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I Love You Messages for Ex-Boyfriend: Take ideas from this post to write a sad quote about heartbreak if you want to tell your ex that you’re still in love with him.
1) I don’t want the tears to stop rolling down my cheeks, I want you to come wipe them off. 4) You may have broken up with me but I want to remind you that nothing can stop my heart from loving you… not even you. 10) My friend asked me if I needed any help moving on and I replied ‘No, I need help getting him back’! 11) You hurt my feelings, you broke my heart, you made me cry, you left me alone and yet I wonder why, I still love you. 13) My life survives on Hope – the hope that you will come back, and the hope that you will whisper I Love You in my ears. 14) If our relationship is the past and our breakup is the present – I live in the past, pretending that the present is just a silly nightmare, hoping that the future will be a dream come true. 16) Even when you say something that makes me cry, I try to read between the lines to find a hidden meaning that can make me smile. 18) I haven’t been texting you for a while, hoping that a tender corner in your heart will make you text me. 27) The famous proverb ‘Once bitten twice shy’ does not apply to me because even after you broke my heart once, I still want to be in your arms again.
29) Forget moving on, forget standing still – my life has moved backwards since we broke off because I am continuously living in the past. 30) As your ex-girlfriend I don’t have the right to just knock on your door and fall into your arms. 33) Everyone knows that I still love you, and I don’t care if my friends think I am a loser. 35) All my friends tell me that you don’t deserve my love and I don’t deserve your heartlessness.

38) Ever since the day you threw me out of your life, I have been falling in a bottom less pit.
If you have to keeping looking over your shoulders while you are doing it then it's probably wrong.
Constantly thinking about your ex doesn’t mean that you want him back even if you get butterflies, you were in love for a while and it is natural to think about someone especially if they are no longer apart of your life. You found his favorite shirt in the dryer this morning and instantly you start thinking about him, the little things that he would say to make you smile and most of all how sexy he looked in that shirt, if you want to stop thinking about him then you cant dwell on the past you have to get rid of the shirt, either you are going to pack up all his cloths in a box hide them somewhere you wont visit often, or drop them off at his place, just remove them that way you wont keep running into things to remind you of what you once had. The we can still be friends thing wont work, if you want to get over him and stop thinking about him then you cant be friends with him at lease not now, ensure that you are totally over him before you start hanging out with him again, or else the old feelings that were once there will start to develop again and you dont want that do you?
Spend time with people who you are comfortable around, people who you can talk to and wont judge you, this will help you to stop thinking about your ex, it can help you to move on. Every relationship is different, you wont just get over someone the minute that you break up it takes time, you have to realize this, some people will tell you that the best way to get over a man is to get under another man it is not necessarily true, for the next hour or less you will stop thinking about him but when the fun is over and you are alone in the nights you will go right back to square one you will realize that you cant get over a person that you truly love by just having sex with another man. Don’t try that approach if you want to get over him then give your self time, dont sleep with some one else all because you want to get over your ex, do it because you care about them, you might even send the wrong signals to the person. This is the time that you will have sole control over the remote if you know what I mean, you are your own person, take this time to really get to know the real you, did you know that not every one really know themselves, we spend so much time on relationships that we forget we need to get to know our selves, so take this time and take care of you for a change.
It may not be today, tomorrow or even a year after, as I have said every relationship is different and you cant get over someone that you loved in one day it takes time and you need to give your self that, time. You will find someone out there that you will love again, you wont want to put yourself out there again but in time you will learn to walk again but for now just keep taking baby steps.
These are just a few tips on how to stop thinking about your ex, remember it takes time and not because you are constantly thinking about him, it doesn’t mean that you want him back. All I care about is that I love you and I want you to be mine, even though you don’t want me to be yours. Being away from you has just re-affirmed to me that my heart belongs to no one else but you.

But I want you to remember that there was a day when I swore that I would never stop loving you.
I wish I could do that but I can’t because you were, you still are… and you will always be my life. How can you say that our relationship has come to an end, when in my mind, I am still your girlfriend?
Can you actually stop thinking about them, what does this really mean, does it mean that you  are still in love with them? But if you have moved on with your life and is still thinking about your ex then you need to sort out your life. Maybe your romantic words will hit the sweet spot in his heart, and make him come back to you.
Usually when someone keeps thinking about another person it usually means that they are in love with them are they really, really like that person, but what if that person is your ex some one that you were once in love with, how do you stop thinking about them? But think hard before giving him the slightest of hints that you’re missing him even after your breakup. Sending messages and texts to your ex is never a good idea unless you really want him back in your life. You could even rant your heart out in cute tweets that you think might give him the signal.

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