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Gomez was photographed in a cropped long-sleeved shirt while filming an ad for Adidas Neo in New York City on Tuesday, March 11.
The gig comes after Gomez spent the weekend with Justin Bieber, who she may or may not be dating again.
Yesterday Selena Gomez was blocking Justin Bieber from all her devices which, amazingly, is not a euphemism for anything. Now TMZ reports that JB picked up Selena at LAX on Wednesday night for a sleepover at her place and the next morning (Thursday) they checked into the Four Seasons for a romantic reconciliation.
Justin Bieber might have thrown a hissy fit during his deposition last week, when lawyers pinned him against the proverbial wall and fired off questions related to his former flame Selena Gomez, but now it looks as though the pop singer will have to give out a deposition of her own in the case. The assault and battery case in which Justin Bieber is being accused he set his bodyguard to beat up and intimidate a paparazzo is still being investigated and GossipExtra claims that the photographer's lawyers are trying to get Selena Gomez to give out a deposition.

The reason why the photographer's legal team is trying to get Selena on board is because she was a witness of the assault back in 2012, when Bieber went off at the paparazzo in Los Angeles. If there is any truth to this claim, it might turn out that Justin isn't only causing heartbreak and sleepless nights to the Latino beauty, but also some legal trouble.
First Justin posts a picture of Selena on his Instagram, calls her a princess, and the next thing you know, they're in Texas together, spotted getting coffee at Starbucks and later flowers and perfume. After Bieber uploaded videos of himself and Gomez doing a sexy dance to John Legend's "Ordinary People," many wondered if the exes are back on. Still, she would only have herself to blame as recently they've been spotted together again and as of late seem to be a couple like in the good old days.
And yesterday, upon hearing that Selena was cutting JB off, Mrs P wrote again, wisely offering that, "my idiot daughter ALSO blocked her idiot boyfriend.

The singer who recently confessed that he will never stop loving Selena Gomez, in an interview with Access Hollywood, thinks they may get back together.Appearing on The Ellen show, the baby hitmaker admitted there are a lot of things that remind him of her, reports Daily Mail.
When Ellen asked whether they will get back together, Bieber did not rule out the possibility.

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