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For the many moms gearing up to go back to work, many are torn between wanting to stay home to take care of their children, and being forced to go back to work to pay the bills.
These questions and more were running through my mind leading up to my decision to start a freelance writing business. Getting paid to write for online businesses, entrepreneurs, bloggers, and start-ups is very lucrative, and doesn’t take much time out of your day.
Here are four easy steps to go from staying home with your children to working from home and having a successful writing business. When you start freelance writing, it’s a good idea to find a niche or two that you feel comfortable writing about. So while you can use your work experience or interests to start off, you may end up finding your ideal niche once you start freelance writing. So, when you first start, you’ll need to provide some samples of your writing when you start applying for freelance writing jobs. If you don’t have a blog, you can easily draft up a sample in Google Docs and create a shareable link for your portfolio.
This is by far better than using your blog or a Google Doc since publishing here means it will be viewed and shared by many people. The best proof that you are a legit writer is to have your writing on someone else’s site.
What’s great about guest posting is that you receive an author bio tagged at the end of your post. This is where you can market your services and let prospects know who you are, what you write about, and how you can help them.
If you really want to succeed as someone who gets paid to write, then the best thing you can do is have a website for your freelance writing business.
If you want even more ways, you can check out my post on 20 different ways to find a freelance writing job. For many people out there, making the jump from their 9-5 cushy job to a freelance world of hustling is daunting to say the least. If you’re like me (and most Americans), taxes can be a bit more involved than a simple click, click, add, add and poof done! I may not be able to make tax preparation your idea of a fun Friday night, but I can offer some tips that will help you get organized and make filing your taxes that much easier. Having last year’s tax return on hand will help you fill in the previous year’s information that is needed for this year’s return. Aside from just marking your calendar for the tax filing deadline, mark your calendar for other important deadlines and set aside time to prepare your tax documents throughout the year! When it’s time to get to work on your taxes, pick a space in your home that’s going to be tax central. Whether you use different colored filing folders, clips, post-it notes or labels – organize your filing system by color. If you have other expenses that can be counted as deductions, you may not have formal documents, but you will need to have receipts and statements. You should receive these by January 31, so if you didn’t get one from your employer or for work you completed – contact the companies you need them from. Things like your mortgage insurance, property taxes, charitable gifts and medical bills are all deductible and you will need to provide the evidence for these deductions in your return. Finally, before you close out the books for another year, destroy old receipts and documents you no longer need to hold on to. Enter your email address to stay up to date and receive notifications of new posts by email. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to make your home feel comfortable and cozy as you get your home ready for holiday guests.
People often overlook things on the bathroom counter especially if the bathroom is used on a regular basis. I hope that you were able to use these 5 easy steps to get your home ready for holiday guests.
It’s so great to remember that when you have a lot of people that it will get warmer. If you go into the Christmas season feeling like you are about lose your mind, I’ve got a few helpful hints to keep things organized in just five easy steps. Becky BBecky is blogger, speaker, piano teacher, wife and mom to two children – her son is 15 {he has autism} and her daughter is 11.
Makeup artist and beauty blogger Cara Brook of MaskCara is showing you how to get quick and luxurious beach waves!
At some point or another during our life time we all experience the pain and heartache from a break-up.
Here are 5 easy ways to say bye bye bye to your past and open that new door to your future with-out that loser.
Around the time of a break you might feel as though you lost your best friend but the truth of the matter is you and your ex were not always together.
Those are the 5 easy steps to follow after a break up when you’re ready to rebuild yourself.
If you and the buyer agree to cancel the transaction, you can apply to have the fee credited back to your account.
You can list up to fifty items per month and you only pay the final value fee after an item has been purchased. The problem with selling on Ebay these days, is that Ebay has pushed their business towards buyers. The fees are too high, and the chances of a buyer whining about a transaction and Ebay forcing you to do a partial or full refund (without you getting the product returned!) are too high.
The buyer should be leaving feedback based on timely deliveries, if product matches auction and if it is in new and USABLE condition as stated in auction. To many sellers think they are a gift from heaven to everyone and they are doing you a huge favor for listing a item and are never wrong, have an excuse for everything under the sun and rightly just don’t give a hoot about anything but money.
Made in China has really turned me off, I view the item for sale, and look everywhere for where its made, well guess what many times I don’t find out until it arrives. We have both received items that were not as advertised, so to avoid the hassel of returning the item we put the items in the trash can, and hope to get smarter in the future. We have sold on Ebay and this is some great advice-but look out for scammers trying to send you fake invoices. TheaterG33k: ebay has just started a new program where you can automatically relist an item 3 times without it going against your original 50 free listings. Those cool features and extra free to list as well as shipping discounts are for top rated power sellers, not the average ebayer. I have to agree with TheaterG33k: It really stinks that you can no longer leave negative feedback for a buyer.

