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Emotional baggage is the place you carry emotions in one relationship to another, similar to you would carry a backpack while you travel from one location to another. People protect themselves constantly in new relationships by withholding their full emotional selves in the relationship. I'm a firm believer that every person can become familiar with a lesson from nearly every person and situation. It is too simple to find the negative to bolster negative beliefs rather than looking for the positive inside a break up.
I'm able to almost guarantee you probably did something seriously wrong within the relationship, which led to the break up - you simply may be unaware of your contribution as a result of lack of knowledge. It is important to know that recovering from a break up is more than moving forward; it involves learning from your past for any better future by accepting responsibility for which occurred.
Paramahamsa Nithyananda defies the status quo to give you, the NewgeN the real straight way to forget the unforgettable. By catching another one man or woman you will never be able to forget the ex-man or ex-woman who was in your life. I tell you unless a woman finds the man inside her, a man finds the woman inside him, you can’t rest in peace. Unless you work on that fantasy and learn to accept and settle down with reality, you are not going to relax at any moment. I don’t know how these foolish psychiatrists and low minded so-called leaders give these kind of advice to you: “Catch another one, choose another one, you can forget the ex.”What kind of an advice?

As long as the fantasy is there, as it is, how many persons you may change, once in three months, once in a month or even once a week, you are not going to experience peace. Question – We’ve been married only a short time but I am already beginning to feel I have made a mistake. Most of us are on a roller-coater ride, held in the sway of emotions like worry, jealousy, discontentment, fear, anger, guilt, etc. You forgo the chance of being hurt again whenever you protect yourself, however, you also miss out on full happiness together with your partner.
This mindset is damaging because it causes a chain reaction of negative building on negative before you are completely emotionally unavailable. Maybe you don't know how attraction works, how you can effectively listen to your lover, or how to assert you to ultimately address a problem that concerns you.
Look at the situation like a experience to learn from inside your journey towards finding your ultimate partner.
Each women carries certain masculine principles and energy inside.  Only when the inside energies are met and merged, fulfillment happens.
In your inner most fantasies, secret corners of your mind, the fantasy, the idea, the visualization you carry about a boyfriend did not fit with your boyfriend that is why he became ex. You may catch new boyfriend to forget ex-boyfriend, again you will be forced to catch another one boy to forget this boy. 90% of the problems of the western society are just because there is no stability in their social system.

Her relationship with her parents and brother wasn’t very good, and now, ours is a stable family. You can "dip your toes" in to the relationship and gradually, but surely, immerse yourself. You can study vital lessons and experience personal growth rather than personal decay out of your difficulty.
The negative reinforcement prevents you against becoming smarter and stronger for future relationships.
Unless you correct the fantasy and accept the real person in your life, you are never going to settle down. Doing so will make sure you experience full intimacy that otherwise was unachievable with emotional baggage.
I know you need to progress forward and discover your ultimate partner; rather than remaining stuck within an old relationship in which you waste time, intense emotions, and.

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