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Gain notoriety for writing a blog about your amazing life and all the rich and famous men you’re dating now.
Post craigslist ads in the “personals” section for him looking for a gang-bang (with other men).
So, you were leeching off his resources, letting yourself go, and moping around the house (that he paid for?). First Date Advice: Get it RIGHT the first time and get her to want to see you more and more.
Avoid the Friendzone: You're the man who is going to venture into this completely imPOSSIBLE mission. For example, since The Ex is gone I make 10 times the amount of money than when I was with him, I look much hotter now, have more friends, been traveling the world, and I’m finally happy.

It’s old skool, but still a lot of fun.  For the added bonus find a pregnant friend to pee on the stick for you and post the positive photo on his Facebook page. It’s especially vengeful if he’s already driving on a suspended license (yeah, we already know I date losers).
I also knew that he was going to bring his wife and three kids this time, so I sent a message to his friend letting him know that I missed Chesty so much and just had to come back to the island to see him.
I even had a friend of mine that lives there tell Chesty that I was at the bar looking for him — that he just missed me.
The best revenge would be moving on and forgetting your ex, not by choosing to remain in his life via spiteful pranks and tactics. I knew word would get back to him and he would worry about getting caught in his cheating ways.

I would have loved to see the color drain from his face as his wife asked him who I am.  Ha ha! At 17 she left her small Iowa town to follow the band Phish and live in her car, she spent time protesting logging in Oregon, got arrested for organizing a topless march in Ohio, received a Bachelor’s degree in photography, spent a month camping in the forest at a rainbow gathering, received a Master’s degree in Music Management, managed some rock bands, modeled for Playboy, slept with a rock & roll legend a few times (hey, you would too), sold real estate in Los Angeles, bought a condo in Las Vegas and lost it to the bank when the market crashed, built her house in the Hollywood Hills in a bikini after the contractor she hired stole her money, took classes to become a magician, wrote articles and columns published in several magazines and websites, ran a production company, produced commercials with huge stars like John Stamos and Betty White and currently owns a casting company.

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