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The wheels continue to spin, Durarara!!x2 continues to trudge along, with little to no regard for anyone or anything. Takashi and his Saika zombies end up surrounding the Simon Sushi Shop, where of course Simon, Kine and Tom are there, and form an alliance to try and deal with the situation.
The Saika zombie mob seems like the one thing that a bunch of the cast is going to be dealing with.
To call all of this a mess, a chaotic mess, is just understating things to a hilariously wrong degree. I think if we had gotten a series that had really taken its time, focused on those individual character based episodes like season one, and had just cared a lot more for its characters and source material, then the idea of recapturing the magic of the first series wouldn’t be that impossible.
Problem is, whatever decisions and plan was made for these 3 cours, was horribly horribly wrong.
Seems like next week is going to be about certain characters getting to where they need to go… Oh boy. Help us pay the bills and work with us to promote your awesome product, service, website, comic or anything else you want to show off. Comments on Anime Evo are not only welcome, but the thing that we writers look forward to the most. Give focus to WHY Izaya wants to kill Shizuo so badly, what’s driving him, the envy and near inferiority.
I don’t have anything more to add to your comment other than that I agree with it completely, and hope the anime does indeed go the route you described. Its with one of its strongest episodes, that Durarara!!x2 slowly begins to reveal the truth behind itself. Since that first series, we’ve had all the other characters either get a renewed sense of focus, or had entirely new characters take the spotlight, to mixed results. And in case anyone was ever wondering just how indestructible Shizou is, well… neither some steel gerders nor a friggin crane dropping square on his head, can even remotely put a dent in him. Now I did mention that Shizou and Varona kinda stole the show, but what of Celty and Kujiragi and that whole mess? Even Shizou himself kind of decides to forget about Celty for a second, and instead decides to lay waste to Izaya instead.
Why bring the Celty head plot line up at all, if its just going to be quietly scurried off to the side, and then probably ignored until later.
THAT, is Narita and Durararara!!x2’s bread and butter, interesting characters that inhabit and all coexist in this bizzare version of Ikebukuro, Tokyo. That formula really worked great, and it works great still, but the problem is Narita-sensei and Durarara!!x2’s obsession with having as many characters as possible exist, and somehow affect this giant, overarching event.
But the fact that all these stories intertwine so deeply, and get in each other’s way, while basically keeping all the characters basically the same, is hurting everything.
So we know why Durarara!!x2 doesn’t work, at least for me, its too big, too grand, for its own good. If Durarara!!x2 manages to even turn ONE of these storylines into something unexpected, then I think I’ll get some measure of joy and excitement from these last few episodes. I would definitely recommend it, there’s a lot of great stuff in there, and it actually improves watching the anime bc everything will suddenly make much more sense. Pacing, plot, character development and just plain old enjoyment seem to be unimportant concepts, as far as this show is concerned. There were a ton of interesting things happening, we made small, light steps towards the big conclusion, but the show had all that happen in a way that felt hard to follow.

