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As Tiger Woods gets serious with Lindsey Vonn, ex-wife Elin Nordegren gets close to new billionaire coal magnate beau Chris Cline Cline, who has reportedly been romancing Woods' ex-wife, has a mega-yacht, Mine Games, that dwarfs the golf pro's Privacy.
Elin Nordegren isn't too worried about ex-husband Tiger Woods' new girlfriend Lindsey Vonn.
Nordegren's alleged new beau, billionaire coal magnate Chris Cline, 53, docked his vessel, Mine Games, just across from Woods' Privacy in the exclusive community of Jupiter, Fla. Woods' cruiser is no slouch when it comes to size, but when lined up near Cline's, it falls short, a mere 155 feet compared with Cline's 164-foot whopper.
Privacy is the very boat where Woods brought his new gal pal, Olympic skier Vonn, for a laid-back weekend at sea as he swept the WGC Cadillac Championship last week. Woods, 37, announced that he and Vonn, 28, were officially seeing each other over Facebook on Monday.
It was a change of tune for Vonn, who had originally mocked Woods' woes during his cheating scandal in 2009. Perhaps her lighthearted jabs are part of why things are still icy between Vonn and Nordegren. Woods and Nordegren were photographed together publicly at a different event for their children in late February.
To be honest, I don’t get what all the hubbub is about because weren’t Maci and Kyle living together before?
While in California Dalis took to beach living like a fish to water, learning how to surf, wakeboard, and just about every other activity that can be performed in the presence of sun, sand and water. While not hitting the books or smooching on Ryan Edwards, Dalis is flinging wings at a Chattanooga Hooters, which she really seems to enjoy. In addition to working as a waitress, Dalis also does some modeling work – as you can probably tell from the red swimsuit photo above. So, Dalis is an attractive, young, intelligent, physically fit woman with a good-paying job, a scholarship and a career plan.
Good for Ryan that he found someone the point that Ryan parents and maci parents has been trying to make is.
You are bragging about him taking government assistance when he lives at home with mommy and daddy?!?!??!?!
You little girls are so googly eyed by how cute he is you start to rationalize and justify his mediocre existance. Daaaaaaaaaaaamn looks like Ryan hit the upgrade button lol, not to bash Maci or anything but it is kind of obvious.
I hate when the maci fans attack Ryan like they know him personal you only know what MTV show of him and what maci says about him half things maci says about him is not true . How do you know that do you live with Ryan oh wait you know this because golden child maci said it so it most be true. YeAH HE ACTUALLY DOES KNOW MORE THEN HER, HIM AND MACI HAVE BEEN TOGETHER FOR AWHILE, WHILE RYAN HAS GF IN AND OUT! I remember watching the episode where Maci was asking to go to the beach where Ryan was going to be on vacation.
No she said she doesn’t stand a chance because her and her girlfriends were talking about how Ryans parents still have pictures of Maci and Ryan all over their house and they wanted to take a family picture with Maci in it at the beach.
I came across this article seeing if there were any substantiated rumors of Ryan’s coke use. If you want your ex-girlfriend to come back to you it is very important that you do not beg.
Chris Brown’s New Girlfriend Caught Up in Love Triangle…Ex-Boyfriend Wants Her Back!
Earlier this week we reported that Chris Brown had posted pics of his new model girlfriend Jasmine Sanders to his twitter page, but it looks like she might be caught up in a love triangle. Her ex boyfriend who goes by Mack Baker (see pic below) took to his twitter to beg for his girlfriend back.
Baker wants to reconnect with Jasmine so he can create the 6degree of separation, thereby each time he kisses her he’ll be also kissing CB. The plaintiffs claim they were enticed by Sheer to pour millions into Garcia’s investment company, JDM Partners, and White Buffalo Entertainment, a movie production company fronted by The Rock. The investors, meanwhile, filed three separate lawsuits asking to get back a total $5 million, according to Miami-Dade County records. And as many as a half a dozen other locals who poured money into Garcia’s schemes, including some of her employees, have contacted lawyers about the loss of another $3 million. What’s more, SunTrust bank recently obtained a $829,000-judgment against White Buffalo for non payment of a $1 million-business loan. Garcia’s lawyer, Richard Barbara, said at the time the money was lost because Garcia made bad real estate loans, and he denied allegations of fraud. Stoker says the $400,000 that Garcia and Sheer invested for her, including $200,000 into White Buffalo, are lost. Siblings Elizabeth Bryan, 77, and James Gaunt, 78, meanwhile, recently settled their $2 million-lawsuit against JDM and White Buffalo.
