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I'm just on my way home from a great event organised by the Social Innovation Exchange (SIX) 'Social Innovation in the Marketplace: Getting our young people back into jobs' and reflecting on the last few days.
This was a timely event for us as it ties into the work we've been doing at Nesta since we published the Making it Work report last November. All our work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, unless it says otherwise. We've been trying to stimulate the debate on why we need more innovation to tackle worklessness, and in particular, to tackle high rates of unemployment for young people.

A number of us had written pieces for the journal, but what was great about the launch was hearing about the Philadelphia experience.Having spent a few days here I can report that Philadelphia is a fabulous city to visit - fantastic museums, galleries, places to eat, shopping and full of American history everywhere you go. But as in many places around the world right now, the contrast between the tourist experience and the reality of unemployment for residents is pretty stark.
We heard about the statistics on unemployment for young people in the city and the problems faced by its school districts.All in all, the event was a reminder that we face common problems.
For me it highlighted again the importance of sharing experience from around the world of implementing new social innovations that get people back to work a€“ or in the case of many young people, into their first job.Jo Casebourne is Director of Public and Social Innovation in Nesta's Policy and Research team.

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