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Yang Jun, 29, practices a breastfeeding massage at a domestic service company in Puyang, Central China's Henan province, July 17, 2013. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. I interviewed Maria Sienkiewicz Lennon, a Clinical Education Specialist for Medela about the importance of breastfeeding for premature babies, including the challenges for mothers of multiples. Births of multiples are often pre-term and, as Lennon discussed in Part I, breastmilk is an essential food for premature babies.  Once premature babies are able to breastfeed directly from the breast, moms of multiples face the logistical difficulties of fitting all the necessary feedings into the day. Lennon points out that any amount of breastfeeding is helpful for the baby and also reminds mothers to “be gentle” with themselves: “Let people do as much for you as possible.
Since premature babies are born before many of their organ systems are mature enough for life outside of the mother, preemies are not physically developed enough to get as much milk as they need to grow and thrive. While moms of twins or triplets can usually breastfeed exclusively with some adjustment, moms with three babies or more often need a bit of help. As far as a mother of octuplets goes, it would be physically impossible for her to breastfeed all eight of her babies.
Exclusively breastfeeding twins is done routinely around the world without too much difficulty. Exclusively breastfeeding triplets is more challenging because one baby always has to wait for the others to finish.
I have heard of a mom of quadruplets exclusively breastfeeding but I never saw her personally. Research shows that exclusive mothers’ milk feedings are best for all babies, but when a mother is, for what ever reason, unable to provide the entire supply for her infant, then a human milk bank can provide the second-best option. We never had any issues, the only tip I would give other multiple moms would be to eat A LOT, drink plenty of water and use a goat’s rue tincture if your milk levels start to drop.
I never really thought about it, but if we had have needed to I would have definitely considered milk banks, I really didn’t want to use formula. Yang is the owner of a hairdresser store in the city and works as a masseur for lactating women part-time.
That weirds me out, for real,' Rob said, still staring at his sister before walking out of the room.

I just want to have a happy, positive year.'While he did his best to help, he eventually kicked her out as he was worried about his already generously sized waistline. While Lennon has seen twins and triplets, and has even heard of quadruplets successfully breastfeeding exclusively, a mom of more than four (such as Nadya Suleman, mom of octuplets) will definitely need help from pumping and milk banks to feed her babies. Studies have shown that the use of a thin silicone nipple shield can assist premature babies’ transition to feeding exclusively at the breast. That’s why moms should continue to pump after baby nurses, even after they have established a successful latch. Specifically for the mom of the octuplets, is it possible to exclusively breastfeed or to provide breastmilk to that many babies?
What is the largest number of multiples you’ve seen successfully fed with only their mother’s milk? Of course, mothers of twins still need to learn some helpful techniques and still need support from family and friends. Of course, the mother has to keep track of the baby who is “waiting” and then make sure she rotates the babies so they all get a turn waiting every third feeding. She must have had a lot of help around the house in order to have successfully managed breastfeeding them all.
Each mother should be given the opportunity to make an informed decision regarding feeding options and her decision should be supported.
Some babies are unable to tolerate any formula and must receive mothers’ milk in order to survive. If you could share one message about breastfeeding to mothers of premature babies, what would it be? You’ve come through a lot — and you are embarking on one of the most important journeys of a lifetime.
Logan was allergic to something in my milk and I was too frustrated to try and figure it out.
I hope il be able to balance the babies heads at the same time while they suck my breasts im so nervous! One of my boys was in the NICU for the first 10 days and I didn’t get to even try to feed him until he was a week old.

With a nipple shield, babies don’t have to work as hard to stay latched on to the breast, and they are able to nurse more efficiently and get more milk. Continuing to use a breastpump with 2-Phase Expression Technology helps to drain the milk in the breast, and feels much more comfortable because it mimics what a baby does naturally at the breast. However, any amount of breastmilk a mother can provide offers her vulnerable little one(s) important health benefits. In addition, each baby would only be able to be fed every four hours at the very best, and that is not frequent enough feeding for a premature baby to grow effectively. Tell us more about how a mom of multiples can produce enough milk and also logistically manage breastfeeding? Since a mother has two breasts, feeding can be done at the same time, and since dual feeding increases the prolactin levels in the bloodstream, the milk supply is able to keep up with the demand.
All mothers need to be encouraged to do the best they can, given their circumstances and the tools available to them.
You’ve given birth to this wonderful baby, you want to do what is best for your baby, and you are overcome with feelings of love and exhaustion.
I was eliminating certain things and ading things and one of the boys always had a problem so I just quit. It’s important for moms to work with their health care professionals or lactation consultants during this time. Every mother wants to feel successful in her mothering, and any amount of breastfeeding she can do will be helpful to her infant.
Now, I have one twin that latches and nurses great, and the other one will only take a bottle so I am constantly nursing or pumping.
But for me it is a noble career as it helps babies especially amid the milk powder scandals." Yang began training classes in July.
By giving your baby your breastmilk (even a tiny bit) you have given your baby the best start in life — a protective health advantage which will have an impact for the rest of her life.

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