JUST CHECK THE BOX 'I'd rather post as a guest' AND FILL IN ANY BS NAME AND EMAIL YOU WANT! It is one of the few times that the previous couple have been spotted out together since their very public breakup. Dalis was a multi-talented athlete at Boyd-Buchanan High School, including basketball, volleyball, and running track – the latter of which earned her a scholarship to Tennessee Tech where she is currently enrolled and planning to get a degree in Pre-Physical Therapy and Personal Training.

Here’s another sample of Dalis in front of the lens looking quite a bit older and downright Faith Hillish! That Ryan and maci need to have not different girls and guys in and out bentley life that what they were trying to say. She has dropped classes because when she was with RYAN, he wouldn’t help with Bentley so she could get her school work done. Wow, seems like someone needs to stop drinking the Ryan Koolaid so you can sober up and finally see him for the loser he is.
Maybe he has his ASSOCIATES but I doubt he has anything that took more than 18-24 months to complete.
I actually hope Dalis stays off the show because Maci’s crazy ass fans would harass her for the smallest things.
Because maci knows what Ryan does with bentley get real maci is a liar and she thinks she know everything but she does not.
Beforehand Maci was laughing with her girlfriends on how the girl will probably tell Ryan how she can’t compete with Maci. Maybe not so much this season (unless he’s learned to hide it better), but for sure on episodes past, that guy has been gacked out of his mind. Farrah has since responded to the controversy with comments that will more than likely just add fuel to the fire. And, according to court documents, Agurcia watched Garcia put $500,000 in a condo reconversion project downtown Miami, $150,000 into White Buffalo and another $100,000 in a Miami doll company, Baby Abuelita. News, Vonn waited in the car on Monday while Woods and Nordegren watched their daughter Sam play soccer. I know there are a lot of Teen Mom fans that will try to argue otherwise, but I just don’t see it.
Dalis moved out to Malibu, California at a very young age and remained there until returning to Chattanooga during her junior year of high school. But, the most positive thing I can say about Dalis is that after she began dating Ryan and has weathered the inevitable harsh comments and criticisms from fans, she has had nothing but kind and pleasant things to say. Ryan parents were not bashing maci or trying to call her slvt and these maci overzealous fans are out of control they need to leave Ryan girlfriend alone she is not on tv bashing maci. You boast about him having a degree yet the only jobs I have ever heard him having are manual labor?!?!? Sure she could stay at her parents house and let them raise him and go to school but then she would never see her son.
The last episode his friend came to pick him up to go out when he had bentley and he didn’t even bother asking his parents. She’s entering her Sophmore year of college, she already has one year under her belt. Drugs, cheating on boyfriends, saying nasty things behind her friends’ backs and even dating a married man with two children.
I have a lot of faith in you since you have taken the time to find and read this article.I Want My Ex Girlfriend Back, So I Am Going To Wear CologneCologne is a powerful tool in the quest how to win your ex girlfriend back because smells have a powerful effect on our brain. By imploring her she will want to go further away from you and will lose attraction for you.
But mack baker is always under question about his sexuality in Jacksonville we dont know even though the verdict leans towards gay.
Another movie, Lovely, Still with Martin Landau and Ellen Burstyn, made $5,000 on its opening weekend.
I think Maci is mighty attractive too and I hope we can avoid turning this into some sort of beauty contest. She has been quick to defend her man Ryan, but she doesn’t come across as spiteful, vindictive, or hateful. Of course, I don’t think I would like it any more if her name was Washington Connell. Every episode he acts as if he doesn’t have 2 brain cells to rub together and the only time he can make a decision is when his parents guide him in what to thinking.
It seems like anything Maci does is right and anything Ryan does is wrong, they’re all just a bunch of hypocrites. This new girl may be pretty but to me she sounds like more of a downgrade and an upgrade like some of you are saying. Ryan lets his parents do a ton, and then seems to just do whatever they tell him…I get very little sense that he actually has initiative to do much on his own.
She would do ANYTHING for money or attention and it is no surprise to me she’s attached herself to some loser who is on a reality television show.
That said, it would be difficult to have a relationship with someone who doesn’t share your recreational activities, so, by association, I would bet big money that Dalis parties too. She wants power over you and probably wants you to beg because it will give her satisfaction. Fresh and Hot!Nollywood ActressesRead all the stories about Nollywood Actresses in Nigeria. So get outta Ryan land and quit makin a fool of urself cause apparently ya don’t kno to much! And if ryan wants to date then let him but u people bashing them are nuts until uve walked a kile in any of their shoes u might wanna just stfu!
