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A healthier version of a classic banana bread using Greek yogurt and other healthier ingredients.
Since it was a long weekend and absolutely freezing outside, we had to get a little creative with our family activities. And despite the full HOUR of playful trash-talk I had to endure from the husband, HIS egg broke and mine survived. ?? Okay, so maybe I was the one trash-talking.
We had so much fun in our first egg drop that we decided to do it again, but this time the rules were to have the lightest package survive.
But in good news, I made the executive decision that the husband was disqualified from round 2 (for not having his egg at judging time AND making me go to the neighbors by myself to ask for it back) and I won yet again.
And after such a traumatic experience of losing TWICE in a row, I owed him some banana bread. And this Greek yogurt banana bread has been one of his favorites as of late. Things I’ve found over and over again throughout the batches is the best banana bread is made from extremely overripe bananas.
For a few loaves I’ve tried, I sped up the ripening process which also made for some delicious bananas. Another thing I found was adding some cornstarch to the flour makes the bread a lot lighter in taste and texture. And finally, get a really good and thick (high quality) yogurt for the ultimate best bread! You may also be wondering how this bread is different from the other Greek yogurt oat banana bread on my site? I just found our blog and LOVE that your healthy take on traditional recipes actually tastes good!
Oh man I’m so sorry my comment section is giving you problems, I so appreciate you giving a review on this bread and sharing what you tried! For best results supplements should be taken as directed over time, at maximum dosage in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise program.

Muffins are perfect for the lunchbox but I try to ensure that they aren’t just a small piece of cake.
Disclosure: I am part of the Life Made Delicious Blogger program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group.
Both survived, so we got a little more creative and threw them into our backyard from the highest window in our home. It did so well that the wind actually picked UP his egg and flew it right into our neighbors backyard. Not super revolutionary, but I’ve used bananas before they are not at their prime over-ripeness and the bread is far less sweet, moist, and delicious.
Here you'll find my family's favorite recipes my two little boys and I have created together.
Check out Life Made Delicious for great recipes and current offers on General Mills products. You will find tidbits of our lives, my musings, interesting things in Calgary and more than a handful of recipes. The husband was convinced he would win this time since my egg was wrapped in about ten pounds of safety measures for the first drop.
I’ve mostly been trying to make one all with oat flour, but without tons of success unfortunately.
Take some regular bananas, place them on a tray, and then bake them for 7-8 minutes in a pre-heated 350 degree F oven. I must be weird, but I don’t love an overly sweet banana bread and this bread has just the perfect amount of sweetness.
This muffin recipe meets these criteria with flying color, has the goodness of Greek yogurt and is light, fluff and delicious.
Because the oat flour doesn’t have gluten in it, the loaves have ended up quite dense or dry.

The skins turn a nasty black and then you know they are ready (make sure the whole skin is black, flip the bananas if needed). It also has some chocolate-chips and overall a slightly different flavor (an extra egg, no coconut oil).
This bread is based more off of my pumpkin Greek yogurt bread and aimed at being a truly classic banana bread recipe that happens to also be healthier for you! In a large bowl, stir together the mashed bananas, Greek yogurt, egg, vanilla, coconut oil (measure in MELTED form), honey, and brown sugar until well combined. Brandon even stopped by to spend some time with his fans and sign some autographs.With his debut and a strong sixth-place showing now under his belt, Brandon is eager to delve into the 2010 IFBB season in earnest. Evan’s lunches have been a little light on home baked items lately so I decided to make some pumpkin muffins of my own. So for those that want to know, I would keep the oat flour and regular flour amounts the same as the recipe as they measure up with the wet ingredients perfectly! From your 1 cup of flour, remove 1 tablespoon of the flour and replace it with 1 tablespoon of cornstarch (this makes a lighter, "cake" like flour) In another bowl, stir together the baking soda, salt, cinnamon, flour and cornstarch mixture, and oat flour (measure oat flour AFTER blending the oats; to make oat flour, put old fashioned or quick oats in a blender and pulse them until they resemble flour).
Look for him to make a quick turnaround and get back on the competition stage within the next six weeks; of course, BSN® will break the news right here when the exact location is nailed down!
BSN® would like to congratulate Brandon on a successful first show, and we look forward to watching him continue his rise to the top of the IFBB ranks!
IF desired, sprinkle 1-2 tablespoons brown sugar on top of the bread for a nice "crust" Bake for 55-65 minutes or until a fork when inserted into the center comes out clean or the bread starts to pull away from the edges. If needed, tent the top with tin foil if the top of the bread is baking faster than the rest.

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