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Because a mentor is such a valuable addition to your life, knowing how to find a mentor is very important. The mentors in my life were always people I felt were where I wanted to be in either life or business. These were people who excelled in their career, provided value to others, and who were willing to share their expertise with me because they believed in my potential.
I’ve had several mentors over the span of my life, and I developed a special relationship with each of them. Find a mentor who makes it about YOU and not them, a person who is in it for the long haul. Outside of school and work, the Internet in my opinion is by far one of the best ways to be mentored. Once you’ve been successfully mentored, the best thing you can do is to pay it forward and mentor someone else. Sometimes by openly asking a person to be your mentor, they can work with you one on one and offer personal suggestions based on what they know of you.
You always see that copyright warning when you pop your favorite movie into your DVD player. When Tony and I were engaged, our pastor and friend recommended we go to premarital counseling before we got married. Small business owners frequently cite that having a mentor is one of their top keys to success. You won’t find mentors by reaching out to strangers since they don’t know you and won’t invest time in helping. Founded in 2003, Small Business Trends is an award-winning online publication for small business owners, entrepreneurs and the people who interact with them.
Together with hundreds of expert contributors, Small Business Trends brings you the news, advice and resources you need. This week, if you haven’t already done so, think about selecting a mentor for your career.
Your mentor should be someone internal (and not your uncle who’s a lawyer in the Cayman Islands). Choosing a mentor in your specific practice group will ensure that your mentor can help you on a day-to-day basis with any substantive questions you may have.
From time to time, you’ll have to rely on your mentor to help you negotiate sensitive issues, whether personal or legal practice related. While this may sound counterintuitive, you want a mentor who’s well-regarded from a work standpoint. It’s important that your mentor actually understand your substantive legal practice as well as the office in which you practice. Make an effort to secure mentorship early in your career, and strive to be a mentor to someone more junior to you down the line. Desiree and Kate are practicing lawyers, fashion lovers, and the co-founders of House of Marbury, a popular fashion and style blog for professional women. Get instant access to a talented network and personalized tools that will help you get on the path you want - and make an impact. Levo arms you with the tools to develop your talent, build connections with peers, mentors, and jobs. This series will help you get started writing a book whether you want to self publish or be traditionally published. Learn the pros and cons of both and make a decision about the best publishing route for you.

Learn how to find the target audience for your books so that you can sell books online and in book stores. This article will provide tips on how to find a mentor that can assist you in your life or business. They all provided value to me in different ways and became cheerleaders in my life during times when I didn’t even know I needed one.
A person you RESPECT and could also consider a friend. I found the majority of my mentors in my work environment but there are many ways to find mentors, here are a few tips for finding a mentor.
Your mentor is there to motivate you, to learn from you, to be available to you, to provide positive reinforcement, and to keep you focused.
It can be hard to ask for help (if you're stubborn like me), but sometimes it really does pay off. Everyone from professional football players to professional chefs will tell you of several examples of people who inspired them, people who went before them and showed them, by the way they succeeded, that it was possible in the first place. We wanted the coaching of a therapist, but we also couldn’t afford the $100+ per hour that it would cost. All we knew about them was that they looked happy, they both volunteered in the church’s kids’ ministry, and their own three kids, who were in middle school and high school at the time, were fun to be around and seemed to really enjoy each other. I pulled her aside for the usual small talk and then said, “Hey, would you and Rich ever be interested in mentoring Tony and I? We all agreed that meeting twice a month, or every other week, was plenty for all of our busy schedules.
Nowadays, five years into our marriage, we only see them every few months or so for a little dinner wrapped around time with our two little girls.
We share our lives and resources here at #staymarried because we believe marriage is AMAZING, though not without its challenges.
A mentor is a label that can only be applied to someone over time, and by the time that label can be applied, it is already very clear what that person’s role is.
While at first it may seem like you have nothing to bring to the table, this is not the case. Arguing with all feedback is a major red flag to a potential mentor that you aren’t worth their time. With decades of entrepreneurial ventures as well as consulting with countless other entrepreneurs, he has discovered the formula to get business owners marching forward.
Without our mentors, in the early years of our legal career we would’ve been lost in the substantive, technical, and interpersonal aspects of law firm practice. Your mentor should be in a position to help you decipher and navigate your specific office dynamics.
If your mentor is an outsider, he or she will likely not be in a good position to help you understand and integrate into your firm or other legal practice. In fewer than five years, it’s difficult to have a comprehensive understanding of either of these things. Through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media sites, you are able to interact real-time with your mentor.
The most successful professionals in any field will tell you without skipping a beat who their mentor is. We are pre-marital counseling drop outs, but we are hoping to be mentored by a couple with a few years under their belt. We also decided to switch between our home and theirs, so that one couple made dinner for the other couple alternating each time we met.

We have long term vision for our marriage and wanted to be around people that had been standing together through a significant amount of time. Make sure to have a start and end to your timeline so that you all know you’re not committing to something for the rest of your lives. These dinners typically contain very brief and highly interrupted conversations about what we’ve been reading lately, whether or not we’ve had a date in a while, what challenges and blessings we’re experiencing as parents, and what life is like for them as they are nearing a new stage as empty-nesters. Just like any other relationship, it has to grow and transform into what you both want it to be. While trust is a difficult thing to gauge at first, seek out someone who doesn’t gossip or speak badly of others. You can observe how they are advancing in their area of business, how they are marketing themselves, and what opportunities are being presented to them. Married people, if we’re going to succeed, if we’re going to stay married, we need to see real life examples of how it’s done.
We began thinking of the married couples we were surrounded by, looking up to them, and wondering how they were all making it work ten, fifteen, and twenty-five years later. But, simply judging a tree by its fruit, we hoped our lives would have similar fruit after we’d been married as long as they had. Not totally sure what it would look like, but wanted to find out if you two would even be interested.” … Cue the awkward silence. They chose a book for us to go through, vital for spring boarding discussion topics, and away we went. The next couple of questions were a little less significant, but helped us know them a teeny bit before making the big ask.
Honor each other’s families and other time commitments, leaving room for rescheduling and changing locations when you need to. When you demonstrate a desire to learn from you mentor, you will find that they will be more forthcoming with their expertise and experiences. The plan became to simply ask one of these couples to walk along-side us at the beginning of our marriage – to mentor us. The counselor’s office was an hour drive, it was expensive, and after four sessions we never left one with any “Aha moments” (Thank you, Oprah, for elevating our expectations).
That commitment to the foundation of our marriage has been one of our best decisions to date! She didn’t say “No,” but she also didn’t say “Yes.” Then, she didn’t talk to me for more than a month. By that time, we had been so raw and honest with one another that we knew we had close friends for life. Because they invested so heavily in us in the beginning of our marriage, Tony and I feel safe and confident that there are people in our corner. We know just who we would turn to in a rough patch, and they know us well enough to help us navigate whatever comes our way.
They are some of our very best friends and our marriage would not be the same without their wisdom ringing in our heads and hearts.
They agreed and then it was time to figure out how this mentor-mentee relationship would work.

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