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If Valentine's Day was just a heartbreaking reminder of your recent split, consider some of these tips to help yourself get over the pain of a doomed romance. Studies have shown that the end of a relationship elicits symptoms similar to withdrawal from an addictive drug, so the pain is obviously very real and debilitating.
People rarely have the willpower to take this advice, but it's so crucial: cut off all contact with your ex, for a month at least.
Sit down and start writing out a list of all the reasons your ex sucked, or if the breakup was mutual, reasons why you'll be better off without them (write both, ideally). It's tempting to keep the photos, gifts, texts and other meaningful tokens you've acquired throughout the relationship, but in reality, these items are painful reminders that create psychological clutter, preventing you from moving on.
Grieving time is necessary, but letting it go on too long could lead to a more sustained depression. Now's your chance for that art class, that bunch of cookbook recipes or those guitar lessons you've been meaning to try someday. Delete his or her phone number, avoid in-person interactions and end all social media stalking (unfriend and block if you have to). After the initial days, get out for a jog (with a killer breakup mix on your iPod) or heck, sign up for a kickboxing class. A fresh hobby (especially a social one) is a great way to meet new friends, get your mind off the breakup and discover a new side of yourself. Seeing all those reasons in concrete form is a surprisingly effective way to see the positives of the situation.

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