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As one of Southeast Asia’s last intact forest wildernesses, the Cardamom Mountains are home to an impressive array of diverse, native organisms.  Ecologically blessed with fertile conditions for plant and animal life, they were enthusiastically described as a “treasure chest of new species” by the British photographer Jeremy Holden, who first uncovered the exotic new pitcher plant on a survey for FFI. Irrawaddy and humpback dolphins inhabit the area’s rivers, along with the last known population of very rare Siamese crocodiles and the nearly extinct batagur baska or Royal Turtle.  Some of Cambodia’s hairy-nosed otters (shown below wielding a tasty morsel like a cigar) may also make their homes in the Cardamom rivers and forest. In addition to the pitcher plant, other recent discoveries of new species in the Cardamom Mountains include a green-blooded frog. The Cardamom Mountains have also played an important part in Cambodia’s human history.  In addition to sheltering plant and animal life, the Cardamom mountains served as the last refuge and stronghold of the vilified Khmer Rouge. Many Neolithic “jar sites” are also scattered around the mountains.  The 60-cm high jars hold the remains of deceased residents of the area who were Cambodian royalty according to local legends. The natural habitat and biodiversity of the Cardamom Mountains provide a variety of highly valuable ecosystem services to the people of Cambodia.  The Cardamom Mountain plateau is the source of several of the nation’s most important rivers and the primary watershed for one-third of Cambodia. As inhabitants of one of the poorest countries in Asia, many Cambodians rely on the land and their immediate environment to feed their families and eke out a living.  The forest protects the headwaters of major rivers that feed the rice fields and fishing grounds of Cambodian farmers and fishermen. The mountains are also increasingly vulnerable to illegal logging, wildlife hunting, forest clearing, and land encroachment.  The sale of a single tiger carcass could bring a Cambodian farmer 250 times his monthly salary. The active involvement of concerned organizations and individuals can help raise awareness about the natural beauty and benefits of the Cardamoms and make a difference in the success of local conservation efforts.
Conservation International’s Conservation Stewards Program works with partners in the Cambodian government to protect the forest life and ecosystem by empowering local communities.  The program helps local residents develop sustainable livelihoods that offer a viable alternative to slash-and-burn agriculture and wildlife trapping. You can learn more about as well as help contribute to the discovery and conservation of rare and endangered species around the world by visiting the websites of Fauna & Flora International and Conservation International. An adult Cambodian Razorback Dog, very rare and quite different than the Thai Ridge back or Phu Quoc Dog. Head: Short, deep thorough, broad skull, very pronounced cheek muscles, distinct stop, short foreface, black nose.
Cambodian Razorbacks are a primitive breed but not with the characteristics one would associate with other primitive breeds. The Material contained herein may not be reproduced without the prior written approval of the author. If you wait until you can do everything for everybody, instead of something for somebody, you’ll end up doing nothing for nobody.
To all of our supporters and followers, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts, without people donating, volunteering and spreading the word about our cause the work we do would not be possible - so thank you, thank you, THANK YOU. Hope you all have happy holidays and get to spend massive amounts of time around those you love and are most dearest to you!! CKF Calendars for 2013 are no available for purchase.These beautiful ring bound calendars are $20 AUD each + postage.
Plus we are offering a special bonus offer to all our tumblr followers, If you purchase a 2013 calendar and a 2013 CKF diary, you can have a two for $40 AUD!! Our boys in Mexico defeat the USA 5 - 2 - GO CAMBODIA! So proud of these boys, they are doing an amazing job representing their country!
Our Boys in the Homeless world cup played their first game today in Mexico, they defeated Guatemala 6-5 - awesome work boys!! No this is not a christian organisations, We pride ourselves on being Non Political, Non Religious and Not for Profit. I want you to meet Amnach ( above with baby Bora) , one of the young people who work with who WILL change the world.
When we first met Amnach he was living in a slum in Phnom Penh, like most young people in the slums he was involved with a hip hop gang, however because he was still fairly young all he did was dance, he hadn’t yet been brought into the world of drugs and crime.

