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When Shobha invites Savita Bhabhi for a week-long vacation in Goa, Savita gets a chance to spend the entire week in the sun breaking all the shackles of her boring married life.With so many hot guys and cute lifeguards to choose from, Savita is all set to make this one vacation she'll never forget!!! After her amazing night with Nitin, SB and Shobha decide to enjoy themselves on the beaches of Goa. But as the morning progresses, too much sun and too much fun means Savita is not really thinking right and goes a little too far into the ocean. When Roshni, one of the girls of the group, decides to take on Savita for the attention of the men lusting at them they almost get into a good ol catfight. So will the young and hot body of Roshni win over Karan, or will it be the sexuality and experience of Savita Bhabhi? Jason Bourne escaped and laid low in Goa with his beautiful girlfriend in the film Bourne supremacy, why don’t you?
There are many Indian Goan hotties as well as American and commonwealth girls (Aussie, Kiwi, UK).
The reason I made the above statement is, although there are beautiful and thin Indian girls, it is a hub for western tourists in India, because of its wide white sand beaches and European connection. Here is the list of places to go in Goa to pick up girls meet Russian girls, Kazak girls, Kiwi or other traveling girls or Indian women.
Goa is definitely not Indian, it looks so nowadays because of the migrants who have come from different states to settle in Goa. Goans are different from IndiaI can confirm Goans are different from the other parts of India, we are tolerant to western ways of living because of the Portuguese rule.
If you are only visiting the beach towns of North Goa you will most likely meet the non Hindus who are probably less conservative. Goans not part of IndiaEllen is right, we have a distinct culture unlike the rest of India.
If you love travelling and are looking to spend some quality vacation time, then Goa is the place to be.
If you have recently got married or are planning to, then you better make serious plans of spending your honeymoon in this earthly haven. This is another thing that you can do in this part of the world; it will certainly be worth your money.
If you like to shop or at least if your girlfriend has this habit then you will probably need to carry hard cash or a working credit card because Goa’s shopping markets will leave you with empty pockets, as you will be able to find almost anything exotic that you want to buy from a place like this.
Goa always has some festival or an event going on which catches the eyes of tourists from all over the world.

To a Westerner’s surprise, Goa’s night life is very active with clubs open all night long, providing visitors with good music, dance and drinks.
As usual, with her sexy attire and hot body, Savita is the centre of attention on the beach. The girls finally decide to settle the question of who is hotter by each trying to lure one lucky guy Karan into their trap.
And will Karan be able to handle both these hot women seducing him without his girlfriend finding out? And will it be put into operation during the costume party all of them seem to be dressed up for?
If you are going or consider going or looking for a girl in Goa let me know and I can give you more details on the list, just ask. Golden beaches and laid-back atmosphere of Goa is a center for alternative lifestyle travelers, a hippy paradise. Therefore, more western competition and the girls are not as impressed you are from the West. Hence like 40% of the people in the region are Catholic and you see many European last names and facial features departing from the Dravidian south Indian look.
On one hand girls from Goa, the South West region of India are culturally closer to Europe and America because of the history as a Portuguese colony.
Goa is cheap, the people are nice and fairly trust worthy but it is no Bombay for non stop unexpected  action or Kerala for rustic beauty Indian girls. There is an equal number of Hindu entrepreneurs who wear sarees and folks like your will not interact with them. It really is upsetting when some ignorant people make statements without ever learning history. In this sun-soaked East meets West state, the Indian culture intertwines with the Portuguese culture which left its influences due to a 500-year occupation.
The place is best for newly wedded couples with outstanding sights and sounds which will leave you with pleasant memories. The first thing after landing here is to take a ride to the local beaches which have world class facilities for your convenience. There are many destinations where you can be taken by your guide to catch some of the finest fish in the region. If you have had a hectic day or chose to sleep the day off, then it is time to party with so many night clubs at your disposal.

If all the guys ogling her huge assets were to actually start doing to her what they were fantasizing about a€“ imagine how that would look like; or you could download the comic and not leave it to your imagination! When all four guys she has been with in Goa meet her at the same time, Savita with the help of her new accomplice Roshni devises a plan to keep them all happy and give herself some much needed action.
If you like local girls or foreign travel girls it is a place worth checking, however, my general comment is more a place to relax than pick up a bride. Yet on the other had it is such a western tourist hotspot that you might not get the beautiful untouched rustic feel of India you find in other regions. We are not Indian and we always wonder what makes Indian people want to claim us as their own.
When the Maharastrians and Karnataks come to our state, we do not mind it, but we do mind it when you drink too much booze; act like hooligans throwing garbage out of your cars. From north to south the place can be seen crawling with tourists due to its tourist friendly environment. This place has everything for everyone, if you and your spouse enjoy diverse cultures and their history then you will find many locations, old and new, to your interest. If I was fishing for girls I think the best areas are the untouched regions, not the place where every western tourist goes.
Just because some of them are Christians does not mean that they have any connection with West. The so called Goans who you are meeting are probably Kashmir shawl sellers or Punjabi Biryani makers.
Goa is an equal region, where both sexes are treated equally, people prefer to have a female child & are happy with just one. Thats why Goans who were born or their parents who were born before 1975 are given the right to accquire a EU passport. The Hindu Goans are certainly pure Indians and the Catholics are for the most part, just converted Hindus.

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