and even a new hair color. Seasonal Color Analysis is actually a little bit of science mixed in with a whole lot of smart thinking. Once you determine your undertone, then you can figure out which of the four seasons you are. Realize that when we mention undertone, we are referring to the color that’s right beneath your skin. The above picture of my sister in law, myself and my mom is a perfect example of how three women can be blond, and look very much a like, but have different skin tones. Veins that appear greenish indicate yellow undertones, which means that your skin tone is warm. Gold looks best with warm tones which would make you a spring or autumn, where as silver pops on cool tones, making you either a winter or summer. There is a small portion of people who are neutral, but just a few of you, so don’t get hung up on that. This post is getting awfully long, so I am not going to go into detail yet about the four specific seasons or you would have to take a break to shave your legs before finishing this read. Springs (WARM) have hair color that ranges from light brown to medium dark brown, red, strawberry blond, or golden blond. Autumns (WARM) have red, auburn, light to dark brown hair, or dark blond with warm highlights.
If you are fairly certain that you have cool undertones, the colors below will be within your palette.
If you identified your skin tone as Warm, then the following colors will work well in your wardrobe. I hope this helped, and if you’d like to dive deeper into figuring out your best colors then I recommend looking into some books on Color Analysis.

I have always been very unsure of my season or even my undertone–I’ve been described as both as summer and an autumn!
I look horrible in hot pink or fuchsia, but also not especially good in orange, but I guess coral is better on me than true pink.
Any opinions would be very welcome, as I do sometimes “strike out” with choosing colors, especially when I am thrift shopping!
I think I may have passed for an autumn when younger, as I often used henna rinses or added warm-toned highlights.
What if your hair color was light brown as a child – then as you got older it darkened.
I just purchase a wardrobe of completely black clothes…that fixes this problem, right? Jen, you must have accessorized REALLY well, because I don’t even remember seeing you in black!
Based on what I read I think I am a neutral weird one that is both spring and summer but could I have your opinion? She has a master's degree in science and health journalism and a bachelor's degree in cell biology. People typically fall into two categories -- those with cool-toned skin and those with warm-toned skin. Typically, cool-toned people have eyes that are shades of blue, gray or green and have blond, brown or black hair. Cool-toned people look better in silver, white gold and platinum, and warm-toned people look better in yellow gold. Once you understand color, it’s so much easier to create a wardrobe that will work, yet not waste. This is going to seem odd, but when I did color analysis there were three first steps to determine whether someone was Cool or Warm toned. Often, I use the word skin tone, but that can change based on a tan in the summer etc, where as your undertone will not change.
Again, we will break this down even further into what is best, but any of these colors will be complementary.
The undertone is going to point you to whether you are a Warm or Cool, and then it breaks into the four seasons from there.
I thought my season was spring (warm) because I have naturally dark brown hair and blue eyes. I’d like to wear some purple, for instance, but I am having a very hard time finding a shade that works. I haven’t ever really paid attention to what undertones I have, but I know I look good in deep purples, chocolate, and black.

Cool-toned people look better in bright jewel-tone colors, such as bright blues, greens and purples; warm-toned people will dazzle in earthy tones, such as oranges and browns. The metal that works with your undertone color will complement your skin to make you look fresh. Warm-toned people typically look better in earthy tones, such as orange, green, yellow and brown. The style is perfect, but hmm…it makes us look a little tired, washed out, pasty even.
For example, I am considered a Summer, but I love wearing colors within the complete spectrum of cool colors.
My best colors are teal and olive, and my closet is full of blue and green (aqua, turquoise, true blue, and so on).
Typically, people don’t get messed up between a summer and an autumn because they are complete opposites. But you said no highlights in our hair–mine definitely does have some red tints if the light is right.
If you went by hair tones and eye color, I would be wearing shades that looked terrible on me.
Warm-toned people usually have amber, hazel, brown or black eye color, with strawberry blond, red, brown or black hair. If blue, rose, pink, or purple undertones are reflected against the white towel, you have a cool skin tone.
That is because I am not warm toned, but put some white on me (especially in the summer) and I am all set (again, confirms that I am cool toned.) Next, if you were to wear a orange or pink scarf right around your face, which would look better.
Black is not good on me, although I wear it sometimes, usually with other colors close to my face. Even though pastels might look better on me, they aren’t always what I gravitate towards since I like the bolder colors. Many cool-toned people have pink or rosy undertones, and many warm-toned people have golden or peach undertones. I was initially leaning toward you being a spring because of the hair color as a child, but pinky skin tone? The white vs off white is usually the single biggest factor that determines it, so it if I had to guess from colors that you like, I’d guess a winter. I am going to do one more post on this diving into specific questions to ask to figure out your season, so we’ll see if that helps.

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