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Our top ten lists are second to none and these lists have caused a quite stir amongst our readers. Regret is a byproduct of fear and remorse and it doesn’t belong in the Play with the World lifestyle.
Great information Shannon, I so agree with all of the above and and I am continually growing and becoming wiser. Twelve Easy Ways to Get Over Your Thanksgiving Stuffing — the Day After Turkey Day! Whether you engorged on too many cookies at the office holiday party or you went carb-crazy with stuffing, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie, don’t fret. Painting your ex as the devil in disguise might be satisfying today, but will it be healthy in the long run? The easiest way to get over a break-up is simple, and is a path that has been walked many times before by people from all walks of life. It makes it easy to move on when your mind is filled with this notion of life being better without them, that your life would have been unfulfilling, or not worth living if you had to spend the rest of it with them.
You simply tell yourself, and everyone else around you that will listen, that this person was toxic, they constantly brought you down, they constantly disrespected you, they are such a terrible person, and you deserve better. On the other hand the hardest way to get over an ex will be far more satisfying, and dignifying, albeit a little more challenging. So move on with dignity and pride, you were both amazingly great people before you met, while you were together, and now that you’re apart.
You’re allowed to remind yourself that you’re a great judge of character and they’re actually an incredibly intelligent, dedicated, funny, beautiful, generous, warm, kind and loving person. Yes it will take longer, yes it will not be any where near as easy, but you will be far better off in the long run for it. If you’re taking the easy way out, all the things you want to say to, or about your ex are more than likely not true, they are more often than not your insecurities reflected in a mirror of desire. I don’t care that this will take longer for me than if i were to take the easy way out, I will make sure I don’t shame or blame my ex. Don’t get disheartened when it takes you longer than others to move on, because when you do you’ll be stronger than those who took the easy way, you’ll have kept your integrity intact and you’ll find someone just as amazing as your ex with that little bit extra in them that makes things just work, and you’ll you’ll never look back. I caught her making out with another guy, so when I painted her as a lying, cheating whore: it was factual. Sailing the DistanceLauren Camp honors the creative accomplishments of a California man who also happened to be an illiterate immigrant. New Rochelle Football Captain Gets Loud About His Team’s ChancesRochelle’s football captain plans on leading his team to success. This Pneumatic Post Driver is Simple and BrilliantDriving posts for fences is a pain, and this automatic pneumatic tool makes it painless. Viking Invaders Struck Deep Into the West of England – and may Have Stuck AroundThere’s something in the water. Married Bliss Comes and Goes Like the Tide – 6 Ways to Keep the Tide INThe honeymoon never lasts forever, but you can keep that loving feeling going every single day. Millions Spread out Across the Entire LandscapeDown low in the fields of gold the ground hugging layer of tiny herbs may be found. How to Find Peace With Your Soulful AndrogynyAuthor Andy Hall examines his life compared to stereotypes of the man box and finds peace with his androgyny.
Firstly, just to reassure you this happens to most women on a weight loss journey and it’s natural part of it all. Like the Take That song “have a little patience,” you didn’t just get to where you are now with your weight in a week, month or even a year in all likelihood. Our approach is about helping you to be healthier and happier for LIFE, so we like slow and steady because it lasts.
WRONG: this just causes the body stress and pushes it into starvation mode meaning the body holds fat and your hormones don’t do their jobs as they should. What to do next: Find your maintenance level of calories and then a small deficit day to day for a period of time. What to do next: Change things up in the gym, have your cardio if you love it but try HITT or interval style of training instead. What to do next?: Look at what’s causing your stress, it is relationships, money, work or setting up a new business. Carbs have a bad name and are often the first thing to be dropped when women want to lose weight.
If you’re really struggling and need some help but don’t know where to start and feeling a little lost. 30 minutes with one of our amazing, expert coaches to find out why things haven’t worked for you before and get clarity on what you’re goals are. StrongHer Formula Facebook: Nicola Buckley, StrongHer Health and Confidence Coaching and FREE coaching group here.

