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I have started to really like him and I feel like I screwed things up by rejecting him at the start.  How can I get him to start chasing me again?
When he was pursuing you, you felt like you had control and could choose whether or not you wanted him around.  At that time, you chose to reject him.
In other words, he learned how to act if he wants to get rejected by you and he learned how to act if he wants you to chase him.  If I were in his position, I would continue acting in the way that has you chasing. So what’s my clear and simple advice on having a guy chase you (or having a guy chase you again)? Keep busy.  If you are busy with the rest of your life, you have less of a chance obsessing over him. I had thought I would try my hand at online dating, didn’t take it very serious and was really just trying to meet some new people and make friends. Hey, I use to go out with this guy in gr seven and we hates each other after that but then we slowly got friendlily. What to do if you met a guy on holiday nothing happened chemistry was there due to circumstances of the distance you stayed in touch as he gave me his email address now and then nothing serious …. I met this guy online and he did everything to get my attention, then I gave in and spoke to him, we was meeting for about a month.
Ok so I’m a 37 yr old female who just recently caught up with my middle school and high school boyfriend.
My exboyfriend and i dated for six months, he cheated on me and always came back after leaving.
He’s very concern with financial condition and work so hard to gain money for our living.
Last month we break up and there’s no contact for several days until he text me and asking about me. Lately we contact and meet up but his behavior is cold and emotional when I talk about his tattoo.
My friend told me that he’s just wanting some revenge throwing tantrum and want my attention.
So two days after i made a mistake of wanting to see him and he found out about it and kept asking me.
Started dating a guy 4 months ago, and he literally swept me off my feet, wine dine flowers always came with a gift in hand, and the way he looked at me melted my heart. There was a scene where a female Hump Back Whale ATTRACTS males by floating on her back and slapping her huge fins on the surface of the water.
Soon she had a football squad of male Hump Backs pursuing her at top speed,(that’s a whole lot of whale flesh!)vying for the chance to be her mate. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
I am 36 attractive, professional, successful, educated and tons of fun (you know, the type of woman that seeks your advice) and I am in a bit of a relationship predicament. Dream man turns out to have one maybe-fatal flaw, and his fate rests entirely in your hands. The intense highs of blinding chemistry are like a drug, and we crave the drug – even when it brings out the worst in us. The Pedestal Principle: once you put someone up on a pedestal, he is immediately looking down at you.
I hate spam as much as you do, therefore I will never sell, rent, or give away your email address. It’s possible that you could be on to something, but I think your analysis is reliant on a fair amount of conjecture, and it is very Red Pill in its origin.
Not really because I was very attracted to my ex in high school I was with him for years, but the problem was that he was very insecure with himself { I should have seen this as a warning sign} which eventually made him become controlling and very clingy to me when we lived together. In my own personal preference, it has minimal to do with attraction and pretty much everything to do with Behavior.
A few months back, we were having a wonderful Saturday together, it was the first beautiful spring weekend and we were taking full advantage, we went on adventures, he did romantic things, we made out in the shadow etc but at the end of the day his constant touch was beginning to be a bit much. I was reading this post and it occurred to me that perhaps Jessica thinks he is extremely clingy because she is not at the point where she likes him as much as he likes her. Am I going to be the first to suggest that Jessica’s BF needs to seek professional help, whether it’s a doctor or a head shrinker, or both? If a man hasn’t asked you already for exclusivity, you will not get him to do so by having tunnel vision. Men are not designed to be pursued. And if you are going to pursue a man, you must learn how to do it in a way that allows him to ultimately feel like he has to pursue you.
Make sure if he asks to spend time with you, it’s doing something you really enjoy doing (and not just having sex with him). Finally, as you build your skill set with men, don’t freak out when you don’t hear from him.
Also, let me know if he contacts you when he is the last thing on your mind or when you are thinking about him. My top pick for for all of my clients to genuinely open their options in men is, hands down, online dating. Oh, AND if you didn’t know already, 1 in 4 relationships these days are starting with an online connection. But I must warn you about the biggest online dating peril… If you have a boring profile, and outdated or just ehh pics, you will attract the wrong men for you.
