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The Only Way is Essex goes back to the eighties for Joey Essex’s birthday party, but it seems that no TOWIE party is complete without at least a bit of drama.
Tae and Brandon have publicly declared their relationship status, posting tons of photos on social media.
Piers Morgan: Beyonce’s Playing The Race Card, Using Grieving Mothers to Sell Records!
Tonight’s fireworks came courtesy of Lydia Bright, who gets drawn into ex-boyfriend Arg’s problematic new relationship with Gemma Collins.
As previously reported, their friendship suffered a major blow when Tae began dating Teyana’s ex-boyfriend, NBA baller Brandon Jennings.

She already dealt with cheating issues and baby momma’s when she was with this guy so she knows what he is capable of.
Things have been rocky between Arg and Gemma, with the insensitive crooner making comments about her weight and unflatteringly comparing her to TV personality Vanessa Feltz.
She says that she found out about their relationship via the blogs and that Tae never told her about their relationship.
But, her issue is with Tae because she thought she was a friend and wouldn’t cross that line.
Although the plus-sized fashion designer calls Arg “the man of my dreams”, it’s clear that she’s finding his tactless comments and controlling nature difficult to deal with.

The singer explains that she’s more upset with Tae, than she is with Brandon and she could never be friends with her again.

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