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Select journals in the Law Journal Library in HeinOnline are delayed per the publisher agreements with HeinOnline. We have arranged for several discounts which are available for use by any of the developers and dealers who work with our company. We are proud of our developer's accomplishments and we would like to share them with our website and Facebook visitors.
Send us your feedback regarding website content, functionality or submit an enhancement request. Changing your domain name in the future is possible, but it’s a pain in the butt technologically, can damage your search rankings for years, and can force you to reprint thousands of dollars worth of business cards and other stationary.
Only one person can own each individual domain name so if someone else already owns the rights to a domain name, you can’t. Any company that sells domain names (like GoDaddy or CheapestURL) allows you to search for name availability as part of the purchasing process, but I use and recommend a tool called Instant Domain Search for the research phase because it gives you real-time availability as you type each letter. Hyphenated domain names also look less legitimate and established and you’ll spend the rest of your career pointing out to people that they need to type in the hyphens. Plus it looks more like something a teenager would write in a text message than a professional business.
One very common mistake I see is agents buying a domain name that only includes insurance related keywords without anything specific to their agency.
Your domain name should represent your established business, not an insurance concept that could be easily replaced by any other agency.

If you ever decide to expand to a neighboring town or even just sell outside your region from the same location, anchoring yourself to that location can get in the way. In addition to being against the agreements of your contract in many cases, creating a domain name that includes the official name of a carrier or carriers you write for can be a big mistake. It looks more legit since very few big name companies have website domain names longer than 8-10 letters. My name is John Carroll, and I share it with a university in Ohio, a high school in Maryland, and thousands of other people on earth. There are many other short little words you can add to the beginning or end of your domain name to find a name that is available to purchase. If the domain name you choose is hard to spell, purchase the most common misspellings and forward them to the correct version. You can also setup email forwarders for those misspelled domain names you purchased so that if people send email to the misspelled domain name they’ll still get to you. By the way, I’d only use this tip if your domain name includes a word that is commonly misspelled like your last name. If so, join thousands of agents who get exclusive Insurance Marketing Ideas and a FREE COPY of our eBook: 10 Actions to Boost Your Agency's Google Rankings Today. Now, when searching in the Law Journal Library, if you click on a result to a delayed issue, we will provide a direct link to the issue on the publishers website, provided the issue is available on the publishers website.
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We ask that you, as one of our developers, drop us a line to let us know of any awards that you have received or publications that you have made. You can buy it from that person but in the majority of cases I find it’s easier to just be more creative and find something that is available. Of course, every rule doesn’t apply in every situation, but there is value in considering each one before making a purchase.
Also, what impression does it make to your current clients when your domain name is all about getting quotes and selling policies? Also, even if the carrier is okay with your domain name today, they may change policies in the future and tell you to take it down. With decisions like this, an outsider’s opinion is often more valuable than your own. Moving your website can sometimes be very easy and sometimes a bit hard depending on how it’s setup.
If it’s easily mis-spelled people will think you went out of business and your emails will be sent to the wrong address.
For years, John has consulted insurance agencies with internet marketing and sales strategy and he is dedicated to making insurance marketing easy and effective for all insurance agents.

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