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In Sonmiani, WWF Pakistan is playing a critical role in environmental conservation by involving local people, especially the youth, in their projects. Anti-democratic forces stand at the ready to reap the benefits of unstable political scenario. Below, in a conversation held ahead of MTV's Upfront presentation to advertisers on Thursday morning, Atkins speaks with Mashable about the network's new slate, its direction, and why he's committed to "talking up" to the generation some tend to look down upon. MASHABLE: Obviously, this whole slate you all announced today is just a huge recommitment to music programing. The genesis of Unplugged, if you take it back to the 80s and 90s was it was a reaction to a really polished music producing that was going on. The way I would look at that show is we really wanted to have a place to expose new music, expose new points of view, expose new talent and have a party you could literally go to — but also go to across platforms.
Tell me about what that balance is going to look like going forward because prior to this, you were leaning heavily into scripted. Scripted is a critical part of what we do but we look at it with the same creative filters — does it feel like something inspired by music, does it have an artist point of view and a distinct point of view that need to be told, is it going to speak to our youth audience? Well, you know, not only do I love MTV but you've got to remember I came from the Discovery family. And for something like The Outsiders, we have an audience who's — I always talk about it — I have the most educated, worldly wise viewership of all time.
The Walking Dead: Season Two continues the story of Clementine, a young girl orphaned by the undead apocalypse. Many months have passed since the events seen in Season One of The Walking Dead, and Clementine is searching for safety.
In the investigation into the sudden death of Prince, it has been discovered that he had been using Percocet heavily for the last several years. Prince would not be the first celebrity that developed a drug addiction yet still functioned, at least to some extent. TMZ reported that Prince had struggled with a hip injury for years, and he had even had corrective surgery to try to alleviate the pain. It is suggested that by the time doctors operated on Prince, he was already hooked on Percocet. Prince reportedly suffered from Percocet addiction, had painkillers in possession at death. It’s hard to say which is more surprising, the frequency of the trips to Walgreens to pick up Percocet, or the idea that a superstar on the level of Prince still does his own pharmacy runs without the aid of a personal assistant. Prince’s team told the media that Prince had been suffering from the flu, which is why, they explained, that his private plane made an emergency landing in Moline, Illinois. Just days following the emergency landing, Prince was back on stage, telling fans that they shouldn’t worry about him, in a prophetic statement. The Mirror explained that Prince was worn out by his addiction to Percocet, and his entire system was weakened.
Sources close to Prince also revealed that his appearance had also taken a bad turn in the time before his death. Matthew Perry Reunites With Matt LeBlanc In London: Will We Ever See All 6 ‘Friends’ In One Place? An ongoing legal battle between Britney Spears and one-time manager Sam Lufti over whether or not he's owed commissions from the time he worked for her is heading back to court.
And among paperwork filed by the pop star's legal team is a 2015 ruling by the California Court of Appeals confirming that Britney was a drug user back in 2007-08, TMZ reported Tuesday. The Appeals Court decision described how her abuse of illicit substances was so bad that on the day she lost custody of the two young sons to ex-husband Kevin Federline, she ended up sleeping in a parking lot.
At the time Lufti and Britney met, the star was going through a messy divorce from Federline and was estranged from her parents.
Meltdown: As a 2015 ruling by the California Court of Appeals reveals, in 2007 and 2008 the pop star was abusing drugs. Her parents, Lynne and Jamie, however, have long pointed the finger at Lufti who, they say, supplied their daughter with drugs. Lufti sued Lynne Spears for defamation following the publication of her book Through The Storm. In charge: Britney's parents Jamie and Lynne Spears, pictured in Camarillo, California, last May, claim it was Lufti who supplied their daughter with drugs. But last year the California Court Of Appeals ruled that the decision to toss out his defamation lawsuit against Lynne in late 2012 did not prevent him from seeking financial redress for monies he claims he is still owed.
Lufti has filed a breach of contract suit against his former friend who he says turned to him for help in 2007 and asked him to be her manager.
However, her legal team has filed documents requesting Lufti himself be barred from the deposition, and the 2015 ruling is included among that paperwork. Lufti contends that he agreed to manage Britney if she got clean and granted him 15 percent of her earnings during the time he was her manager, according toThe Hollywood Reporter. The judges, as reported by TMZ, decided that Britney had asked Lufti to manage her and that he had accepted on the condition that she let him put together a team and she would stop abusing drugs.

