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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The NYC Diamond District guarantees a perfect fit as long as you provide the correct size for your rings when ordering online. If you are purchasing a ring for a friend, loved one, or family member and it needs to be a surprise, then there are really only four things that you can do.
Ask to see the ring to admire it and secretly trace the inside with a pencil on a piece of paper.
At the point where the thread crosses each other, take a pen to mark the two positions.Straighten the thread and measure the length in between the two points against a ruler.
A brand renowned for top notch quality jewelry and with unbelievably low, affordable price tags, selected and handpicked by our fashionistas just for you. The picture shows how to find out your finger circumference, Once you know that, you can find your ring size in the chart below. You can estimate, because all my rings are made of high quality sterling silver, they are somewhat flexible.
If you shop for rings online, you probably face the common problem of not knowing your correct ring size.

Find My Ring Size is a free to use application that does exactly what its name suggests – helping you find the right ring size for your finger. If you simply have to guess with the possibility of having to resize later, size 6.5 for women and 9 for men have the greatest odds of being right on. Our rings follow Asian sizes, and will be the same as the sizes measured in any jewelry shops around town.
We care to share the joys, happiness and wonder that every lady knows comes in small, glittering and delicate packages - couple rings meant to be flaunted with your only one, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, jewelry sets, and so much more. Sign up for our exclusive newsletter now, and receive a coupon code for an awesome RM 5 off for all merchandise!
When shopping for a ring online, you don't have the advantage of a professional jeweler to size your finger and determine which ring size is the best fit. Use a pen or pencil to mark the point on the paper where the outside end of the paper strip overlaps (forming a complete circle). Find the closest measurement on the size chart in inches or millimeters and look to the far left column to determine your ring size.
You start by setting up the scale on your monitor by placing a card of known length or a ruler on your computer; you drag the pink boundaries on screen to match the card or ruler.

But you can use a reference chart available on the site to get corresponding ring sizes for other regions.
Now simply slide the narrow end of the sizer through the opening you just made making sure the numbers face outward. With numbers on the outside, place the loop around your finger, and pull until the fit is snug but comfortable.
Next you take a ring you already have and match it with the many ring sizes displayed on screen.
If your ring happens to be too large one circle and too small for the next circle, opt for the larger size.

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