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Finding an outstanding marriage counselor, especially one who runs a Christian-based practice, isn’t always easy.
Since most pastors also have some training in marriage counseling, you may find that your pastoral staff offers marriage counseling as a service of your local church.
Alternatively, it’s likely that your pastor can refer you to a Christian marriage counselor in your area.
Please keep in mind that a professional counselor who is also a Christian is quite different from a Christian marriage counselor.
Some professionals will label their services as “Christian” so as to  seem more appealing to couples who are in search of Christian marriage therapy.
Therefore, the church you attend is a great starting place for your journey in finding the most effective Christian marriage therapy for you. At times, you might be reluctant to seek marriage therapy from a marriage counselor or pastor you know because you prefer to keep the matter private between you and your spouse.
Do you want a marriage counselor who agrees with your position concerning divorce, remarriage, marital roles, infidelity, and so on? You may contact the counselor’s office and inquire about the above points to help guide you in making a good decision. Following these simple steps will better prepare you to find the most effective Christian marriage counselor for your particular situation. Read previous post:How to Make Marriage Work Part FiveHow to Make Marriage Work Part 5 Do you often wish for more intimacy in your marriage?

Thousands of people are having "do not resuscitate" orders imposed on them without their families' consent, an audit of dying patients finds. Amanda Formaro (345 Posts)Amanda Formaro is a freelance writer, editor, craft designer, and recipe developer. Parents are always looking for ways to sneak some vegetables into their child’s diet. I’m in Europe as part of a six-nation speaking tour, participating in the Free Market Road Show. My first speech was this week in Greece, which is infamous for a government that is insanely wasteful, even to the point of subsidizing pedophiles and requiring stool samples from folks applying to set up online companies.
But I don’t want to share anything about my remarks, which would be rather familiar to regular readers of this blog. Instead, I want to share a couple of slides from Professor Aristides Hatzis of the University of Athens.
One reason that I liked the presentation from Professor Hatzis is that he included a couple of amusing cartoons, one of which he borrowed from the United States. I’ll close be recommending this very funny video from a Greek comedian and this non-PC map of how the Greeks view the rest of Europe. This Christmas Story coloring page shows the Three Wise Men riding camels following the star to find the christ child in Bethlehem. The Christmas Story or The Nativity, refers to the accounts of the birth of Jesus of Nazareth in the bible.

However, they approach counseling from a professional point of view but not necessarily from a biblical point of view. So be sure that the marriage therapist understands your particular religious persuasion, and, as much as possible, shares your values and priorities. But it’s likely that the people closest to you, and friends at church, already suspect that you are having marriage trouble. To download, follow the instructions below to receive the full size image, then right click on your mouse and choose Save Image As or Save Picture As.
You don’t need to read Greek to see that featherbedding exploded over the past 35-plus years. His cartoon on Social Security and Bernie Madoff was my favorite, but the above cartoon would have been a good addition to the list.
Choose someone who considers your faith to be the foundation of their Christian counseling. As a FT working mother, she still finds time to create crafts, play around in the kitchen, plan parties and exercise.
Though this is just one example, there are several other organizations that offer similar services; the choice is yours.

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