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Kidd Gunn at Jennie Wade's grave in Gettysburg, Pa.She was the only civilian killed in the battle of Gettysburg.
Findagrave that may say that person X is only a "half sibling" of who YOU know to be a full sibling. The Find A Grave App is easy to download and to use; currently it is only available at the iTunes App Store for all iOs devices. If you have a Find A Grave account, you’ll want to log in so you have access to all your memorials. Next, you’ll see your Find A Grave profile pic and name and the My Claims section is activated. If you have Location settings enabled, the Find A Grave App will display the cemeteries in its database that are closest to your location. To locate a specific cemetery or cemeteries in a city, town or county, click Cemetery Search and enter your search criteria. Tap the name of the cemetery to see the detailed view and a list of memorials, photo requests and more. When viewing a cemetery or memorial, click Share and then select an option including Mail, Twitter and Facebook. Click the Camera icon in the upper right corner to snap a photo of a gravestone or cemetery to upload to Find A Grave. From that early beginning he quickly realized there also needed to be such a site for locating ordinary people’s grave sites, so that Find A Grave was born. Not everyone lives close enough to a family hometown cemetery, so this is the next best thing to viewing an ancestor’s headstone.
Besides a photo of the headstone, the contributor may have posted a portrait of the individual along with a biography, creating a real treasure chest of information which just might be found in this easy search.

Since many people take photos of all the graves in their local cemetery and post them to Find A Grave, you can also request a specific photo be taken by a contributor.
Photos: Examples of Find A Grave postings, one on Stanley Kitching and the other for Joanna Brevitz. Since I went through my whole Legacy database finding every gravestone photo at Find A Grave I could possibly find, I’ve found 200 more. First, there’s no point searching on an approximate date because Find A Grave doesn’t recognize them. I use my Legacy search string to get over to Find A Grave in one click.  Find A Grave will automatically turn Abt 1914 into a search for 1914, which is not what I want but it’s a place to start.
After clicking on Refine Last Search I get the search form and click on Search for the name. Now I get 301 results; way too many to look at considering I have almost nothing to go on for narrowing it down.
By clicking through to anyone with a date in the general vicinity, I might find more information. If I’m searching a female it’s the same process except I tick the box to include her maiden name. You would have thought the world was going to end, or at least access to Find A Grave and its over 102 million memorials.
Beside the birth and death dates, many grave markers have who the spouse was (may even be buried next to the individual), along with children or parents’ names, their occupation, or if they were in the military, etc. Register free as a contributor with a user name and you can post some of the relatives you have with information of where they are buried. Sometimes the memorial will also link to the parents or children or have information about who they are and maybe even a link to a known spouse.

I click the search string to go to Find A Grave, and then go directly to Refine Last Search so I can tick the box to include her maiden name.
This site was sparked by Jim’s interest and hobby of visiting the grave sites of celebrities and notable individuals. It is all due to thousands of contributors, regular people, from around the world who gather photos, records, obituaries of long-lost loved ones then post it to the Find A Grave site for others to find. Never try to put too much information about the person in your search, because you might know what the final spelling of a name was or where they lived.
Even if you don’t have a photo of their grave site, if you know where they are buried and a little bit about them, post the information. Remember the date is Abt 1914, probably taken from a census record and you know how far off they can be.
Not for sure but there’s a fairly high probability based on the parents’ location and the fact that hardly anyone on that side of the family has left the state in the last 300 years. So working around it indirectly it’s possible to say whether this is the right person or not.
Another contributor from that hometown just might go and photograph the headstone placing it for you on the listing. Also check for any others with that surname in a specific cemetery, that way you might locate siblings, grandparents, children, etc.

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