Also while saying all of this, we do only see what the editing allows, and none of us are in their lives.

Her reasons for breaking up with you will seem confirmed and rationalized when you beg and appear weak. She betta stick with Chris cause I think this one of those boys Terrance Dean was talking about.
Also, I’m not sure if you knew, Maci has ended her contract with MTV after one more Season so she can move one with her life. I hope that for Bentley’s sake they can all grow more mature, and not let their personal issues effect the love and care they give to their son. Her ex is actually more of a decent person than Ryan, although I don’t feel sorry for any of these parasites. However, if you’ve never worn cologne just stop by the fragrance store at the mall and buy a couple of small testers and see what smells good on you. Her thoughts about you will be negative and you want her to feel positive thoughts about you if you want her back. Plan to be spontaneous and share special unplanned moments with your ex and trust that romance will take over. Fresh and Hot!Latest Nollywood MoviesRead all the stories about the Latest Nollywood Movies. Know one should be dissing on anyone bc they have separate lives & MTV shows what they want ppl to think!! She’s doing some whatever photo shoots and dating a reality TV star hoping to get more gigs.
If she has respect and admiration for you these are some of the most positive thoughts she can have.
Romance abounds when things come from the heart so be authentic throughout the evening.How you can get back your ex-lover back by being social Youcan impress your ex-girlfriend by making friends with other girls. Im not dissing Ryans new gf but im hoping they can stick together & maybe she’ll put Ryan in a good place!!! The rule is effective because those kinds of attempts at getting her back will not work right now. You want her to admire you for the way you're handling the relationship and the breakup (how to get your ex girlfriend back fast).
So, for at least 2 weeks cut off all contact from her.The No Contact Rule is a great way how to get your ex girlfriend back fast because it gives her the space that she needs to breathe and to see how much you meant to her. The chances of reconciliation are hugely decreased if you end up sleeping with another girl. If she knows that you are chasing other girls she may become very jealous and chase after another guy (psychology of getting your ex back).Just going out with a group of girls platonically will show your ex that attentive girls like being around you. My best advice to pass the time during the no contact rule would be to take up some sort of hobby to keep your mind off of her.How To Get Ex Girlfriend Back By Using Friends And Family As A Support SystemAfter a break-up most men are an emotional wreck and in this state they can not figure out how to get your ex gf back. This is easy to do as all your have to do is change a few things about your appearance and carry yourself well. If it is subtle enough it will make your ex GF feel more interested.Being social and spending timewith friends will demonstrate to her that you are moving past things. It is difficult to make yourself look good after a breakup because you tend to want to just lie around the house.
She will see that you are a valuable guy who people treasure and she will be more likely to rethink her decision.
Dealing with your emotions sets you up to be in a neutral zone when you meet with your girlfriend in the near future.Get Back Your Lover.
If you enjoy yourself and talk confidently you will show her that you are happy with her or without her. Click Here And Discover How You Can Make Your Ex Want You BackHow To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back Fast By Telling Her About Your PainThere are countless stories of couples who were broken-up, but who reconciled after one of them was hurt because the other realized just how much that person mean to them at that moment.
It may be a subtle change but it will show that these new things you are learning are translating outwardly as well. If your paths cross make sure you show her the humor and confidence that she fell for the first time.
It is especially important that you spruce up your wardrobe if it consists of the same clothes since high school. All you need is a subtle change of a few items of clothes to look more professional and grown up.
Just flip through a mena€™s magazines or look to a movie star for a few style suggestions (make your ex want you back). When your ex sees you looking great in unfamiliar clothes she will sense that thereA?s been forward movement on your part.
Just trust that she is committed to getting the relationship back together and making it work. She will feel this trust that you have in her and she will return the favor because trust is a two way streak.Best Way To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back Is By SmilingSmiling is the best way to get your ex girlfriend back because there is a positive psychological and physiological reaction every time you do it. It brings a whole new energy to your presence and people want to be around you because of this.Just to demonstrate how powerful this technique is I want you to imagine something really sad that has happened in your life for 20 seconds and then go look at yourself in the mirror (see the difference it makes?). Now, smile for 20 seconds and look into the mirror (it doesn’t matter if you are faking the smile).

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