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Resuscitation orders 'kept from families'02 May 2016 04:51Thousands of people are having "do not resuscitate" orders imposed on them without their families' consent, an audit of dying patients finds. New prostate cancer drugs 'promising'02 May 2016 00:12A new type of cancer drug could benefit men with aggressive prostate cancer which is no longer responding to treatment, say researchers. Worsening depression 'link to dementia'30 Apr 2016 01:22Increasing symptoms of depression in older age could indicate early signs of dementia, say scientists. Newborn babies tested for alcohol29 Apr 2016 12:38Newborn babies are being tested for alcohol after researchers raised concerns about pregnant women drinking regularly. Scandal-hit trust probed for breaches29 Apr 2016 18:12A hospital trust that ran a unit where a man drowned in the bath is to be investigated for safety breaches. Created with busy people in mind, these routines from fitness expert Neila Rey, now known as Darebee, can be done anywhere, at any time. Many of these routines count towards your recommended 150 minutes a week of exercise and muscle-strengthening activity.
Forget everything you know about abdominal exercises: you don't have to perform endless stomach crunches on the floor for that six pack.
Release tension in your limbs with this seated yoga routine, which you can do throughout the day, including at work at your desk. Relieve tension and stiffness in the neck with these stretches. Perform each move slowly and smoothly, and breathe deeply and regularly. Hopping exercises are fun and energising, especially if you've got some music on in the background. This routine is designed to strengthen your lower body and improve your cardio fitness. These knee-strengthening exercises will help with your running, strengthen the muscles around the knee, and prevent knee pain. You'll feel like you really have run up a hill after doing this routine, which develops speed and power in your lower body and core muscles, as well as working your cardio fitness.

You've got 24 hours to complete this full-body muscle-strengthening routine, which can be broken up into convenient chunks. A series of strength and flexibility exercises to help reduce lower back pain, including tension, stiffness and soreness. Body weight exercises can make up some of the best strengthening routines when you use good technique and a little creativity. Adjusting the workout: Does one or more of these body weight exercises feel too easy for you? This standing abs routine strengthens your entire core and works your cardiovascular fitness, too. The unstable nature of the inflated ball engages and strengthens many more muscles than classic stomach crunches, helping to develop balance and posture.
Why not turn your couch into a workbench with this 30-minute full-body muscle-strengthening workout.
Below is a 15 minute workout that strengthens the major muscle groups while working on balance and functional strength (strength that you'll use every day).
Straighten your L leg so that ita€™s in line with the rest of your body.2) Raise your R Leg as high as you can, then slowly lower to the start position. Holding onto the bar, place 1 foot in the middle of the chair to support some of your weight. Place your feet as close to your hands as you can while maintaining straight knees and a straight back.
This energising routine is designed to strengthen your legs and buttocks, and improve your cardio fitness. Then you can increase the number of repetitions.If the routine is too difficult, do fewer repetitions.

Keep your shoulder blades spaced wide on your back (instead of pinched together).2) Lower your chest to within 3 inches of the floor. Maintain the arch in your lower back and try to reach your arms fully overhead.2)Keep your knees behind your toes. Then pull up, straightening your knee, until your chin is over the bar and the bar is in line with your collarbones.3) Try for less weight on your foot each time you exercise. Squat more deeply to make the exercise more difficult, or straighten your legs somewhat to make it easier.This exercise can also be done without the ball behind your back. Push back up and repeat.3) This exercise can be done on your toes if ita€™s easy on your knees.
As you improve with this exercise, try to drop your hips almost as low as your knees.3) Next, go up on your toes as high as you can, keeping your knees and ankles touching and your arms at your sides. Once it becomes easy to do pull ups on 1 foot, try standard (unsupported) pull ups.*Yes, you will need a pull up bar at home or access to a neighborhood playground for this exercise.
Lower your self as far as you are able without strain and then return to the start position.
Lift your chest, straighten your arms and knees and hold this position before going back to #1.

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