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From Poison to 'Rock of Love' and now 'Celebrity Apprentice,' Bret Michaels' life has been one crazy ride.
Sure, Ora’s worked with Jay, but then again, so has pretty much everyone and anyone in the hip-hop world and beyond.
Opinions expressed at or through this site are the opinions of the individual authors and commentators and may not reflect the opinions of WBRi Inc. Which also explains why my blog is not updated with posts, I do not have the time to do so. I don’t love it because it breaks my heart but when they do, it somehow tells me that they really really love me.
So, the last person you kissed just happens to arrive at your door at 3AM; do you let them in? Burnt my doll house inside my storeroom while I was 9 and I put tons of newspapers on it while it burned, thinking that it could actually help to stop the fire. Wanted to ponteng so badly, I climbed my school’s infamous ponteng tembok while wearing my baju kurung and my friend laughed at me. Dad brought me to watch some Power Rangers performance, like real Power Rangers performing right on the stage. My father had cancer and I don’t know how to explain what kind of experience was that. Played hop-scotch almost every morning or noon when I was 12, and ate chicken wing with my friends. Took a ride on Space Shot at Genting and I swore that I’ll never do this for the second time.

Tried bungee trampoline at Melaka and I too swore that I will never ever go on that shit again. I cheated on my ex-boyfriend for revenge and this was one of the most stupid action that I ever did in my life but it was a good lesson. Watched the latest TVB dramas and cartoons through video tape for free and whenever I want because parents own a video tape shop when I was young. Cut my hair real short twice when I’m totally conscious and aware of it few years ago. Prepared food for 15 people all alone, I still don’t know how I manage to do that because the thought of it now scares me.
Learned piano but slack as hell so if you ask me, no I don’t know how to play a piano. Worked in a cigarette factory for a night without sleep doing all the packaging, for money.
Brought my dog to a vet once after it got bitten by another dog and all its pus landed on me after the veterinarian tried to squeeze it out.
It’s Chap Goh Meh today for Chinese which means it is the last day of our Chinese New Year, also considered as Chinese Valentines Day whereby ladies will throw mandarin oranges into lake, pond, or rivers and guys will pick it up.
Since this and next week will be fill with love for most people, I decided to add a little love into my blog as well. So Rita Ora posted this on snapchat of her wearing a lemon bra with a "J" initial on her necklace but she deleted it so who are we dragging her or Rachel Roy?!?
Rachel Roy is the target of the angry Beyhive after a possibly-telling Instagram, but so is Rachael Ray, just because her name sounds like Roy’s.

And yes, she’s in a lawsuit with Roc Nation, Jay Z’s label, trying to get out of her contract right now, as Billboard reports, but, so?
Twice as in four different guys but all I did was just to hold hands so you cannot call me slut.
To me, it really takes quite a lot of courage for a girl with long hair to chop it all off and at times I cant believe that I actually did it twice because it’s so not me. The belief is that the guy who picked up the ladies’ oranges will be their future match. Valentines Day can sometimes be a little too commercial and to me at times I see it as a reason or excuse to have a romantic dinner or a romantic getaway.
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I want to do this again, enjoying every bite with the boyf because we both love eating as much. And in fact I did not regret a tiny bit as it brought me to the place I am and to the person I’m with right now.

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