I buy a lot of antique china and other breakables from eBay and a depressing number arrive broken due to stupidly poor packing.
Ebay sellers are hit with high nuisance fees from PayPal as well weeks after all sales activity.
Take better pictures to prove your item is not a knock off IN THE LISTING, before it even sells. I used to buy and sell a lot on Ebay, I believe the problem is both the buyers on Ebay and the sellers.
You will enjoy eBay a lot more if you do not take the occasional irrational buyer’s complaints personally. The number one most important factor to a successful eBay business is insuring good feedback from buyers.
I’ve always had this vision before I had children, but I never knew how I was going to go through with it.
From there I learned about digital marketing, wrote about it and landed clients in that niche.
If you blog about topics in your niche, you can definitely use those pieces in your portfolio.
This also generates a live link for your portfolio and to be used when you write your pitch. You definitely can use your personal website to host your portfolio and advertise your services, but plan on setting up a professional looking website in the near future. They could be bloggers, small businesses, startups, medical professionals, or entertainment gurus for example.
Tell your friends and family that you want to start freelancing and see if they need help with editing their resume or writing copy for a friend’s business flyer.
I’m able to write for my clients when my children are sleeping, and enjoy the day doing arts and crafts with them.
You may be filing Form 1040 ES for Individual tax returns and you can download the questionnaire and forms you need right on the AICPA’s (American Institute of CPAs) website right here.
It will also help you see examples of what paperwork you need to include with your tax return. Sorting through and reorganizing your expenses on a monthly or quarterly basis will save you a lot of time when you’re preparing your taxes and it’s also just a great habit to get into in order to understand where your money is going!
I recommend keeping your deductible expenses organized monthly and electronically, but if you don’t – it’s time to pour yourself a glass of wine and surround yourself with paper piles. Keep these statements with the other important documents you’ve gathered so either you or your tax preparer can make any necessary adjustments to your income. When decorating your home, don’t be afraid to add a splash of color, mix and match textures or furniture, add small touches of your personal style, show off your family photos, and make your home feel inviting. If it has been a while since the bedding has been washed, you should take the time to wash it so that the bedding smells good for guests. Do make sure that everything is cleaned off the counter as much a possible so that your guests have a place to put their belongings while they are getting ready. I always try to keep the guest room and bathroom clean because I never know who will stop by my house!!
On November 30th I was busting tail to make sure that our home is as ready for the holidays as possible.
Sometimes this time of year gets really hectic so it’s hard to remember what may need to happen for guests coming. If you host company on Christmas day, have multiple parties to attend during the holiday season, or just stress out at the thought of all the activities, sit down with your calendar and write things on it. She is passionate about motivating women to organize and have a relaxed and calm home {as much as possible}. Every day a listing sits empty is revenue lost so let’s review 7 easy steps to get your rental property filled fast! But it's so tough to stay away from the curling iron when we want those pretty waves and curls!
They are easy to do and you'll even find you have extra time to slather on more sunscreen and brush on more bronzer.
Have a seat and reflect on the positive and negative experiences you and your ex-lover once shared. Sour meaning yourself and partner can’t seem to find common peaceful grounds between you two which is 100% fine. Throw out old love letters, cards, picture, meaningless gift, and anything else that would drag you in to a state of depression from the sight of it.
Not only are you not over your ex but your substituting them with some who might really care about and could end up getting hurt due to your lack of consideration. Before the course of your relationship I’m sure there were other people you were able to confide in and can consider a friend. If you own a brick and mortar store and would like to have that name on your account, then you’ll want to sign up for a business account instead. There is always a bad apple that only thinks about money, and will sell you a pile of horse manure made in China. For ignorant buyers who won’t leave feedback until they get feedback just for existing, sorry about your ignorance.
There are also sellers selling stuff that that they shouldn’t be for one reason or another.
I sell comics and they are easy to scam because it’s near impossible to prove the item you sent was the item returned. That being said it is aggravating to not be able to leave Neutral or negative feedback to a buyer who is unreasonable or just a complete Jackass.
It was good for awhile but now there is so much nit pick on fees and listing extras that in the end you are working for eBay, not yourself.
I use to spend a lot more but I got burned pretty bad from a scumbag that sold me a computer. It’s due to the scammy sellers who were putting all the price on the shipping to keep from paying fees that caused eBay to start charging fees on shipping. I hope eBay goes out of business and I am hoping for class action suit for discrimination between buyer and seller feedback policy!
And if everybody does the same we could put them out of business and their CEO’s pay of 1 MILLION PAY CHECK A YEAR that we the sellers pay him and THEY HAVE THE BALLS TO TELL US HOW TO LIST AND HOW MUCH TO CHARGE??????