Amnach and his mother went to live in Buntey Meanchey Province, for a number of years he said life was good. A few years later Amnach’s mother heard from her oldest son who was working in Phnom Penh at an organisation that worked in the slums in Phnom Penh. This is when we met Amnach, a young man with so much potential and so much life in his eyes. Recently Amnach has been working at the Northbridge International School, shadow teaching with some of the best teachers in Cambodia - teachers from Australia, American, Singapore, Cambodia, England etc. Can we make it to 1500 likes by the end of this week?Help us out by sharing this and spreading the word about us!
The Cambodian Kids Foundation is a not for profit organisation and a registered Cambodian NGO.
In particular our foundation looks to the future and the creation of a better Cambodia for it’s people. Thailand's team says they have seen a lot of loopholes in Cambodia's arguments in the court battle over the Preah Vihear dispute and will emphasise those weaknesses in the hearing tomorrow (Wednesday). On Monday, the first day of the hearing, Cambodia told the court that it has never accepted the unilateral delimitation of Preah Vihear's vicinity made by the Thai cabinet in 1962 following the International Court of Justice (ICJ)'s judgement.
Cambodia has on many occasions over the past 50 years expressed its disagreement with the Thai action. The ICJ ruled in 1962 that the Hindu temple is under Cambodian sovereignty and ordered Thailand to withdraw troops from the temple and its vicinity. To comply with the court judgement, the Thai cabinet in 1962 relinquished a quarter of a square kilometre for the land on which the temple sits and its immediate vicinity. On Wednesday, Thailand will tell the 17 membercourt that Cambodia has defacto acknowledged the vicinity determined by Thailand since 1962.
Foreign Ministry Deputy Permanent Secretary Nattavudh Photisaro said the Thai legal team held several rounds of meetings to analyse the Cambodian testimony and found it matched the Thai preparations for counter arguments. The map would be a major topic and legal counsels and experts would explain its inaccuracy to the court, he said. Cambodia argued earlier that the map, which was referred in the court as Annex I, was inseparable from the main judgement. Cambodia's Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Hor Namhong said Cambodia gave weight to the map in its presentation to the court as it was fundamental to the 1962 judgement. Users are solely responsible for their comments.We reserve the right to remove any comment and revoke posting rights for any reason withou prior notice.
Primitive or Pariah Dogs are found everywhere in Cambodia but this particular dog exhibits different characteristics. In proportion, the length of back from withers to tail set is equal to the distance from withers to ground.
Both the calendar and the diaries make wonderful xmas presents, and all profits go to a great cause!! Amnach is already making a huge difference in the lives of the hundreds of children he works with everyday in Soksan Village. He enjoyed living near his aunty and attending primary school and playing with his friends and cousin. His new step father was an alcoholic and drank every day, every time he would drink he would get angry and hit Amnach and his mother, he was also having an affair, to make matters worse Amnach’s mother was pregnant with her next child. Amnach knew that it was up to him to help his family out so he went off to work at a garbage dump and make money from begging on the streets.

This meant that Amnach was now in charge of caring for his little brother, cooking and looking after the house.
She took Amnach to go and live with him as she believed there would be a better life for him there. All of whom have different ideas, different learning techniques and different ways of how to engage, inspire and motivate the class.
Our foundation aims to educate and empower the people of Cambodia through a number of projects that ensure maximum sustainability and success. We believe that in order to change the future for the better we must nuture and empower the youngest generation, the next leaders of Cambodia. Phnom Penh suggested to the court that the 1962 judgement, which found that Preah Vihear was situated in territory under the sovereignty of Cambodia, is the consequence of the existing international boundary line. The noises of disagreement from Cambodian leaders over the past years were neither official nor serious, according to Deputy Prime Minister and Education Minister Phongtep Thekanjana, who is also a legal expert.
Several copies of the map were produced and the map itself was inaccurate when translated to real terrain, he said. When Amnach turned 10 however his mother and his aunty had a falling out, over an argument about people slandering her for being a divorcee.
Amnach started studying English at a small school that operated in the slums in Phnom Penh. We could see that Amnach had the potential to be an amazing leader, people were drawn to him, everyone loved him.
Amnach is soaking up every single one of these ideas, we worried that Amnach might struggle having to change his learning and teaching style - as he has never been trained at university - but to our delight he seems to be picking it up the best. The temple vicinity from where Thailand must withdraw its troops should be in accordance with the boundary line shown on the map, Cambodia's counsel team told the court. Amnach and his mother moved again to a new place, shortly after they arrived Amnach’s mother found a new boyfriend and within a few months they were married. This school had a dancing class where a lot of the young people learnt hip hop and breakdancing moves and would often dance for money on the street and at clubs. Mouth: A bite in which the outer side of the lower incisors touches the inner side of the upper incisors.
Amnach spent a lot of his time practicing how to dance and he got very good at it very fast.
We invited Amnach to come and volunteer with us for a few months, teaching the kids in Soksan Village how to dance, how to play music, sing and play sport. One of Amnach’s friends suggested that they form a small dance crew and go and dance at restaurants and clubs and make money. The kids loved him and we could see how natural it was for him to be teaching and inspiring these young children. Compared to the other two known ridge-backed dogs in the region they are physically very different.
The community he had known as home was now being torn about by a greedy company that wanted to use the land for development.

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