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The settlement may avoid further embarrassment for the ailing Redstone and his family as more details from the case were made public. But the settlement also avoids a trial and verdict that would have provided investors some clarity about Redstone's health and the future of the two media companies he controls, Viacom Inc and CBS Corp , after he dies.
Under the settlement, a local, neutral third party will oversee the day-to-day care of Redstone, according to the sources, who asked to remain anonymous because they are not permitted to speak to the media. Herzer was challenging her removal last year as Redstone's health-care agent in favor of Viacom Chief Executive Philippe Dauman, saying Redstone was not mentally competent to make that decision.
In the lawsuit, she declared that Redstone was a "living ghost." Redstone's attorneys argued he was fully aware of his actions. Earlier this week, Redstone gave his daughter, Shari Redstone, authority over the health-care directive, along with a friend of the family, replacing Dauman and Viacom's chief operating officer, Thomas Dooley, according to one of the sources.
Dauman said last month at the Viacom annual shareholder meeting in Miami that he did not choose to be Redstone's health-care agent.. Redstone, who turns 93 next month, has not appeared at an annual shareholder meeting or spoken on investor calls for Viacom or CBS since 2014. CBS shares were down 2.3 percent on Thursday, while Viacom shares were down almost 3 percent.
Activist investor Eric Jackson, who has called for management changes at Viacom, said he was disappointed about the likely settlement because it meant continuing uncertainty. If Redstone had been found incompetent by a judge, it could have triggered a seven-person trust, which includes Shari Redstone and Dauman, to take over his controlling stake in CBS and Viacom.
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If you have already clearly communicated that the relationship is over, and your ex is still hounding you and intruding in your life, then do all that you can to sever whatever ties still connect you two.
Just as you must observe certain external behavioral boundaries, you must also set clear and firm boundaries within yourself.
So whether we’re talking about taking care of yourself physically, emotionally, or psychologically, it really is crucial that you set clear and firm boundaries with your ex. But just because the two of you broke up doesn’t automatically mean that everything is going to be awkward and painful between the two of you forever. People are often surprised when I tell them that I’m friends with a large number of my exes.
But it doesn’t mean that this necessarily has to be an awkward or even painful experience. Now, in fairness, there will always be break-ups where the pain is too great or the betrayal too unforgivable or the relationship too toxic for you to remain even in casual contact with your ex and you will be well rid of them. Not surprisingly, it would rebound and just make things worse by orders of magnitude. Every.
Even if you genuinely do want to maintain a friendship afterwards, you’re going to need an extended period away.
Which is to say, it may feel good but it’s going to leave you dead in a ditch in Arizona.
Look: I get that things are uncomfortable, but part of life means learning how to handle the unexpected surprises without falling apart. There will be times when you’re tempted to try to get some sort of psychological advantage on your ex, especially if they were the dumper and you were the dumpee. Look, I’m a big advocate for doing some self-improvement work after a breakup, and lord knows that using your breakup angst to throw your workout into beast mode has its benefits. Regardless of whether you honestly want to be friends afterwards or just want to move on with your life, it’s important to remember why you and your ex got together in the first place.
If nothing else, the better you’re able to deal with your ex, the better you will be able to maintain your relationship with the next person in your life. What it really says is that you're probably a gaslighter, lacking maturity, and incapable of accepting any blame. Yeah, I consider one crazy ex to be a matter of bad luck (green light), two crazy exes a matter of bad judgment (yellow light), and more than two crazy exes a sign of a really bad dating prospect (red light, do not continue down that road).
Totally agree with you, sometimes people have a crazy ex or two that they just didn't understand how things would go.
What happens is that the crazy or manipulative people are drawn to people that will accept and support their craziness or manipulations. Dunno if you want to be in a relationship with someone who's comfortable being the victim all the time, but half the time that person is not necessarily a jerk themselves, in fact, quite the opposite.
Yes, people who are bad people are really good at finding victims to date, so it isn't odd to see someone with a string of shitty partners who are legitimately shitty partners. The question is, though, if the reason why all your exes are crazy is that that person doesn't have an asshole-filter when it comes to dating, but they themselves are just to nice, are they a bad prospect for dating? But when I ask the really, really nice people who are single about their previous relationships – I get what you describe above.