I just can’t wrap my head around why all these events have to happen at the same time.
That’s a pretty big deal, especially considering the fact that carrying guns or any kind of firearms in Japan is illegal. We know that Anri is definitely feeling the situation, and that she’s going to look for Celty. I think I realize, especially from the comments I read last week (particularly from bestillandlisten) that this part of the story is definitely rushed. We never got those stories, and it actually does feel like we only got enough information to make whatever outcome we’re getting to, make sense.
But it is, and its like that only because the show is just trying to fit in too much per episode, and trying to tell its story in the 3 cours that it had. It isn’t servicing the characters, the story and its frankly making me feel like I should just go and read the darn novels themselves. We here at Anime Evo work with our advertising partners to promote products that are actually relevant to our audience, and give you the best bang for your buck! Anime Evo is Setsuken’s (Hassan's) proclamation of love for Anime, which he can’t seem to get enough of.
The one silver lining is that the next four episodes still have a chance to explain and execute the remaining ingredients enough to wrap this series up satisfactorily for us fans. The series has been a strange sequel since the outset, but now things are finally starting to make sense. Like all of the strongest episodes to come out of this second series, Durarara!!x2’s 31st episode benefited from a singular focus on one particular event, and one character in particular on top of that. But there’s just something inherently powerful about a character like Shizou, and how he just brings out the most interesting aspects of the entire show to the forefront. Izaya is inherently a devious evil guy who’s in it all for his own amusement, but Shizou is all about doing what he believes is right, and doing right by those that mean something to him. It just feels like a waste, and it harkens back to the central problem of the series, franchise and its writer Ryohgo Narita. Managing that many characters, giving them their due AND keeping the story rolling is a near impossible task.
It seems like Cetly and Shinra’s story line is about ready to resolve, and it seems like Mikado and his friends are coming to a resolution too. The Shizou parts were definitely great, but they felt like more of an anomaly than an actual event or moment that the series had been building up to. I think if the anime staff took a deep breath (and stopped pandering to shizaya fans by cutting out crucial development for both characters), then it wouldn’t be quite so confusing or disappointing.
It really does feel like Duararara!!x2 doesn’t care about its audience at all, because if it did, it would be doing things in a much better way. Mikado and Kida’s story line is interesting, and its something that deserves an entire episode or maybe more to get its due. It wasn’t what I was expecting, but Durarara!!x2 definitely give Mikado a sense of power that feels very real. The next thing is Celty, and the fact that her head finally does rejoin her body, erasing her memories and perhaps her entire state of being.
So my new theory is this, Durarara!!x2 actually needed more time to tell its story, and the second cour, the one that we felt was too leisurely, wasn’t leisurely enough. Its tragic, because I’m starting to believe that the adaption is the problem, more so than the story itself.

I know we have four separate locations, so one episode per location, wrapping up that particular story, would be best.
If they keep that in, and keep a few other choice characters involved in the meat of the fight like they are in the novels, then in the very least, the final confrontation between Izaya and Shizuo should be very good indeed. Durarara!!x2 was a sequel that came out of nowhere, years after everyone had all but given up hope, and then when it did arrive, it felt oddly empty and lacking the magic and finesse that made the original series so popular. This was Heiwajima Shizou’s episode, his time to shine, after being pretty much relegated to a side character for most of this second series. Varona has always needed someone monstrous like Shizou, someone who she can’t quite comprehend or break, and someone who is generally a nice guy. Its characters like Shizou and Varona, that can exist in a storyline about a magical sword weilding office lady capturing a dullahan for profit, and just steal the show. From a morals and goodwill stand point though, I’d say Shizou is more human than Izaya himself (not that I expect Izaya to be considering himself a human).
And that’s really what Durarara!!x2 is, its that result of all that weight of ambition just crushing everything. Izaya will still end up running around in some corner, Shizou will still be around with Varona and co, and Mikado, Anri and Kida will end up making up as well. I wonder how many of these crutches Durarara!!x2 has left, and whether it can just limp its way to the finish line. Still, I have a feeling that the end should be pretty satisfactory, don’t count on a stereotypical ending either. Yet, its crammed in between a bunch of other stories, each of which, just need room and time to breathe. The fact that Mikado has the power to kill anyone with the flick of a finger, is a huge change in the series. But we don’t know where that leads either, because the show needs to check in  with Haruna and the Saika zombies led by Takashi. A writer for a number of years Hassan is also a 3D Artist, a Game Designer, a Web Designer and a Huge Anime Obsessed Enthusiast. Now, as we head into the end game, the big question of why Durarara!!x2 just doesn’t deliver, is starting to get some answers. Shizou’s been horribly underutilized, especially because both he and Izaya were one of the major draws of the franchise, right alongside characters like Celty, Shinra and the three highschool kids Kida, Mikado and Anri. The introduction for each new character happened amidst an isolated storyline, one that would have the other characters either tangentially related, or just have a few of them cameo in what was essentially one character’s story. Even the whole moment of everyone realizing who everyone is in the chatroom, just feels glossed over and kind of like a letdown.
The small reveals we do get, piece meal, are definitely good, which makes this whole situation so unsavory.
We know she’s back and heading down a flight of stairs, around where Izaya and Shizou are.

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