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The truth is it could be any number of things that causes him to want a break, but usually he just needs a break from you. When a boyfriend says he needs a break, he is all prepared for the big blowup that he expects to follow. The next few days you will have to fight the urge to call him, but you must not have any contact with him. Everyday ,I have been going through Mental harassment from my InLaws,falling seek from inside.what to do ? This throws you into a panic, you feel he does not love you anymore and he is lost forever. He will be the one that wants to know why you feel this way, but get his things together and rush him out the door, because you will not be able to hold back the tears for very long.

In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Either you've dumped your ex and you're really having a change of heart or your ex dumped you and you're devastated.This method has been tested and tested since that miserable day when it first weasled its way into my brain.
After he is gone, you can kick, cry and scream as much as you want to, but do not let him see you cry.
He is feeling that everything backfired on him and somehow he was the one that was rejected. In fact, since then it has been tested more than a thousand times with absolutely NO FAILINGS!
Male psychology will tell you that one of the best ways to get your ex back is to make him feel rejected.

If you can manage to stay calm and put a smile on your face, you can turn everything around and make him feel that he is the one being dumped. Since men cannot stand rejection, your ex boyfriend will probably decide that a very short break is all he needed and he will be contacting you very soon.
There are many things you can do, but the fastest way to get your ex boyfriend back is give him the break he needs and regain his love.

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