So the warning sign isn't really that the person has had a lot of toxic relationships, but that the person talks about all their exes in a hostile and stereotyping way. It's a tough row to hoe, and one that you might be better off hoeing with the help of non-romance partners, instead of adding on romance issues and complications. Someone who cannot say something negative about an ex who screwed them over seems pretty messed up as well. For one thing, someone whose partners are actually abusive can point to specific instances. On Gilmore Girls, when one of the characters broke up with her boyfriend, she put all the stuff that reminded her of him in to a box and then hid the box in a place where she wouldn't have to deal with it. While I actually tend to get along quite well with former casual hook-up partners, the only ex from a serious relationship I'm still close to is somebody I broke up with about 18 years ago.

I can point to legitimate stuff that makes me very wary about reaching out to any of them, but … yeah.
Personally, I've found that at *best* you can get back to the relationship you had before you started dating. If I loved someone, that love can move and change but it's rare for it to be destroyed. Oddly enough, the most hurtful breakup of recent times was a breakup not of a relationship but of a friendship.
I think you might actually be the exception that proves the rule, because your wife is now friends with them too.
I usually keep distance myself from exes out of respect to their new partner (spouse or girlfriend).
It's rough when an ex is the one causing the drama, especially within your social community! After I calmed down enough to see straight, I realized charging in like the fury of the gods wouldn't undo the damage, and would reward his malice. What if the only reason your ex was ever with you was because you're a big fat weirdo and it gave her validation to be the superior partner?
All the better reason to make your peace with the end of that relationship and move on to something healthier.
Deus Ex: Human Revolution only released a few weeks ago, but some retailers have already slashed their prices following an incredible initial reception.
Square Enix announced they'd shipped two million copies of the game after two weeks, with critics backing up the hype. A trial also would have brought to light details about the former girlfriend that would have come out in depositions, according to a separate source. The lawyer for the ex-girlfriend who brought the lawsuit, Manuela Herzer, declined to comment. Herzer had been set to inherit $70 million before Redstone, a multi-billionaire, changed his estate plan in October, according to court documents. But despite the powerful image of a cardboard box full of memories being left at his or her doorstep, for some reason your ex is unwilling to actually leave the picture. You have to set clear and firm boundaries, and you have to let the person know that the relationship is absolutely and unconditionally over.
This may not be completely practical if you work in the same place, share many of the same friends, or live in the same neighborhood. One of the most important internal boundaries has to do with how much you let the efforts of your ex get to you emotionally. If intrusions become more than a mere nuisance and begin to get a little scary, be sure to talk to friends and watch for little ways you can protect yourself. In fact, the better you are able to handle a post-breakup relationship with your ex, the better your future relationships will be.
Taking some enforced time away allows your relationship to change into what it will become in the future instead of being mired in the past. But at the same time, we have a tendency to hold on to that pain like a squirrel hoarding anger nuts for winter. Sometimes your ex is your ex because you never should have been together in the first place. I think it's hardly fair to villify them as a jerk, then the next question is – are they still a bad dating prospect for some reason anyways?
They are not the jerk themselves, but they get their buttons pressed (whether sexual, romantic, or whatever) by being treated like a jerk. But I do think you're right that they need some perspective to recognize that they tend to attract users, and some work to figure out how to set stronger boundaries and learn to recognize those users to have much hope of avoiding them in the future. Of course everyone has times where they didn't stand up for themselves and wish in hindsight that they would have, but I would not want to date someone who was constantly allowing himself to be taken advantage of by all and sundry, regardless of how nice a person he was. Once she was over him and could handle the memories, she could get the box back and have the items in it again. Or are you able to see each other in public on occasion without making things awkward for all? We went from being strangers to a rapid getting to know each other and then an off and on thing for ages.
We were friends on Facebook but barely talked until late last year when I was very weak from my injuries.
My immediate reaction to that story is that I don't know why anyone would want to be friends with this person. And what if she strung you along for a year and a half legitimately pretending to actually be interested in you while really just biding her time until a hotter guy came along?
As you read through these different boundaries, ask yourself whether you have, in fact, actually and finally ended the relationship.
Some people, for instance, will do all they can to push your buttons and get you riled, knowing that when you get upset, you’re more likely to interact with them.
If you begin to obsess over all the games and intrusions, then you will have allowed this other person to control you and keep you from living your life as you choose. But make sure that you’re working hard to do whatever is necessary to keep yourself safe, healthy, happy, and moving forward with your life. All too often, when we end a romantic relationship with somebody, we tend to assume this means that we can no longer stand to see that person ever again. Researchers at the University of Michigan have found that break-ups activate the same parts of the brain that feel physical pain.
After all, your relationship with your exes is going to tell your future partners about the sort of person you are.

