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Buffalo Rising is a nationally recognized website that delivers highly influential content and advertising that is relevant to people living in and around Buffalo, NY. Our readers trust us to serve as one of their primary sources of local information, allowing you to reach targeted customers who are already engaged in relevant content related to your business. In case you missed the first part of this article, which was printed a couple of weeks ago, it can be found here.
In addition to your Blog, Forget the Box, you also write for The Public, bartend at Hot Mama’s and you volunteer for Food Not Bombs. We have an incredible art gallery called, The Box, that now has a show called Chromatics featuring art from the Starlight artists, and I am going to begin work on a new mural based on Food Not Bombs. The first time I ever went into the hostel was because of FNB, we cook there every Saturday at the Hostel. Keep your eyes open for a Pay What You Can pop up cafe with the Waste Not Want Not philosophy.
I am so proud of my body, the fact that I go on stage and bare all inspires people, they are like wow she isn’t perfect, she is obese and has crusty psoriasis skin, but she owns it, and because of that I can own and celebrate the things that make me, well, me. Since you’ve lived in Buffalo your whole life, what is your perspective about this Renaissance that the city is currently experiencing?
Thankfully, there are still places in Buffalo that have an air of mystery and bohemia, like Grant St. I would love to own the house that I grew up in, my great grandfather’s house, and have a sustainable urban farm, it is now surrounded by only empty lots. I am lucky enough to love my jobs, but I know a lot of people who work in shitty retail, fast food, or other slightly demeaning thankless jobs because they must. If you were to put together a care package for a new neighbor (someone that had moved here from somewhere else) that represents the city, what items would you include in the basket? I meet people from all over the world and have the opportunity to hear their story and also be a Buffalo ambassador letting them in on the cool stuff this city has to offer. It truly is a beautiful and inspiring place, my awesome manager Jon Piret is part of Go Bike and is also a photographer and writer, his passion for making this place work inspires me to do the same. It really opens your eyes to see perfectly good food sitting packaged in a dumpster while children are starving in plain sight.

You must do what you can to make the best out of every situation and champion the voiceless, live with truth and always spread love and beauty.
Have you ever been discriminated against (had hateful words said to you in passing, etc) or witnessed this in Buffalo? I noticed a commotion during my number and found out after it was people in the audience standing up for me and calling out the ignorant fat shamer for their demeaning and loud heckling comments. Community murals can visually transform an area and bring people together during the process of creation.
At the mere age of 36, she has held multiple positions and developed arts organizations, including Project Grant here in Buffalo. It is important to reach out to international travelers and give them a positive view of our lovely city. As an Artist she is interested in working with her community in developing the cultural backdrop that we call home, in making the surroundings a beautiful and inspiring place to be. I mean I also do a lot of stuff about love and emotion too, which is funny because all of my relationships have failed thus far, my imperfect track record and body type make people relate to me. Val Meli is a very strong and inspiring woman, she talked about her dream joint and worked hard to make it a beautiful reality. I love that all I do is interconnected, I can make art and volunteer in the same place I work. I contribute to more political papers like The Bridge, I supported the Occupy Buffalo movement (I regret not camping out), fight for clean energy and environmental issues, Infringement festival is my passion, and I go to as many art openings, plays, and events as I can. I want to be the change even if I never reproduce I want this world to be around future children.
I have been picked on for being big or dressing like a crazy woman, but never let judgment bring me down, they are just jealous.
I have also been called “Mimi” from Drew Carey, but stepped back and looked at myself: full drag queen makeup, hair up with flowers, and a crazy printed moo moo, touche. I don’t say that we are having a renaissance because of Solar City, Canalside, The Pegulas, or gentrification.
People who live there need to be inspired to get their hands dirty and raise the bar for their community.

We all must use our collaborative talents to ensure that social justice and basic human needs are met. Tina has published previous writings in the area with Art Voice and The Public, and also established The Public’s art gallery listing.
I write an article about a show I am doing, do a show to benefit where I volunteer, ect… Everything has to happen simultaneously.
I am blessed that she allowed me to hang my art on all of the walls and even design the menus. Keep your eyes open for a Pay What You Can pop up cafe with the Waste Not Want Not philosophy. Megan Piret (fellow Stripteaser) inspired me to start going and now I have helped to keep her legacy and the Monday squad going at the Unitarian Universalist Church. I often wonder if she was even real at all, just a poltergeist sent from my self conscious to remind me not to care what people think of me.
Practice kindness, volunteer, work where you love, don’t take shit from anyone, create art constantly, smile brightly, compliment strangers, tell people that you love them, and dance as much as possible. I am in a constant exploration of myself and I make sure to document the journey in detail. I started writing for the Montreal Blog, Forget the Box over a year ago after visiting for their Infringement Festival. We have lost a lot of spaces, but like anything, you must not focus on what we have lost, but what we can do with the rubble. I want us to remain a place for artists to flourish, a place to live cheap, a place that is understated and has a bad rap, a place that is home and happiness.

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