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Want your success in women to skyrocket?  Invest in a dating product!  Here are my favorites. The most frequent lose-lose question women ask that shuts most men down, and how to answer it to make it win-win. Here are some more things women (and sometimes men) say, but don’t mean, as well as descriptions and dating tips for men. Here’re some dating tips for men we can relate to: Some women are wonderful, and some women are vampires. DisclaimerYou must be at least 18 years of age to visit this site or subscribe to my email list. MenuFearless doesnt mean you're completely unafriad and it doesnt mean you're bulletproof, it means you have alot of fears.. Baby girls are wonderful, precious gifts (boys are too!) and there is no shortage of great names for them. Seriously when you are pregnant, everyone and their sister wants to know what you are going to name the baby. Every year, the United States Social Security Administration puts out a list of the Top 100 names for boys and girls.
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You are here: Home › Blog › Speakeasy Sharing › Cover Reveal › Interviews › IF YOU FIND ME Cover Reveal, interview and giveaway! My most vivid memory of reading the book is having to set it down in my lap halfway through, take in deep shuddering breaths, and then continue on. When the book went on submission a couple of months later, we had our first offer within a couple weeks, a pre-empt the following week, and we sold to a third publisher days later, despite that these were the days leading up to Christmas! Part of the reason I wanted to share this story, specifically, is because so often writers want to talk about what’s trendy, where the market is going, what they should be writing, etc, etc.
Emily’s path to publication, however, is proof that when you write a book with a compelling voice and characters that leap from the page, it will rise above trends. Searing…[IF YOU FIND ME] hurt my heart and will probably haunt my dreams—a beautiful book about survival, identity, family, love and so much more. Actually, I had no cover image in mind; at least, not until I saw this gorgeous painting by Megan Richard. Not only did I love it straight away, but the fact that I had a novel that was going to be published, and therefore a cover—WOW!
At first, I could only process the cover in three separate parts: the title, my name on a book cover, and the artwork.
I must’ve sent over sixty or seventy title possibilities to my editor, and I was lucky if they liked even ten of those choices. Now, I believe the title better does what it’s supposed to do, and I love the way the title and cover work together to represent the overall ambiance of the story. Many thanks to the talented women of Pub(lishing) Crawl for participating in my cover reveal, and for having me on your blog.

Thanks so much for stopping by, Emily!  She was gracious enough to offer a signed ARC for our readers—so don’t forget to enter below to win this Ah-Maz-Ing book!
I love the intensity of the cover model’s eyes, and the darkness that is implied by the forest!!
Wow – the girl looks so REAL – her tan, freckled skin and sun-lightened hair actually make me believe she has been living in a forest! And let me just add, the encouragement to write a good story and not fret about trends is very much appreciated, as well.
Hallelujah for not creating a cover where the girl is completely flawless and is in some expensive, gigantic ball gown.
I am intrigued with the cover (yet also a bit creeped out), and would love to see what the story will bring. The cover is gorgeous, and you can even get a little bit of the sadness in the girl’s features. Normally I don’t like people on covers of books (I like to be able to imagine the characters), but I really like this one. Perhaps she’s using twitter to promote her blog.  Many women actually blog about their dating lives, which is a great segue into more flirtatious conversation.
Most bloggers feel they don’t get the amount of traffic they deserve, so when a human being (aka not a spam robot) comments, it means a lot to them.
I saw him develop his own highly effective approach and he speaks from consistent first-hand success. She lives a happy life in Maine with her two children, where they love to hike, visit the beaches and have lots of silly fun. Some Days All You Can Do Is Smile And Wait For Someone To Kindly Remove Your Butt From The Hole You Find It Widged Into.
Now, thrust into the dizzying real world of shopping malls, high school, and boys, she must hide her darkest secret—or risk watching her new life come tumbling down. Her editor, in fact, had to call us from a cab to update her offer—while she was on the way to a christmas party.
I felt like the story had attached itself to me… This is one of those books you devour.
I kept the file open on my laptop for weeks, and I must’ve looked at it dozens of times. It was the title I angsted over the most, because it’s made up of words, and I wanted it to be my words, if possible. My agent, Mandy Hubbard, was a calming force throughout this time period, even brainstorming some wonderful titles alongside me. In the end, I thought of If You Find Me, (it was the last title I thought of!) and finally, the new title was approved!
That said, there comes a point where art must be mingled with business, and I felt that, if St. She’s also the author of 7 teen novels, written under her own name and the pen name Amanda Grace.

A real girl but with this single vibrant feature (her eyes!) that draws in a potential reader. The girl looking dead on at you like that makes it very creepy, but at the same time it makes you want to know exactly what is going on with her. The cover is completely striking – the girl looks haunted, vulnerable, but also strong. I’m in the middle of series and book 2 titling woes, and reading that you sent 60-70 titles made me gasp! The more you mention people in your posts, the more followers you will gain– and the more hot women you will find. Like online dating profiles, people on twitter spend lots of time checking out each other’s photos, so you want to make sure that you have a good visual representation of yourself.
His spot-on online dating tips are both unapologetically sexual and authentic at the same time. Writers hear agents saying they just want damn good writing and a compelling story, but what they think is that it needs to be rapped up in a flashy dystopian or a sparkling vampire or a space ship. I had to trust my editor when she promised she wouldn’t send my novel out into the world with a title or cover I hated. Martin’s loved my book enough to take it on and pay me an advance, I needed to trust their business instincts. But congratulations on your debut, Emily Murdoch = because regardless of my shallow-ness about the cover, the story sounds pretty damn awesome! Seriously, it’s gorgeous and the author reviews mentioned are some of my favorite authors! That girl looks like she has a story that I want to find out about, and the forest background has a darkness that I’m lured in to explore.
Mine was a long, trying process as well, but in the end I couldn’t be happier with where we ended up.) Thanks for the interview, Mandy! As the most successful graduate of my coaching program to date, he literally has more women than he has time. She’s currently living happily ever after in her hometown of Enumclaw, Washington, where she watches too much MTV and stays up too late. Elliott genuinely loves women, and has become that guy who balances the best characteristics of being sexually exciting while being authentic and considerate.
Whatever name you choose will be with your baby from birth through many life events, so you want to choose well. With thousands and thousands and thousands of names being used every year, there is a reason why these particular names make it in the Top 100. Whether you are looking for a unique girl name, popular girl name or exotic girl name we have plenty of ideas to choose from!

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