In fact, most of the time, you’ve both been laying the groundwork for the breakup for a long time, sometimes even right from the beginning. Sometimes the pain is just too deep or the betrayal too harsh and there’s no way for either of you to get past it. If their past partners are all horrible in the same way, then I assume they're at least partly Type 2, or they have a serious boundary problem as others have pointed out. He only managed to move on because the guy she was trying to cheat was his roomate, and his roomate put their friendship first before hooking up with her (he wouldn't do it unless the guy said it was ok, and then when the guy got uncomfortable with it he cut it off).
When it was time to pay the bills, I felt resentful because the boyfriend was using almost a third of the hot water, electricity, etc., but everything was still being split in half rather than thirds.
I've done it for relationships (and friendships that ended up being awful) and found it to be helpful. So after some time incommunicado, we've all worked out much better as friends than we did as lovers. If you are going to maintain ties, you need to expect the same level of partner acceptance as you would from anyone else. I sometimes debate going back, but I can't decide if it would be dredging up ghosts of old drama or if enough time has passed that people have forgotten what was whispered or alleged.
In fact, I think it's kind of stupid to try and be friends with your exes simply for the sake of being friends. Get rid of it immediately!Here are a few points to consider when looking for ways on how to deal with an ex boyfriend that wants you back.An Ex is An Ex for a ReasonYour relationship with your ex boyfriend came to an end for a reason.
If your ex seems to be working hard to upset you and to draw you into his or her games, that person may be doing so because he or she know this is the only way to get you to actually interact. Don’t hold back when it comes to taking care of yourself and doing what you have to do to keep yourself safe.
No matter the circumstances of the relationship ending, it is still a painful experience and the associations you had with that person are now intertwined with that pain. I’ve known people who would tap their friends to do reconnaissance before showing up at parties just on the off chance that the ex was invited too.
Joe Jonas makes a point of being seen making out with a model and Taylor Swift writes another single about how her life is so much better now that she dumped old whatsisname. But it’s important to at least make an attempt to be civil if not kindling a friendship from the ashes. I'd have a hard time being friends with someone who was so mean to my partner, personally, even without the extra baggage. Only during that time I found out my ex was spreading lies about me to everyone in the community. The one that I am not on speaking terms with was a huge abusive jerk while we were dating, and then even after we broke up, contacting me only to settle unpaid parking tickets from borrowing my car and asking, out of the blue, for me to return some of his shit TWO YEARS after we broke up. So the worst thing you can do, if you really want the relationship to be over, is to give in and react in a way that puts you on your ex’s level. Small wonder, then, that you wouldn’t want to have anything to do with them; why would you want to be constantly subjecting yourself to that pain again? All it’s doing is  burning a pit in your gut and making you take time away from your recovery period when you could be doing more productive things like actually working on your life instead of plotting elaborate revenge fantasies. Those all served as the keystone of the friendship you shared that was part of your romantic life together… and they can still be part of your friendship afterwards. I've seen that push for friendship turn what could have been friendships eventually into complete hurtful disasters. The point is, you need to confirm that the relationship is definitely over and that the person’s intrusions into your life are completely unwelcome. For example, you might change your social patterns, even if it’s only for a short period while you let things blow over between you two. Instead, remain the mature one and refuse to be drawn into the mudslinging and game playing. And promise yourself that when you go on dates with new people, you won’t talk about your ex and review all the problems that person is causing in your life. Someone who keeps getting his heart broken by remorseless harpies over and over again is likewise someone who is bitter and needs to spend some time examining his attachment patterns and why he keeps making the same mistake over and over again. One of the guys I had a FWB arrangements with is such a close friend, if I got married I would want him in my wedding party.
He may be expecting you to be a complete bitch towards him but you will not be taking that approach.If you do encounter him while out with your friends, you can still smile with him while being firm with your words.
Draw a firm boundary that prevents your ex from being present in the conversations and interactions you have with people you’re now meeting and going out with.
Having her number is just an invitation for a 3 AM drunk phone call that will leave you feeling like somebody just took a massive dump on the tattered remains of your dignity.
It will certainly throw him off and he will want you back even more than ever!Put Your Best Foot ForwardYou never know when you are going to run into him or when someone will get word back to him about your appearance so be on top of your game. This may not solve all the problems associated with your ex, but some physical distance between you will most likely get you each headed in a separate direction. This approach is a good one because it will also turn heads wherever you go.The time apart is just what you need to get back in the gym to work your way back to a healthy you.
We all slack when we are comfortable in a relationship so being single again will be the slap in the face you needed.SummaryThese are few points on how to deal with an ex boyfriend that wants you back, but the key to a successful transition to a happy you is to stay focused on what you want. Take the time apart to decide what will make you happy.When you figure this out, immediately start moving in that direction.

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