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The New Zealand Telecommunications Forum (TCF) is celebrating the first anniversary of nationwide mobile handset blacklisting for lost and stolen devices, and Christmas is the perfect time to remind everyone of this service. The three mobile operators (Spark, Vodafone and 2Degrees) have been working closely together to ensure that mobile devices reported lost or stolen are blocked across all the mobile networks.
If you are buying a phone this Christmas, either for yourself or as a present, you should check to make sure it hasn’t been reported lost or stolen before you buy, or you risk disappointment. Since nationwide blacklisting was launched last December, the three mobile operators have blocked over 32,000 devices which have been reported by customers as lost or stolen.  The TCF expects that, over time, this service will help reduce the market for stolen mobile phones, and therefore reduce the instances of phone theft.
The TCF also reminds people that it’s important to check whether a device has been reported lost or stolen before you buy it. Skinny Mobile won the mobile service provider category at the Consumer NZ Peoplea€™s Choice awards.

Skinny Mobile general manager Ross Parker said the brand was proud to be rated number one by customers.
To avoid this fee you can set up a direct debit from your bank account or use internet banking.
Simply sign in to your bank's website and follow the prompts on your screen here are the step-by-step details for most major banks.
If you have a Visa, Visa Debit Card or MasterCard, call us from your Vodafone mobile on 777, or 888 for Business customers and follow the prompts. Just set up an automatic payment from your bank account or credit card and we'll deduct the amount owing each month on the due date. Write your Vodafone mobile number on the back of your cheque and enclose the tear-off payment advice from your bill.

You'll get your bill before payment is due, so you can check it before any payment is made. This will include any payments made with your credit or debit card through My Vodafone, by calling customer care, or on our website.

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