When you choose to be present in your life, focusing on the moment and creating your dreams, regret does not exist because regret is really only experience.
When they are good, they are great, and it makes sense to enjoy every moment of the highs, but when things happen that we are not comfortable with or wish would have turned out another way, rather than feeling regret, take the opportunity to learn from them.
When we feel regret because we feel guilty and embarrassed by what we have done, we are motivated to undo the wrongful things we did and make better, more careful decisions in the future.
I had to make peace with my past and not lose hope that I will soon leave Poland and move on to better things. Start your morning off with a container of 0% plain Greek yogurt, ? cup fiber-one cereal and ? cup of berries.
A 3-ounce serving of skinless white-meat turkey breast is only 120 calories, 1 gram of fat for a whopping 26 grams of fat-melting protein. Incorporate plenty of raw or cooked vegetables at lunch and dinner such as a big salad or vegetable soup. Make sure that you are starting your day with a big glass of water and drink at least 8 glasses throughout the day, not just all at one time. All you need is ~150 minutes of moderate exercise per week incorporating both cardio and weight resistance. By having two 150-calorie snacks throughout the day, you’ll be able to splurge on just the foods you really want—instead of everything you see.
I always need a little something sweet to end my meal, so dark chocolate is my dessert BFF.
Stop worrying so much about overeating during the holidays—all that stress will only help you actually keep you from shedding those pounds. A quick workout (one with strength training is best) can help speed your metabolism, so you’ll be able to burn calories more effectively.
Enjoy yourself over Thanksgiving and get back into shape so you can slip into that sexy outfit for New Year’s in no time! They weren’t toxic just because being in a relationship together didn’t make you both happy.
The things you’re most ashamed to admit you are, or are terrified you’re not, personified in your ex, and because these are the things you loathe most it makes it easy to move on from your ex when you feel they embody these traits. She was a great person and deserves the dignity and respect that comes from me not telling everyone who asks why our relationship ended that she was crazy or toxic or any other adjective that will discredit her character. Just Look at What We Have Helped to ChangeWe’re the guys who eat stereotypes for lunch. Do you go off track with one thing and then give it up as a “bad” or naughty day?Logging food will help you be more aware of what you’re eating. Be consistent with a small deficit, hit the basics consistently and train in an effective way. You know all these already I’m sure as you know your stuff BUT are you hitting them consistently?
Regret comes from many sources, whether it is a situation that you wish did not happen or something you wish you would have said or done, or even a relationship that you wish you could wipe out of your mind.
All experiences are lessons; whether they are good or bad, lessons make us grow and teach us more about the world, others and ourselves. Eat at least 3-6 ounces of lean protein at lunch and dinner which is generally the size of your fist or a blackberry phone. Snack on a low-calorie, high-fiber apple instead of the calorie-filled apple pie left on the counter from the night before.
You can easily move past the longing in your heart for this person when you replace them with a picture of constantly grey skies and never ending unhappiness. Relationships often fail with two good people, not because of either person was unworthy, or inherently bad, but because relationships are as complex as they are beautifully simple and sometimes they just don’t work out, and that’s perfectly OK.
She deserves at least that much and so too do I, because without our integrity we are nothing. We measure 25 measures every 5 weeks that include sex drive, happiness, confidence and highlight for that month. Chose what you feel is the right level of commitment and speak to your coach about forming new habits.
We believe in helping you find that passion for healthy, awesome food NOT starving yourself.
The key is to have them at the right time so you have enough energy without overspilling (geeky). Why do you need protein to build muscle, to repair and build cells … so many things in the body.
We’re all biochemically unique and that changes daily based on how much sleep, stress, hydration and food quality. Saying, “I wish I’d bought my floor from a company other than Peek’s Carpet and Tile” is also an opinion.Saying, “Don’t eat at Deb’s Diner — the food will make you sick” or “If you live in Lake Highlands, don’t hire Peek’s Carpet and Tile to install a new floor for you” on the other hand is illegal.