Lufti had also insisted on the right to use drug sniffing dogs to make sure she stayed clean. Eventually, in 2008, her father Jamie got a court-approved conservatorship of Britney after she was forcibly admitted to a psych ward for evaluation at the end of January 2008. Hands on mom: She now shares custody of her sons Sean, 10, and Jayden, nine, with Federline. I'm glad her parents stopped being self-centers trifling assholes themselves for long enough to take over when she was no longer capable of preventing them from it, looking at her life now as compared to what was going on then.
Then mayyyybe, just maybe, she wasn't competent when she made the decision to "hire" your ass?
Personally, I'm not convinced that this fucker didn't just become her drug supplier, sign her name to something when she was high as a goddamned kite, and all of a sudden he was her manager.
Rollo, I'm not a fan of hers, but I do think she's mentally ill, and that all of the above happened after her first mental break. Wouldn’t it be nice to be on some sort of guaranteed path, something neon-lit, with promises that all will be well if I just head down this specific trail?
Bethany OlsenI'm a writer located just south of the Canadian border in northwest Washington. So happy to hear you take a brave step forward, Bethany, and so with you in the self-doubt that creeps in when we stand up in boldness. Even during prehistoric days, excavations tell us, civilisations existed near a source of water. But Jiwani, with the cliffs surrounding it being nesting and feeding grounds for falcons and its beaches providing a nesting place for the endangered Green Turtle and Olive Ridley Turtle, and its bay with rich coral belts and extraordinary marine life, is awaiting attention.
We matched discussions of new Game of Thrones, the Ratchet and Clank movie and The Division with our dream film pitches, the brilliance of The Cube (game show and film) and the problems of Looper-face. So we're setting up a live location that you may be able to buy tickets to go to at one point where [we'll] introduce three different acts — from high profile to emergent ones — and surround it all with talent, from music talent to comedy talent.
And speaking of ways music gets back in, there's this great scene in the pilot where the two protagonists essentially just did their first accidental vigilante [act], which kind of starts the team. What we did well at that family, obviously [Investigation Discovery] does crime and Discovery and TLC were about fascinating worlds and how you get into them in an authentic way with real people. If you look at some of the docuseries stuff that we've got going on, you look at The Investigation, yes, everybody's interested crime, but usually it's a whodunit. They grew up with something called Google, so if they wanted to know something, they knew it in three seconds. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe.
But what can an ordinary child do to stay alive when the living can be just as bad – and sometimes worse – than the dead? As part of the investigation, Prince was seen making weekly trips to an area Walgreens to pick up the drugs which contributed to his death. Margaret Cho just wrote an ode to Anna Nicole Smith, according to the Inquisitr, who died from a cocktail of drugs, including long-term Methadone use, initially used as an attempt to get off of opiates. Sources close to the family say that Prince started taking Percocet in 2009 when his hip problems first surfaced. TMZ gathered a series of photos of Prince, four times in one week, picking up prescriptions of Percocet from the Walgreens. Prince was hospitalized, but left the hospital after a few hours, which experts are saying was much too soon, and might have contributed to his death. It is reported that Prince was in very bad shape, and at the very least, should have spent days in the hospital. Oddly enough, Prince did not want to stay in the hospital, mostly because of his faith, which is reported as Jehovah’s Witness. It’s hard to say that out loud, because it means it’s real, that I’m committing myself to it. I wonder whether entering business school is a cop-out when I could be doing something just a tiny bit more noble, trying to save the world for instance.
Wouldn’t it be comforting to have a guarantee of meaning and value, to know that questioning and the tentative steps forward will add up to something more than what I can see today? Passionate about connection through personal story and finding one's voice, I am continually seeking both of those things. But, and maybe you can relate?, the things I’m scared of are the things I am always most glad I did!
And in present times water is the cause of conflict and disasters; the quest for fresh water resources or water routes for trade is known to all.
Our job is really to return it creatively to the center, but reinvent it for today's generation. So it seems like the right time to give artists those chances to kind of have that more intimate connection with their fans and it's something our artist partners ask us a lot about. So you're right to a certain extent that the role that a TRL could fit, in terms of exposing people to new talent and giving a place to discover people, will totally be intact, but the analogy I've often used with our internal development is if you think of SNL by structure — the ratio of comedy to music — and flipped it the other way, you might get closer to the structure of our show.

