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Anonymous: how would svt react if you jokingly told them that you hated them (ie if they pranked you or did something that annoyed you) but they thought you were serious? Anonymous: can you do the performance uniit's reaction to if you burped infront of them during a date? He’d ty to get you to look at him but, you would refuse, not wanting him to see you like you like this. Considering he mostly sees brown eyes everywhere he goes, he will not be able to stop staring at them.

Once he sees you start to shake and freak out, he would come to your side and just hold you, not wanting to even know the reason. He would hate conflict and hate the fact you were irritated with him even more.Wonwoo would try to stay to himself a little bit during these times, I think.
He would be too afraid to talk to you because he doesn’t want to say the wrong thing. He would turn you towards him and just rub your back, comforting you in silence.Originally posted by radmingyuDino would ask you why are you sad.

He would want to comfort you as much as he can but wouldn’t want you to talk too much. Once he see that you won’t be talking in a while, he would just want you to be close to him.

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