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1 Peter 4:13 But rejoice that you participate in the sufferings of Christ, so that you may be overjoyed when his glory is revealed.
This is one of the first places I tried considering I was anti-coffee early in the fall quarter (HAHAHAHAH) and was looking for a darn good soy-chai latte. This was the placed that popped up most frequently when searching for a coffee shop to get some work done.
I am telling you this dinner was just like every epic Christmas we have at the Willies Residence. In order to get acclimated to the sunny city of San Diego I have been finding coffee shops and cafes where I can set up camp and knock out a couple hours of studies.
I have studied here countless times and am officially a regular (the baristas know my name and my life pretty much).
In the heart of rainbows AKA Hillcrest, the place was all open air with loads of sunlight and quite a few big tables.
The first three options are pretty much my go-to’s for the remainder of time I am here in San Diego.

I have been very fortunate to be able to do this (thanks Mom and Dad) and I get some work done! They have tabs that can go as long as 8 hours if you need a temporary work space or need to do a crazy study bender (guilty). It was a good alternative to Lestat’s which is down the street and always hippin’ and hoppin’.
I would love to do one of these for all the restaurants I’ve tried, but there’s Yelp for that.
Here are a few of the places that I absolutely adore and frequent from most often to least! Nestled in the hip North Park area, it’s the most Austin-like, garage door, hipster place to hang out and have a beer with espresso, chat it up with randoms (which frequently happens), or put your headphones in and WERK IT. You will see why later and as we were slowly starting to make our way to the kitchen, I found my way to her closet. I don’t have a picture of the full place, but there was an awesome mathematical clock on the wall!

A brunette Fabio was super friendly as he explained that Starbuck’s does coffee wrong (not his words per se). She was very very self-conscious about her newly bald head, but she couldn’t see how beautiful (and more beautiful than with hair) she was.
He insisted I stay and dine in for an authentic Italian experience (yeah, right but he was like, Fabio, so, like, why not?)  He corrected every word I said and I couldn’t continue until I said words such as macchiato and mare with Italian flare and pizzazz. I just couldn’t get over how nice everyone was and how did they find so many Italian people to work at one location!?

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