So they kill a guy who's trying to rape a woman and they freak out and put the body in the car and they're driving away and trying to find the right music and, of course, the first song is like this death rap. We literally found a member of our audience who at 19 years old walked into this crime totally inadvertently, had it pinned on him, and literally lost 10 years of his life. As Clementine, you will be tested by situations and dilemmas that will test your morals and your instinct for survival.
It has been documented that a week before his death, Prince overdosed on Percocet, and that Prince started taking Percocet after a series of on-stage injuries.
Prince was found dead in an elevator, and an investigation started to try to link who had been prescribing Percocet to Prince for seven years.
Prince preferred to heal himself by prayer, which is conflicted by his chronic use of Percocet.
Totally revolting how some people will just keep acting like a vampire on a victim that was at the time, nearly dead. Committing myself to school means truly admitting that at thirty, my life isn’t what I always imagined. It this is me letting myself dream a little bigger for my life, and choosing to rock the path I’m on with everything in me, despite the questions that accompany me every step of the way.
When not writing and editing, I can be found drinking copious amounts of coffee, watching "Project Runway," or traveling the world. With China ready to start operation of Gwadar Port that was completed in 2008, Gwadar is all set to change from a sleepy Balochistan fishing town to a major deep water port. And then you couple that with the fact that we're having a lot of cross platform conversations in the music space in terms of interesting ways to bring that to the consumer and it just seemed like the right time to bring that brand back out and play it in a new way.
In fact, because it's part our brand, we're the ones that do everything and hybridizes them and mixes them and changes them — you see a lot of that in our current slate.
With the discussion of rape culture and consent issues that are happening on colleges and sexual harassment — to be able to do a show that only MTV could do, we're going to tackle this in a dark comedy way, a very serious subject, to bring it to the forefront. So a lot of it is saying, "Hey, we built the genres and getting into docuseries and different ways of doing docs.
Your decisions and actions will change the story around you, in this sequel to 2012’s Game of the Year. The images of myself with the white picket fence, the man, the 2.5 kids, and the dog are not anywhere near reality. The latest addition to the literature available on nature and water resources is Water in the Wilderness. Music is always constantly always like breaking the mold, reinventing itself, doing things differently; that's what MTV is supposed to be, right? We're deeply committed to scripted; in fact, we will have the most amount of scripted we've ever had on the air this go around. It's the kind of thing I think you can be looking for from our scripted that will be tapping into those filters but also sort of doing a spin on it that feels like not anyone could do that.
For The Outsiders, we found a bunch of families where, like, a mom wakes up and her 18-year-old son says, 'Yeah, I joined the Klan.' Like, how the hell does that happen?
She hasn't suddenly transformed into a responsible adult just because this guy is out of her life. But I think what you're seeing is the volume of content we're putting across the network is going up tremendously.
It's just a really fascinating way to explore worlds we know are out there, but how did it happen?
The proposed construction of the Hingol Dam within the Hingol National Park would not have benefitted the local population, which consists of semi-nomadic tribes, herders and small fishermen; and the reservoir of the dam would have flooded part of the sacred Hinglaj landscape and changed the ecology of the river. But you are going to feel as the content rolls out, the influence of music across the network.
So to go through the experience of him going and looking at three other crimes involving people who may or may not be innocent people like he was and then him committing to getting them out is an unbelievable, unique way to get into that same structure. Pakistan is a country with abundant water resources, with several rivers — including the mighty Indus — flowing through the country. Had it not been for the World Bank’s threat to withdraw the $10m grant that it offered in 2002 to Pakistan for protection of biodiversity hotspots, including Hingol, the plan for the proposed dam would not have been shelved.The book also shows how cultures are not restricted by manmade borders, and people on both sides share the same natural resources, and how they move and interact across boundaries. The topography of the country is a mix of plains, deserts, forests, hills and plateaus; while in the north there are glaciers that are a source of fresh water, in the south we have a 1,100km long coastline along the Arabian Sea connecting Pakistan with other countries of the world via sea routes. People on both sides of the border have similar customs and traditions, an almost identical way of life, speak the same language and have the same dependence on natural resources.
Many have relatives across the border and crossing the border for a social visit is common. Not many people are aware of the importance of preserving biodiversity; in fact, many are not even aware that such a vast range of species exist in the country.

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