Also, it is absolutely important to prepare your profile and pictures to LAUNCH instead of just putting some facts up quickly about yourself.
BONUS: Click HERE to get FREE ACCESS to my step-by-step video guide E-rresistibility to create an online dating program that leads to offline romance. Well, im new to this, but i do have someone that i think about alot and we have kissed and i did oral on him, but he comes and goes. I moved for love, 1400 km as he told me once night on the phone that if i lived closer there would be no doubt in his mind that we would be together. Reading this post was heart breaking in the sense that you are essentially breaking your own heart. I am making a point to not push or get to clingy, but it’s really hard to contain sometimes.
I have been messed about by a guy who i think uses me as a rebound when he keeps splitting up with his girlfriend?
No dont give us yet its too soon, have no contact and he’ll be in touch, its all about patience and reverse psychology! OMG this exact same thing happened to me but on Saturday night, same scenario, his friend was in town, etc!!
Call it a day now before it goes further, ive been in one for 2 years and its nothing but tears in the end please trust me on this and move on, never a happy ending and only ruins ur self esteem accepting 2nd best all the time, which messes u up when u do meet mr right!!
The only cure for obsession is dating other people and putting yourself first romantically.
He is not into you, he knows you will run after him like a love puppy and he enjoys having you at his mercy. Last weekend we were at the same party and got along great, and at some point he started kissing me. If so how can I do this with out him again thinking I’m physco which I promise im not usually. I know what it’s like to be obsessed with a guy but unfortunately, yes he is using you. It was a LDR and we made effort to always be in contact and travel back and forth to be with each other.
I am heart broken that a relationship that was going really good, (we were not a couple to fight and argue, there were no problems that I am aware in our relationship, he just left and even now he cannot tell me why) has ended so abruptly and without a really good reason. We did everything together back in those days but after he got involved with some bad things I left the situation.
Whenever his family asked about me, he told me that I’m busy, but not letting them know about our breakup. When I told him my parents thought our relationship ended and he’s going to find others he said how about we try to work it again and told me that he loves me. But jst resent I was getting ready to go out of town an he stoped by my house to see if I still live there.
We became friends in high school (as sophomores) and he started chasing me after a night we spent together at camp (as juniors).
The catch, I happened to meet him in the middle of his 5-year retirement plan, he explained he works a lot and if I could be patient things could turn out nice. I am trying to casually date and not take anyone too seriously, and WHAM a super amazing guy lands in my lap just a bit too soon for me to fully appreciate him.
He not only wanted to spend every waking moment with her, but when they were together, he constantly draped himself all over her, to the point where she would have to physically push him away while telling him flat-out to leave her alone. I had a boyfriend who I was initially attracted to as well, and he’s still a very attractive man.

Unless a man is completely infatuated with you, he will not be able to handle all of your attention and focus on him. You are actually pushing him further away (and there is no need to tell him you are seeing other people) In the P.S. I’ve never met a man who makes me laugh as hard, feel as beautiful, and who adores me with that sweet southern charm. Then, in the comments section, let me know how long it a) takes for him to check in on you, b) takes you to meet somebody yummy, or c) both.
In fact, don’t be surprised if you have weirdos contacting you if you put very little effort into your dating profile. I know he wants me, but he is so busy at times that i wonder if he would be too busy for me. Short answer… you know sometimes we have a certain style in clothing that we strictly adhere to. Being so obsessed (and yes I mean obsessed) with this man is like putting yourself through torture. I guess we both liked each other, we dated for two months and things were OK and seemed to be progressing. We kissed as we parted company, he asked for my number and he sent me lots of texts on Saturday, finally asking if me and my friend wanted to meet up with him and his friend who was staying for the weekend. Can’t understand why I feel this way when he’s so cold and distant with me , just want these feelings to go away !
We saw each other again the next night and wheb i left he tried to kiss me again bit i didn’t exactly let him, amd he told me he would text me.
