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Less than a year ago,  Fox News (of LA) ran a segment featuring then-CEO of Progenex Darren Meade and Rexxfield owner Michael Roberts. He's attacking the journo who wrote the piece about him - that's out of bounds as far as I'm concerned. Bobbi Kristina (Whitney Houston’s daughter) is engaged to her adopted brother, Nick Gordon (Yeeesh! My mom was trying to tell me she locked my puppy up cause out other dog wouldn’t quit humping him!
New information has been uncovered by Fox News that now brings to light the fact that these two were involved in an illegal online hacking scheme.
The original segment in question featured my blog and alleged that information I had published was false (it wasn't). The information I'd published, all of which was 100% true, was about the nutritional company Progenex and their various executives, most of whom are either engaged in criminal activities, or who have already been convicted of various criminal offenses. Using mixed popular media of today’s generation, this production aims to compile different points of view towards Rizal, his works and his life, in a collaboration of text, dance, music, animation and film culminating into a performance, which will refresh dreams and aspirations.

During original Fox the story, clips of my blog were shown, with Michael bragging about how he "found me" - which is a total joke, since my website not only has my name in the URL, it has pictures of me, and my entire background on it. A reminder for all of us of our childhood restlessness in dreaming and taking risks, an ax to our frozen desires and fantasies that has turned cold because of fears and hesitations caused by time and age. He didn't find anything, he simply tried to make it appear as if he'd done something that he really hadn't. All of these threaded by Rizal’s colorful historicity and poetry of courage and burning passion in writing, in fighting for education, in the arts and in love that remains a relevant memoir for every generation of Filipinos all over the world. He tried to make it appear as if he was the good guy in this story, when really he was engaged in illegal activity. Meade was soon removed from Progenex (he says he quit, they say he was fired, I say I don't really care), and Adam Zuckerman (who runs Progenex) essentially bought Rexxfield out from under Michael Roberts - the Progenex cabal now allegedly own 60% of the company (under one of their many aliases).
And they also own the intellectual property for an illegal hacking program that has been used to clean up the online reputation of Progenex and it's products & employees.
After leaving the company, jilted-lover Darren Meade immediately began turning over information about their illegal activities to anyone who would listen.

He also claims that the reporter is back peddling and retracting portions of the story, which is also untrue - in fact, what I've seen is that the title of the story now reflects a direct accusation against Roberts and Rexxfield, instead of the original title. None of the damning statements against Roberts have been removed, although some of the multi-media files have been (a PDF of a contract and an audio file, both of which I have in my possession). Predictably, the Rexxfield blog denies all wrong doing and attributes the story to a reporter with a grudge; the words "paranoid" and "delusional" both spring to mind. And that last one is my favorite because he now says he "found Adam" (his own partner) and again, blames the editors for making it appear that he was saying something that he wasn't. This is exactly what you get when you deal with guys like Michael Roberts - they act tough on camera and in their little blog, but when you confront them, they drop their nuts and start crying about how nothing is their fault.

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