Most women think that if a deficit is needed they’ll just cut RIGHT down and it’ll lead to a BIGGER weight loss. The more you do steady state cardio the more you’ll NEED to do to have any impact on your weight loss. Yes we all have good and bad days BUT the more consistent you are the better place you will be in for weight loss. It’s strong to ask for help and why take some much time finding out and trying things why not just go for what works.
A lot of things have changed since I published my first online articles in the 1980’s – but one thing that remains consistent is the shock and surprise that happens when a content marketer or writer gets sued.Writers and marketers are often very knowledgeable about the subjects they write about – and completely clueless about the limits of what they can and can’t say online. If you truly are an expert — a health inspector acting in your official capacity after inspecting a restaurant, for example — go ahead and state the “facts”. The next lesson awaits, So look at where you are judging yourself or others and replace it with curiosity. Once rare, these lawsuits are increasingly common as business people find themselves losing customers thanks to online reviews that they believe are false.
The demand for lawyers and judges who understand digital media law is so high that a friend of mine, Dallas attorney Sean E. It’s hard to fight if you’re the blogger or webmaster being sued – and it’s hard to win if you’re the business owner suing. Tuma, is constantly being asked by bar associations and legal groups to present one of his popular lectures on digital law for lawyers and judges. And it’s expensive and time consuming for both sides.Product disparagement is a tricky question for a lot of bloggers. They all boil down to someone posting something negative in an online forum that damages the reputation of someone else (or something else) in a way that is prohibited by law. If you write product reviews, make sure your policies and procedures on how you conduct them are consistent, and that the rules are applied fairly. There are lawyers and business owners out there who will sue in order to try and get negative stuff pulled from the web, even though they don’t have grounds for a winning case. The contractor who didn’t like her one-star review on Yelp sued her for $750,000 – and was awarded damages of over $250,000. Appeals in the case continue, but the costly case has ruined the homeowner’s credit and created a precedent that has encouraged many more business owners to file suit when negative reviews are published.To avoid her fate, click here for a list of the rules that most legal experts recommend following when writing an online review. The automatic “remedy” for the winner is triple damages: you pay three times the value of the material on which you infringed. Defamation includes both written statements (known as libel), spoken statements (called slander), and videos, graphics or photographs.One thing to remember here is that defamation is in the mind of the reader and the outcome. The guy who is suing you.So, if you can, take advantage of the “safe harbor” provision of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and remove the offending content as soon as you are notified of a possible copyright problem. For instance, you might think that what you posted was endearing, funny, cute, and inoffensive. Just removing the offending content may not prevent you from being sued or being required to pay damages, but it can reduce the amount of damages owed in a successful suit.Luckily, avoiding copyright infringement is easy. But if the outcome is that the person is unemployable, or suffers negative consequences, it can be defamatory.
For example, a court in Nova Scotia recently handed down a $425,000 judgement against a U.S. It’s a very tempting “crime” when you feel as if you’ve been ripped off or sold a shoddy product.
The online legal library at Cornel University Law School explains this in detail as does the Right of Publicity website.Until recently, the right of publicity was so obscure that a lot of lawyers hadn’t even heard of it. My lawyer Charles McGarry talked me out of it by explaining the rules of tortious interference to me — and showing me examples of cases that ordinary people had lost when they did exactly what I had planned to do and “warned other people” about doing business with a firm that they were unhappy about. Recently, though it’s become a favorite tool for litigation.The right of publicity is what can bite you if you’re one of those people who posts every photo you take on Facebook, with no regard to the preferences or feelings of other people in the photo, or when you use material that is strongly identified with a person. You can’t say anything that implies that they endorse you, know you personally, or use your product without their very specific permission. The people most likely to lose their jobs or get sued for a breach of the right to privacy are health care workers, cops, teachers, and anyone who works for any government agency.A word of caution about using photos you find on Flickr, Pixabay, or any other free photo sharing site. The photographer may have granted a Creative Commons License to use the image, but the photographer might or might not have obtained the permission of all of the identifiable people in the photo.Context is important, too. See what Wizkid had to say when asked if he still has a crush on Chidinma Ekile (must see) Who doesn’t see Chidinma and have a crush on her?

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