We started becoming close again and contact each other when I made the move and gave him my ph number bit he had a gf at the time. We decided to take a break and during that time he makes out with her and starts to really get to know her but only to realize that she is not the one he wants and wanted to work it out with me. Every time we meet up he keeps in touch for a week or so and then I don’t hear from him for weeks. This April he went home and was supposed to be coming back in August to start a school here and start a proper life with me. We got back together again and tried to fix our relationship, only to find out he was cheating again with the girl he left me for this time. So we got the talking an exchange numbers but I didn’t call or txt weeks after I got back home. The first couple of months he called or texted everyday and made time to see me, then it started to taper off which was understandable, running 3 businesses as a consultant in addition to his family business he explained his work load increased a bit a month after dating (the man works 7 days a week 4am -10pm on average). A week ago I was texting him as usually we do on weekend , but he didn’t replied at all , however I could see he was reading my messages and I got very upset . He is everything I have always wanted, kind, whip smart (mechanical engineer), cute, fun, silly, well-traveled, successful, minimal baggage (no ex-wife and no kids, but wants them) and makes me feel like the most beautiful woman on the planet when we are together. And it’s one of the interesting things about being the CEO of your love life; you’re in complete control, you make rational decisions, and it’s not nearly as exciting as being a lovesick puppy like your boyfriend. I think we’ve all been in such situations where we are so intoxicated by another human being that we give away all semblance of control and self-respect – because that’s what we’re really feeling.
So the constant attention he gave me was wayyyyyyyyyy to much because I knew where it stemmed from.
But he was immature, clingy and controlling with anger outbursts, which does not fly with me at all, considering i’ve already had those experiences in my past and it immediately turned me off.
My boyfriend is wonderful and treats me in a way that I only dreamed of before but he definitely adores me and needs my constant affection. Show him that he doesn’t need to be insecure around you and that you love him deeply. If it doesn’t, it never was.”  I like the saying, but in dating, I found another phrase to be much more effective, which I’ll get to shortly.
He will call you less and less (unless you are his current booty call, and then he will only call when he wants some) and eventually disappear.
Men ultimately want to choose the woman they can’t stop thinking about, which is always the woman they feel amazing around. Bland profiles are bait for weirdos because weirdos look at your profile and decide whether or not your self esteem is low enough to pay attention to him. I pursued him a lot, but he told me a few months ago that he would look for me and then when he did see me, he would be ok for the rest of the day. There is a guy I can’t stop thinking about, we flirt alot, we occassionaly hook up and I think he likes me.
Maybe I shouldn’t have, but when I go back to work in a month I wanted to know what that might mean. We started off just having fun, friends, enjoying eachothers company and things have now become we talk everyday, spend alot of fun great times together doing lots of different things, have amazing sex and care about eachother a lot.
Sunday I had a couple of beers and it always makes me feel lovey and honest of my feelings. Ive not heard from him after he FINALLY took me to dinner for my bday, the last year has been basic booty calls but he knows i like him cos i eventually told him. We have done some real silly things but where still friends but that’s the problem I dont want friends. I’ve had a crush for him for like a year already, and during that time, he liked 4 girls, including me.
I think having lost your parents, you latched onto him, he was the first guy for you and now you can’t let go.
It is clear if he has joined a site that he wishes to be with someone, he has someone who practically idolises him, I don’t understand. He had been searching and searching for me after he got out and couldn’t find me until recently after he had already gotten married.
Our relationship would be rocky because my parents hates tattoo and he can’t find good job. We talk once a day or two and he seems to be enjoying it this way but I’m still madly in love with him and I want him to chase me again and I have no clue what to do or who to ask for help.
After few messages , I told him that if he was not aware of phone showing messages read ,that I could see he read my messages , he didn’t replied until 7 hours later saying . I enjoy his company and the physical relationship (behind closed doors) is GREAT (for me, anyway). I call it the Pedestal Principle: once you put someone up on a pedestal, he is immediately looking down at you. Let him know that you love him, appreciate him, and have never been happier with a man – but that his nerves aren’t serving him well.
