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In defense of those peace loving followers of Muhammad, we must not let one man define an entire religion; just like I would never let Pat Robertson define all of Christianity—nor many others. The question concerning possible candidates for marriage to Cain comes near the top of the list of most frequently ask questions at our outreach events.
The first step in the solution of this problem is to recognize that Adam and Eve had many more children than Cain, Abel, and Seth. According to the simple mathematics, if Cain waited to marry until he was about 200 years old, he probably had several women to choose from, providing some migrated eastward to Nod with other family members. Archeological evidence indicates that population growth did not take off explosively in the pre-Flood era. The latter part of the fourth chapter of Genesis suggests, however, that the sin of murder took several generations to reach catastrophic proportions.
Given that we are all descended from Adam and Eve, either Cain or one of his brothers must have married a sister. Though the book of Genesis condemns sexual relations between children and their parents, it nowhere prohibits a man from marrying his sister or niece. Genesis 4 tells us that God found it necessary to put a mark on Cain as a warning to other humans not to take vengeance upon him. The text says nothing about what kind of mark Cain received or about its being passed on to his progeny. In many places Scripture speaks of horrible wickedness again overtaking humanity in the "last days." One indicator that these last days may be approaching is the fact that for the first time since the Flood, murder has become the prime cause of death for the human race.
Amazingly, God holds back His judgment upon such rampant evil and widespread lack of repentance, even among believers. Reasons to Believe emerged from my passion to research, develop, and proclaim the most powerful new reasons to believe in Christ as Creator, Lord, and Savior and to use those new reasons to reach people for Christ. Reasons to Believe is a ministry devoted to integrating science and faith and to demonstrating how the latest science affirms our faith in the God of the Bible.
The mission of local chapters is to strengthen and equip fellow believers for productive dialogue with doubters and skeptics. Get equipped with powerful new reasons to believe and enjoy content-rich apologetic material delivered to you, wherever you are. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. This is a talk I gave pre-Mother's Day to a group of mothers and women working at the Fundline Philippines central office.
It stems from the apparent problem of the first couple's having only three sons; Cain, Abel, and Seth.

According to Genesis 4, Cain not only found a wife, but by the time of the birth of his son Enoch, he found enough people to help him build and populate a city. Each of the patriarchs mentioned had "other sons and daughters" in addition to the sons recorded by name. If he waited another 200 years to build a city, he could have had at least a few thousand people to help him, again assuming some migration occurred. Thus, the numbers suggested above for Cain's marriage candidates and fellow citizens are not likely to have been significantly affected. This would seem to violate the commands recorded in the book of Leviticus forbidding marriage between brothers and sisters. The necessity of this mark indicates that the population of the human race had reached (or would reach) such a level that mistaking Cain for someone else would be a problem.
In case you wonder about my statistic, it includes the murder of living humans before their birth.
He patiently waits for those who will yet throw themselves upon His mercy and receive His grace. Your donation helps our ministry take this life-changing message to skeptics around the world while encouraging and strengthening the faith of Christians.
Cain, the firstborn, after murdering Abel was banished to a land towards the east called Nod.
Furthermore, Adam and Eve did not give birth to Seth until after Cain murdered Abel and was banished to Nod. Considering the long life spans recorded in Genesis 5 (which I take seriously based on evidences described in The Genesis Question, pp. It is not entirely impossible that Cain had sisters from whom to take a wife even before his banishment and the birth of Seth. Not until the time of Moses were laws established forbidding a man from marrying a sister or niece.
According to the widely published data on abortion, one individual in three experiences death by murder in the United States, exceeding the toll taken by both heart disease and cancer. 117-122) and assuming that couples remained reproductive for about half their lifetime, the possibility existed for a veritable population explosion.
The timing of this command makes perfect sense biologically, for genetic defects as a result of intra-family marriage would not begin to crop up until after the first few dozen generations. In fact, the world's population could have approached a few billion by the time of Adam's death at the age of 930 (see table). This scenario would explain the very strong language God used with Noah in Genesis 9:6, commanding Noah's descendants to exercise whatever means necessary up to the death penalty to restrain the sin of murder.

In the case of Eastern Europe, Russia, and the People's Republic of China, the figures are much worse. Then, in February 2013, Kanae gave birth to Kiyoshi James Vujicic, who shares his grandfather's first name (on his mother's side). 18, is presented in 15 chapters and covers much of the areas one might expect for a book on dating and relationships or marriage. There are chapters in which Nick and Kanae cover the usual, but personalized topics of looking for love, falling in love and so forth.
In a video clip of the interview, no longer available online, the reporter seems genuinely curious how Nick, born with no arms or legs, could become a father."I was more than a little flustered by her question. I could have replied in a way that put her down for a going too far into our personal life with her inquiries. Below is an excerpt of what they shared.Nick, were worried that you would never find a woman who could love you.
How did she help you overcome those doubts?All my insecurities were gone out the window as I saw how Kanae looked at me, held me and how we both felt about each other. After a relationship that did not move onward, I desired to have a bride whose family would welcome me into their family and hearts.
The biggest test for us during our courting period was when I went through a personal financial crisis.
Seeing Kanae's commitment to stand by my side no matter what was the most amazing discovery of how deep her love was for me. Shshsh :)How was God working to prepare you for each other before you even met?We both had relationships that had struggles and heart aches. With every season of our lives, we look back and see that those painful times helped us discover more about ourselves and helped us focus more on what we should be looking for in a future spouse.
The waiting of 'the one' was extremely difficult at times, but we both say that we wouldn't have changed a thing as it has truly helped us become who we are today. We both know we have a long road ahead and marriage is something that daily tests you and blesses you at the same time. All I can say is that even if Kanae came in my 50's, 60's or 70's, whatever time we'd have together would feel like a lifetime of joy and abundance of bliss. The evangelist, who has spoken at schools, before world dignitaries, and megachurches, has inspired admirers all around the world due to his powerful testimony of finding hope in Jesus Christ.

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