Check out my free email course on Get Paid to Write Online and learn the steps you need to be a freelance writer. You’re always given freelance writer hopefuls great information and resources to get started. This will walk you through all the information you need to answer and have supporting documentation for.

This will make it easier and faster to find what you’re looking for and to file things away in their appropriate categories.
You want your home to be neat and tidy but you also want your guest to feel comfortable with their decision to stay in your home during the holidays. Now would be the perfect time to swap out the pillows on your couch and even add a few festive throws. If you have time, you can even use this time for gathering up old items that you no longer need and make space in your home for new items that you may receive at Christmas time. In our home, we use a programmable thermostat to help keep our home at a constant temperature but it is easier to adjust if we need to adjust the temperature. There are a number of steps that I still need to take but overall we are on the right path. For example, I make all the grandparents photo books each year of the grandkids – everyone gets the same thing and they all love it.
After 9 years and thousands of ideas, I realize I'll never be able to check them all off my list.
Well, take a break from all the heat and try this heat-free technique that will save you time and save your hair from heat damage all in one swoop. If there is anything you do not want to throw away because you may felt it holds monetary value SELL IT! Those clueless buyers would have more feedback if they left feedback once satisfied with item. I tell the buyer to insure they send the same comic back because I have placed an invisible watermark on the comic to verify it is indeed the same comic I shipped to them. That cool auto relist 3 times thing was just for that one month, never saw the option again. Also the buyer MUST contact the seller before leaving NEgative Feedback or the seller can report the buyer! I always leave honest feedback but eBay’s categories do not allow for reporting breakage. Call it being overprotective, but this was my first time being a mom and I knew nothing different. During the winter time, I usually keep a light blanket handy for guests to grab in case they are chilly. Do donate your old belongings, there are plenty of people who would be grateful to have some new things for their home. Some of the new thermostats even give you access to your home using an app on your smartphone. I never thought about adjusting the temperature to make others comfortable but will be taking a small poll about temperature.
Have three separate lists: Family Christmas List, Friend Christmas List, and possibly Co-Worker Christmas List. I find that looking at the season all at once is a bit overwhelming, so taking one day at a time helps to keep focused on what that day needs. In a different case and matter if you and ex decide to continue as friends don’t attempt to pursue this friendship immediately. Write out a list of all the things you fell you may have done wrong in your past relationships and analyze how you can change these things for the better.
Sellers that leave feedback first are usually Giant sellers who have their ebay set to leave feedback automatically because they don’t have time to, due to the large amount of sales. It’s just ignorant for a seller to not leave feedback if a buyer comes back and leaves the seller good feedback.
Even if they DID give fees back, that’s not fair if I can get a better shipping deal for a customer by using another carrier.
We never get scammers, but do get a LOT of buyers who just created an ebay account the same day to buy an item from us.
I currently have an open case against me for an Escort Passport radar detector that I sold. It’s fine to look a week ahead to plan for grocery purchases or other things, but to keep stress away just take it as slow as you can. Purchase on Amazon and have it shipped directly to the family member and you can even have it gift wrapped.
There is no sense in rushing into another relationship with someone new if your still the old you. Moving forward is going to be a difficult goal but anything is possible with the right amount of strength, courage, and support. Now, I have sold many of these and have 100% feedback as a buyer and seller but this guy states that when he received it and tried to register it that it stated it was already regstered to a Canadian user! Christmas is one of my favorite time of the year because I get to relieve my own childhood through the eyes of my children. If you have a house full of people over, you might need to turn down the thermostat a little bit so that your guests don’t get too hot in the winter especially if the oven is being used to cook Christmas dinner.
If you like to send out Christmas cards, order them early so you can work on a few at a time and send them the first week of December. In our family, the adults don’t give each other gifts, we just buy for the little kids.
Perhaps some don’t really need anything or know what they want, so donating money to their favorite charity in their name would be a wonderful gift to them.
In this time that you are taking to reevaluate yourself do not forget to analyze the things that your ex did wrong so you know what you do not want from someone in your future relationship(s).
Go out, have fun and leave your trouble at home in the garbage bag that you placed all your ex’s belongings.
I’ve been selling on Ebay since the first month they started in business, and it has gone progressively downhill for smaller sellers. It was purchased brand ew from Best Buy and the unit was still shrink wrapped when I sold it and I have the pics to prove it. Ebay has been losing quality sellers because they always insult their intelligence and honesty.
It’s absurd to have 100% positive feedback as a seller and still get slapped on the wrist for something Ebay thinks you should differently.
There is no way this guy is gonna get the $$$ back and send me back some unit he swapped out.

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