You’re not telling him to stop saying he loves you; you just want him to relax and enjoy the safe space you’ve created together. Most of the time this is not a problem but even the best things in life, like ice cream or affection, can get you a little sick after a while. I noticed the more I let myself date, the less I worried about whether or not he would call. I’ll let you in on a little secret: men worth keeping around are the ones that want to work for your attention. When I met my husband in law school I was casually dating a guy I knew from college who was living in the same town. I have noticed every time I am talking to another guy or mention another guy’s name he gets weird. He started to have some sort of issue at work and would txt me hes in a bad mood, its not me n hes angry about work… So of course im txting back no worries im here for you when you wanna talk… Well his responses were getting less and less and less then finally i broke it down to him and was like, im new to this i know your angry about whatever but i mean am i not getting the hint? When girls do this it makes me wonder if she is really that into me after getting to know me. I text the following morning which was my first mistake as it was a little bit demanding and needy and then one two days later the same and then one in the evening apologizing as I realized I have done the fatal move ever and that was being to keen too soon! He keeps betraying my secrets just to try to communicate with the other 3 girls, and I find it really annoying.
We decided to work things out but we live 4 hours away from each other because I moved in with my parents.
The important part is that he feels SAFE; you’re not threatening to dump him or putting his head on the chopping block.
John was not  particularly attractive, but I felt incredibly giddy when we spent time together. A few weeks into dating my husband he asked that we date each other exclusively and four months later we were engaged. You go the store, you try on new styles, and bam you have a completely different and updated perspective on what you should be wearing. You definitely should be on my free call on the 29th “Where Are All the Good Men?” It will help a lot!!!
However, he works a ridiculous amount of hours and does make an effort to see me quite often considering his schedule and he is a single dad with full custody of his son.

I want to think he was shy for all he told me, and that maybe he felt i was kicking him out.
I never get like this either, there are hundreds of really pretty girls at my school (its LA). One time, he asked me who his crush liked, and after 2 hours of begging, I told him my guess. Then after a while we went back to seeing each other, I finally told him why I stop talking to him witch was cause he was married an I was catching feeling for him. But all I feel is suffocated….what is my problem and how can I address it with him in a sensitive way? I couldn’t have any time to myself without him literally being right beside me the entire time.
It was a whirlwind romance, amazing oral sex, and just a head to toe tingle that I couldn’t stop thinking about. Five years later, we married and live happily ever after So good luck girls, have a happy dating! So you start wearing your new clothes out, and people really start to notice and you upgrade your level of sassy. He keeps saying he isnt ready to be in a serious committed relationship for a few different reasons. I was quite tempted to text him last night, but I guess all the signs point to him not being interested so I haven’t.
Like as they say “make him miss me?” Or just sum it up to him not that interested or just that he really is having an issue so devistating at work that he cant talk to the female hes interested in? He blamed me for not giving him space so I was like wtf, how am I getting into your space we just friends and we hang out and stuff. We tried to keep contact but I was getting distressed at not seeing him and some major life stuff was happening with me. He cancelled coming to the school here, and asked me to help him with his personal statement so he can go to one over in the state he is in now. He thought- that I thought- he was with other girls and partying, which wasnt the case (I explained wasn’t the case) I just wanted him to make some (or anytime) for me.
The next day he texted me and I didn’t replied , the following day did the same thing and I didn’t replied . I think that issue will pass in time, but it is making him increasingly insecure around me, and resulting in him acting even more clingy outside the bedroom.
He should want to do so – and if he can’t, then you have a much tougher decision to make down the road. So do this, grab a girlfriend, and a glass of wine, some fun music, and together go through the dating profiles. He is about a yr and a half out of a very long relationship which really hurt him, there are kids involved. I broke up with my boyfriend of 5 years a month and a half ago and it was quite a confidence boost to have someone potentially interested in me.
