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Find A Grave is a commercial website providing free access and input to an online database of cemetery records.
According to the founder, Salt Lake City resident Jim Tipton,[5] the website was developed in 1995 to address the lack of any existing site that catered to his hobby of visiting the graves of celebrities. Contributors must register as members to submit listings, which are called memorials on the website. These 1989 "Work-Books" were compiled by listing the various families, born, married, died, and a history of that family branch. I hope they just threw his body in the open sewer like the Romans did with Emperor Elagabalus.
OK, I'll be the one to leak the Top Secret details of Operation Burial Plot to the New York Times. Slain terror leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi has been buried in an undisclosed location, the U.S.
The remains of Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi were turned over to the appropriate government of Iraq officials and buried in accordance with Muslim customs and traditions,Would that mean his remains were burned and hung from a bridge or mutilated, booby trapped and just left? I know a couple of pig farmers here in Iowa who would have offered their stys as a gravesite for Zarqawi. How long is it going to take until the ACLU submits a FOIA request or sues for info regarding the burial location? Giving what you say as likely true, it would be un-democratic (meant in the term, not a label) to do otherwise. American cemeteries are organized by state and county, and many cemetery records contain Google Maps (with GPS coordinates supplied by contributors) and photographs of the cemeteries.

Upon submitting a listing, that member becomes the manager of the listing, but may transfer management. After the execution of the Nazi leaders at Nuremberg, their bodies were cremated, the ashes mixed together and handed to a couple of MPs who were ordered to drive around on back roads until they had no idea where they were, then dump the ashes into the ditch. The battered remains of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi were flown to the United States, and are buried on a hog farm in Iowa. He was a poor, oppressed, transgendered youth who didn't have a gay-straight alliance at his lyceum to support him.
Similar to how bile is secreted into clumps of human feces then discarded for further processing.
Only the current manager of a listing may edit the listing, although members and non-members may send correction requests regarding listings.
I hate to think of any molecules from the Z-man rubbing off on any good American hogs, but if the hole is dug deep enough and then filled with enough manure to keep him company for eternity, that would be fine with me. Hopefully we'll be able to keep the secret from the New York Times and MSM who would love to break the story and see hell break out.
Members and non-members can submit notations, which consist of images or pictures or flowers, flags, religious symbols, etc., which are posted on the individual listings. Free enlisted May 25, 1861 and was assigned to F Company in the 14th Regiment of Illinois Infantry. Managers of listings may post links to other listings of spouses and parents for genealogical purposes. For example: if Joe Public is linked to Jane Public as a spouse, a reciprocal link will automatically be added to Jane Public's memorial.

The important thing is that his soul's been removed from the body, rendering it impotent to cause any more harm.
Free.She was born in Quitman on March 16, 1895, a daughter of Jack and Lula Brannon Hargett.
So we need to make it clear they will not be with Allah, but roasting like a pig on a spit in Hell.
Bush needs to declare that, from now on, every insurgent killed in the WOT will be sent home in a pig carcass.
Al-Zarqawi's family had called for his body to be returned to Jordan for burial, but the government in Amman had refused because of the triple suicide bombing his al Qaeda in Iraq organization carried out in the country last year.
The Amman bombings sparked widespread outrage among Jordanians who had been sympathetic to insurgents battling the U.S. He worked as a machinist for Woods Precision and was a member of Cornerstone Freewill Baptist Church of Sperry, OK. Services will be held 10:00 am Tuesday, April 18, 2006 at Cornerstone Freewill Baptist Church in Sperry, OK. Mary's Cemetery by McNutt Funeral Home.Pallbearers will be Jackie Free, Danny Free, Ronnie Mobbs, Ken Kirkpatrick, Sam Snowden and Dan Snowden.

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