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Kim Kardashian tried mightily to break the Internet by flashing her protruding, reconstructed posterior. That meme above, of course, was a play on another monumental cultural episode when Muhammad Ali legally changed his name from Cassius Clay right after earning the heavyweight championship in 1964. In what is definitely a happy-ending worthy of a princess’ fairytale or a decent soap opera, singer Shania Twain has announced her engagement to Nestle executive Frederic Thiebaud, the ex-husband of her former best friend, with whom her ex-husband cheated on her.
After the shocking split in 2009, when she learned her husband was leaving her for her best friend, Shania turned to Frederic, who was just as heartbroken as she was, for comfort. They started dating when they realized they shared more in common than just the fact they had been left by their partners, and have recently decided they would become husband and wife. Word of this broke in the media hours ago – and fans now have confirmation from Shania herself, who has written a blog post to make the announcement, Us Magazine writes. Unlike other celebrities who usually have their rep write something for them and then pass it along to the media, Shania chose to write the open letter to fans herself – and she appropriately began it by thanking them. After the heartbreak of the divorce, Shania has learned in 2010 that love doesn’t necessarily mean pain and that she too, just like everybody else, had the right to love and be loved in return.
Prince Oscar Makes His Adorable Public Debut – Alongside Big Sister Princess Estelle! Fran Drescher didn't have to look far for inspiration for her new TV Land show Happily Divorced, which premieres June 15. After her marriage of 21 years ended, Drescher's husband, Peter Marc Jacobson, came out of the closet. Swiss-born Frederic, 40, recently proposed to Canadian native Shania with a three-carat, emerald-cut diamond ring that he helped design, and sources say he’s putting together an elaborate wedding. Star Magazine has a related story this week that Shania is writing a tell all book which will include the details about how she figured out Mutt was cheating on her.

The book is due out this spring, and I bet that Shania stays classy, doesn’t trash her ex and just focuses on how she felt after the betrayal. I hope they can all remain friends at least for the kids sake,although it must be very confusing for them. Shania does come out smelling like a rose and appears to have gotten the better end of the deal.
Has the relationship between Mutt and Marie ever been confirmed besides recent tabloid stories?
Well, with the European castle and all, she and Mutt never seemed all that country before, but they all do now. Makes me wonder if the woman with Mutt pushed him on the issue after she heard about Shania’s engagement. They must have been living some crazy, isolated life style in that Swiss castle, gotten sick of each other, and then these were the nearest, most familiar options to turn to. Some memes also mocked the easy target that is Kris Jenner, the maniacal and controlling matriarch-momager-pimp whose stranglehold on the entire Kardashian-Jenner clan helped drive her ex-husband to seek a divorce. In the last two and a half years of adjusting to life after separation and divorce, I needed to lean on others more often than I was accustomed to,” she writes. To him too, she thanks for helping her out of a very difficult situation and, what’s more important, showing her that new beginnings are possible. Now another year is about to pass, and I would like to thank everyone who helped me believe that new beginnings are possible and that love can be trusted. Frederic Nicolas Thiebaud has been a true gift to me as a compassionate, understanding friend and over time, an amazing love has blossomed from this precious friendship. The sitcom, about a woman whose husband turns out to be gay, is actually based on her own experience.

Shania is of course engaged to the ex husband of her ex husband’s mistress, having fallen in love with the family friend when they faced the shared experience of their spouses stepping out on them. Mutt Lange has always been a bit of a hermit, so there’s probably not going to be anything coming from him in the way of a denial.
Of course, Mutt lived up to his name first, but still it’s weird for Shania to remarry within that same group. Once their hearts truly start to heal, they will realize their love for each other was mearly circumstantial.. Now they’re all going to get married in two separate ceremonies this summer, according to the Enquirer. Shania has found love again and is probably grateful in retrospect that everything happened the way it did. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of music she comes up with, without Mutt holding her hand. Granted, she is the biggest star, but the fact that the others have had nothing to say at all whereas she goes on Opera and cries says a lot.
This sounds too weird to be true, but so does this entire story and we’ve seen it happening for a while now.

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