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Since my earlier post about the Surprise Themed Baby Shower was such a hit, I decided to post a follow up about the Time of Day Baby Shower I threw for my dear friend Eri. Pretty much anything goes here and its a really fun game where you really involve the guests.

During the games, everyone helped themselves to snacks and cakes using shower themed plates & napkins.
There was Bath-time, Play-time, Meal-time, Bed-time, Visit-time and each invitation had a different design to reflect that time of day.
List the Items is another simple game where participants are asked to list as many baby items as they can think of within a 2 minute period.
And finally, What did she say?  Have someone write down everything the mommy to be says when opening the gifts.
The first verse, for example, says "The news is out, quick send a cable, the gift goes to the lady across the table".

Before opening each gift the guest of honor is to guess who is in the picture.  If she gets it right she can open the gift, if she gets it wrong she gets to eat melted chocolate out of a nappy!

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