But I’ve found this one girl that I just can’t seem to ever get off my mind and its driving me nuts. Oh I don’t have a email haha so to reply would it be okay if you could contact me on facebook. I drove all the way to where he lives and paid for my hotel room and his parking and everything.
It seemed opportunities came and went without him trying until after a 5 week span I explained he would need to make some time for me or lets take a break including him not texting me everyday (because I kept thinking he was going to make plans which never happened). Point out that if he was with a woman who was similarly tethered to him, he might feel smothered, too. We’ve hung out a few times and every time we were together was great, never a single awkward moment, conversations were always really smooth and natural. We work together everyday so I will see him, but do I say hello or ignore him and not be to eager. So please tell me under all this confusion going around in my head what am I suppose to make of all of this ? Yes, he loves on me, occasionally, and we are still intimate, he tells me he loves me and all but, I have problem of over thinking things and a MAJOR problem letting my guard down with anyone. After that conversation, he said his work schedule was freeing up a tiny bit and took me to lunch that week and out the following week, we spent the night watching movies. The next day I’ve sent another text and he replied as soon as I’ve sent him a messages that I won’t bother anymore , so he texted me right away. And if that is not what he is also interesting in building, you wish him well, but will be MOVING ON TO CREATE A GREAT LIFE … ELSEWHERE. He knows exactly what I want and when I say that maybe it’s time to just let things go he gets upset.
I love him so much and we do have an amazing relationship, I just want to feel that he loves me too and really wants to be with me and truly values me.
He didn’t sleep well after that night I think it set him back a bit, so I gave him space again. The profiles you find at least 2 things attractive or interesting about send the guys a wink (if you’re on match). Just as we were getting into our normal routine of chatting and hanging out and talking and small fights. Do you think he really still loves me and I’m just over thinking again or, am I just familiar to him now and he doesn’t want to be alone?
After 3 weeks I told him I had a hotel up by one of his offices he wouldnt have to drive we could see a show (his response was he would love to but his fear would be that he wouldnt get enough sleep and be set back again) the next night, frustrated I send a two sentence text explaining why do i even bother etc. He told me that we will talk next day , so I texted him the next day and he was doing the same again no answering my text , I stupidly sent bunch of text messages and he replied at night . It was a VERY exhausting relationship that eventually ended because it became increasingly worse. I want you to create some fun around checking out men, that’s why I want you to get your girlfriend involved. He is everything I look for in a man, so many great qualities…I almost dont want to throw in the towel just yet!
Now all of the sudden its one sided, I call her and text her and she responds but never calls on a whim like she used to.. I can’t talk to anyone about him because he is already in another relationship he is also much older than me.
I asked him to be honest with me that if he doesn’t want the relationship to let me know , so I can move on . I also am not 100% sure if he is with other women but I know that I have no desire to want to date anyone else! Although he did say he liked me a bit, I feel like he’s lying to me, and is just using my feelings for him to gain information.
He likes to stay out night after night doing his pool tournament things which we had in common back in the day. I apologized via vm and text explaining it was a combination of bad news in my family and excessive alcohol from numbing the bad news, but i havent heard from him and its been a week. I was with him Saturday and Sunday and we did make love twice and it seemed enjoyable for both of us. Now I know just to let it be (after your advice columns) but I feel like I have lost it (wondering if I would have been patient would it have blossomed), anyway to get it back? I’m not looking for sympathy just some help in understanding how to deal with this situation. I shouldn’t have slept with him but when we dated way back everything clicked SO good.
I am trying to be a good single dad And maybe it’s not fair that I have enough time to give anything else right now.. I said but you are a good dad , and he replied saying ,Im now trying to watch tv with them .. He even went an extra mile to plan a holiday for us to hang out with his folks and he didn’t even speak to me on our entire holiday. I realised when he went back in April that this man is someone whom I have very deep affection for.
He was screen sharing with me the other day, he thought that I went away from the keyboard and started to check his email. Its a month later, I got a couple of texts messages about 10 days after I showed up at his place and I havent heard from him since.

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