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Layla starts her next record, Gunnar ends things with Erin, and Will stands his ground, all on this episode of Nashville.
A few weeks have passed since country musica€™s wedding of the century, and ita€™s back to business as usual for the citizens of Nashville. Highway 65a€™s other rising star, Layla, is thrilled when Rayna and Bucky agree to have Avery produce her second album. Willa€™s back in town and tells Scarlett and Gunnar that he played a few small gigs in other cities. Erina€™s also back in town, and Scarlett breaks it to Gunnar that she saw her making out with another guy.
Elsewhere, Luke deals with bitter fans, disappointing ticket sales, and a son whoa€™s completely ignoring him, all of which leads him to ask an old friend, Riff, to come out on the road with him. The show’s leading lady has collected both Emmy and Golden Globe nominations over the last year and for good reason. The town that will leave you with country music coursing through your veins is so integral to the story, it lends its name to the show itself. Ah, the verbal bile that characterises the tempestuous relations between Rayna and Juliette. Recovering alcoholic and all-around hunk-about-town Deacon Claybourne (played by Charles Esten) does a mighty fine job as the show’s resident man candy. Does a bizarre new fan theory finally reveal the true identity of Star Wars villain Supreme Leader Snoke? Sign up to our newsletter to receive industry insights, news and listings as they are published. Vita seems to be headed down the right path with Rayna, but she's been arrested for a felony. After they went all the way, Colt left for his grandfather's, which I was hoping would eliminate him from the show, but I'm just not that lucky. Now, Maddie's friend, Cash, is helping her channel her inner Taylor Swift and dig deeper for her own music.
Will sent the man a beer and explained that he's done letting other people stop him from performing. Gunnar and Scarlett's defensive behavior as Will tried to perform, but was rudely interrupted, then their rush to the bar when the thought Will was going to beat the man's face in is a bond that has been endured amidst all the chaos and drama of Nashville.
Meanwhile, Luke is reeling after the 40 million in debt to the IRS and his fans are turning on him.
It's really sad to see him trying so hard with Colt, yet Colt has the audacity to ignore the 85 messages that he scrolled through on his phone.

His demand of Juliette that she announce their separation was completely justified, and it's interesting to see that she actually went through with it. Juliette is confirmed to be back in episode 14, so we just have one more episode before the wait is finally over! Don't forget, you can watch Nashville online to remember what drove Juliette to rehab and how she left things with her fellow Nashville citizens before her return! Deacon and Frank prep The Beverly (still a terrible name) for the night, but are interrupted by Vita, a Nashville newbie whoa€™s hoping for a slot during open-mic night. The two find an easy chemistry inside the studio and out, with Avery telling Layla about his issues with Juliette and Layla sharing how she feels about Jeffa€™s death.
Scarlett immediately offers him some time in the middle of their set that night, which he quickly agrees to. When Erin admits that she only did it because shea€™s scared of how much she likes Gunnar, he admits that he was hurt but not jealous, meaning that shea€™s probably not the one. Hayden Panettiere’s cocky challenger Juliette Barnes is introduced all guns blazing at the start of series one, but just as we were writing her off as rotten, the tough exterior was peeled back to reveal a vulnerable, broken core. While one opted for the classy approach, the other took great delight in firing off poisonous insults at every opportunity.
When it came to ensuring a second series, Nashville covered every base with such jaw-dropping cliff-hangers, poor ABC had no choice but to bankroll their return.
A unique singer with a seemingly good heart and a haunting past, including a criminal record, who oddly reminds me of Sadie Stone. Now that she's past her whiny, childish crying over being signed with her sister, she's gone down a difficult path with Colt.
Maddie really needed this type of role model: someone who tells her that she deserves respect and she deserves to be her own person. She overheard Cash and Maddie harmonizing and dreamed of smashing those guitars over their heads and demand that she be treated with respect, too. The man at the bar that so rudely threw a bottle at him and broke his nose, Will didn't press charges and came back and confronted him at the bar again, but with compassion. Three seasons later and he's finally ok with being gay and done explaining himself to the business. At least let your father know that you're alive, and stop treating your girlfriend like dirt, man. She's getting closer to Avery, but does she want to be with him, or just make Juliette suffer? Deacona€™s impressed by her audition and calls Rayna and Bucky down to hear for themselves.

Avery also tries to see Juliette a couple different times during this episode, before finally telling Jua€™s therapist that hea€™ll come clean about the divorce if Juliette doesna€™t. However, before he even gets into his first song, a raging homophobic starts yelling gay slurs at him, eventually throwing a glass bottle at Willa€™s head when he refuses to stop playing.
Riff ends up agreeing, provided his whole family can come along, which Ia€™m sure wona€™t depress lonely Luke at all. And having two leading ladies who are world-famous music artists means plenty of fabulous sequin-studded stage costumes. From marriage proposals to mortal peril, the series one finale had plenty of screaming, smashing and, er, crashing.
After getting patched up by paramedics, Will goes to the police station to give his statement, but leaves before he does, telling Gunnar afterwards that he doesna€™t want to do that after every set.
At times it was a little too telenovela for our liking but it certainly had us itching for series two.
He seems to be searching for options to make more money, and now that Juliette is out for the time being, what does he have left? And, when Vita acts squirrely about being able to stay in Nashville, Rayna pulls some strings (namely, her husbanda€™s) to get her a job at The Beverly.
Ita€™s hard to get a read on whether shea€™s legitimately sympathetic or just using Avery in her quest for revenge, but with all the dudea€™s been through, ita€™d be pretty cold to cause him more pain. He tells Gunnar hea€™s going to take care of it himself, and Gunnar, Scarlett, and I are pretty convinced that means hea€™s going to beat the guy up.
Unfortunately Vita cuts out in the middle of completing her application, admitting to Rayna that she cana€™t check the a€?noa€? box for a€?have you ever committed a felonya€?. In a really nice turn of events though, he instead goes back to the same venue and finishes his set from the night before, standing up to the jerk in the best way possible. Deacon convinces Frank to take a chance on her anyway, pointing out that neither of them could check that box either.
However, at the end of the songbirda€™s first shift, Deacon gets a call that $500 is missing from the till.
I have a sneaking suspicion someone else may be responsible, but ita€™s going to be hard for Vita to talk her way out of this one.

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