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An Oklahoma man was arrested after giving his father a wedgie so severe that his dad died from suffocating in his underwear.2. He goes by the name DoubleDickDude (a bit on the nose, we think) and he held an AMA (Ask Me Anything) to discuss his diphallia. Robert Vick escaped from a prison in Kentucky, wearing only prison-issued khaki pants and a jacket.

A woman named Beautiful Existence successfully ate nothing but Starbucks for an entire year.
Rick says he lured the beast out by "nailing pork ribs from the WalMart down the street." Rick is keeping Bigfoot at "an undisclosed location," but says, "It is the real deal.
A girl posted a Craigslist Missed Connection for a guy who peed on her on New Year's.Because she is in love with him.

At least 50 people burned themselves trying to throw boiling water in the air during the Polar Vortex.

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