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I teach Business full time at the Nova Scotia Community College and part time at Dalhousie, Mount St.
By consistently riding the same way your horse will learn quicker and perform better.  His runs will become more consistent through your own consistency.
The site has thousands of drills and plays that have been submitted by basketball coaches from around the world.
This 5-3-2-1 Push-Push Drill from Gary Colson can be used to practice running your fast break after a made basket.
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If you work on improving your speed, in return you will improve your overall on field performance. All soccer players should work to improve their speed through soccer conditioning exercises, regardless of how fast or quick they may already be. Frontal speed relates to your speed of forward movement and lateral speed is your side to side movement.

Sprint forward to the 1st cone, sprint backwards to the middle cone, side shuffle to the 2nd cone, side shuffle back to the middle cone, backwards sprint to the 3rd cone, forward sprint to the middle cone, then finally side shuffle to the 4th cone and back to the middle. These are all soccer conditioning exercises you can do on your own, and should do on your own if you want to increase your speed and become a better Soccer player. For more on improving your overall soccer fitness you may want to take a look at this Guide to Total Soccer Fitness. Do you recognize how confident and solid their horse is?  Our horse can only be as confident as we are, and part of our own confidence is having a plan.  Know exactly where you want your horses’ feet to land and send them there with your body language. There are plenty of ways to train a barrel horse but what will help their confidence and speed your training is consistency in your requests.
Being fast gives you an advantage in getting past players in one on one situations, catching up to opponents on the defensive end, and getting into open areas to receive a pass. Neither type of speed should be neglected when it comes to training and players should focus on developing both.
Remember, these soccer training exercises should be performed only after a quality soccer warm up.

From a normal starting position gradually accelerate to reach full speed, hold full speed until you reach the 100 yard mark. You will need 7 Cones (if you dona€™t have cones you can use rocks, balls, whatever you can get your hands on). As you become more physically fit you can increase the amount of repetitions for each exercise.
Remember to always keep pushing yourself (get out of your comfort zone!); if 3 times becomes too easy, move to four, then to five, etc.
Examples include push up position, sitting on your hands, lying on your back, or doing 5 squat jumps or push ups before accelerating into a full out sprint. Starting from the first cone, sprint to each cone, touch the cone and accelerate off to the next.

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