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COLEEN advises a woman who is left heartbroken over her ex after he got back together with his former lover, and she's got some tough love to dish out as a remedy. COLEEN advises a reader who is scared her parents are going to break up over father's extra-marital fling.
COLEEN advises a reader who feels the future with their partner is in doubt over something that happened way back in the past. Is an ebook which contains easy to approach that my boyfriend will now regret her move while remaining for you.
Firstly you should not How To Get Back With Your Ex Girlfriend After He Dumped You believe that How To Get Back With Your Ex Girlfriend After He Dumped You no contact but it’s not a task as such is it?
But when you boil it down, what my client really wanted to know is whether he should just throw in the towel. The way he figured, if his girlfriend had called it quits with him due to some other guy, then the hell with her. At least, that was his attitude in the early days following the revelation that she was wooed away. He really didn’t know because as soon as she mentioned that she was romantically involved with another guy, he just stopped listening. This kind of thinking and this sort of reaction to a failed relationship, particularly when it involves your girlfriend dumping you for another man, can just tear right through you. But then eventually the anger subsides and you find yourself thinking of the good times with your ex-girlfriend.
I call this type of emotional turmoil after being dumped by your ex girlfriend the “Dumping Grounds”. I have had a lot of men come to me in this state of mind after being victimized by an Ex dumping. A million things probably flood through your mind as you play out what happened over the course of the relationship. So, this is what I mean when I said that it is natural for relationship success to ebb and flow. But whether you were “dumped” or “broke up” is really a matter of semantics and a circumstance of who initiated the act. Usually, one of you will be sensing things are not working out or possibly both of you may realize things are going to pot. It happens, but in the normal course of how relationships are judged, getting dumped by your girlfriend because she is pursuing another guy is clearly a FOUL in my book. Whatever the case, learning of her preference for another guy will usually come as a shock to you. As with most things involving relationships, there are no simple reasons why your ex-girlfriend ended up in another man’s arms.
Once in awhile you might come across a girl who has a history of entering into relationships and then breaking them off. Sometimes you get situations in which the girl you were dating meets another guy somewhere else. And the truth is that you can never be sure exactly what is going on in your ex girlfriend’s mind. And believe you me, oftentimes your ex-girlfriend is pretty foggy upstairs about what is causing her to pursue her present relationship course of action. Don’t speculate about whether the “slimeball” has better physical attributes or is a better lover or has a better job or a better personality. He took your ex-girlfriend away (at least for now) and if he was such a great guy, she would not have broken up with him in the first place (or he would not have dumped her). In fact, if you choose later to patch things up with your ex-girlfriend, the last thing you want to project is a demeanor of weakness. I decided to compose a list to help you be aware of the things you should avoid doing or thinking about after being dumped. Do not, under any circumstance, contact your ex girlfriend in any way immediately following the “dumping”. Do not try to intentionally sabotage her relationship (or whatever it is she has with this other guy) with this other suitor. If you “think” you may want your ex-girlfriend back in the near future, then don’t play the jealousy card in the early days. If you eventually want your ex back, then just because she dumped you, does not excuse you to start dumping on her. In the time period immediately following the break up, you will likely not see much of anything objectively. If you have faults that contributed to the break up, they are unlikely to hit your radar screen in the early days. Eventually, after you have traveled through some depressing times, you will arrive at some form of acceptance and objectivity.
You also need to see things holistically before you make any key decisions as to what your really want to do.
Seeing your relationship with your ex-girlfriend in a more holistic manner will be beneficial to you in seeing the bigger picture.
You probably do not have a full grasp of why your ex-girlfriend dumped you for this other dude.
When you see things holistically, the picture of what to do with your life comes into better focus. After some period of time of recovery and reflection, you may arrive at a place where you realize it is not worth pursuing her again. What I want you to do is put the spotlight on trying to become the best version of yourself.
As we discussed, being dumped by an ex is part of the natural course of how guys and gals figure things out. Yes, there are some exceptions to this rule, but by and large, most of these exceptions are pretty obvious, though sometimes it can get a bit complex given certain circumstances. In fact, I am in the process of writing a comprehensive ebook, “The No Contact Rulebook”, that will get into great detail about how to optimize the No Contact Rule and deal with when and how to make exceptions. Oddly as it may sound, when you institute the No Contact Rule, you are actually doing something that will meaningfully enhance your chances of recovering your Ex.
Because we are so accustomed to being with the one we love, the forces that drive us to reconnect can be so powerful, it can cause the well intentioned individual to crumble and give in to their needs and impulses. These addictive forces are fed by the chemistry of our brain, so understandably, it is difficult for many to tow the line and avoid communicating with their ex girlfriend. Remember, she dumped you, so you will need to be extra vigilant about keeping your commitment to not break the No Contact Rule. To help you keep your commitment, try doing something symbolic to forge your allegiance to staying true to yourself.
Try running a few more miles than you are accustomed to running or lift a few more pounds than you have ever done in the past. Whatever feat you choose to do, at the end of the accomplishment, take out a sheet of paper and make a declaration of keeping your commitment to not violate the “No Contact Rule”. Your symbolic gesture can be anything, just make sure whatever you do, it resonates in your mind. If you want to work your way back into her heart, you need to understand the difference between things within your control and those things you cannot influence. I would argue that there are pretty decent odds that your ex-girlfriend will discover, in time, that the “grass is not greener” and this “new guy” is not at all what she expected.
It is hard to put odds on the likelihood of this happening in your individual case because to estimate such a thing I would need to know a great deal more about your relationship (e.g.
Well, as we discussed, instituting a no contact period so you have time to recover emotionally and work on being the best version of yourself is one thing you can do.
Creating an environment in which your ex-girlfriend wonders why you have not contacted her is also within your control. Avoiding any efforts to go on any dates or “playing the field” is yet another signal you can send to your ex-girlfriend that indicates you are still potentially available. You don’t spend a lot of quality time with a person without it having an emotional impact on you. Now, you don’t want to over do it and make it out like you have turned into a party animal. I would also suggest, in the beginning stages of the No Contact period, avoid playing the jealousy card.
But toward the last few weeks of the recovery period, I would advocate you utilize some common friends to informally convey information to her that you “might be seeing someone else”.
I also recommend you purchase my e-books, “Exboyfriend Recovery Pro” and “The Texting Bible” because these comprehensive publications will walk you through the entire process of attempting to recovery your ex-girlfriend.
There is only so much I can cover here, though I have given you some really useful prime nuggets of information. And one area that you will really want to gain greater insight about is how to utilize text messages to re-ignite her interest.
My name is Chris, and I help millions of guys per year improve themselves, and get their ex girlfriends to come running back. When i was single there was someone who really adore me, and she really wanted me, but i was in a diffrent state of mind and didnt want any serious relationship..
2 months after i left the job, i decided i want a serious relation and started talk to her, and we start to date.. After that break we meet once and few days after that she wanted a break, aftrr her break she broke up with me, and probably than she startedbto date this dude again, i am not sure if they atarted date straight from when we broke up or a bit latter. Went in to No Contact immediately after the break up, and I tried contacting her a month later To wish her a happy birthday , but she blocked me for some reason. Hi there, I wass in a LDR with a girl from previous 6 months, we dated each other and travelled so many cities together. After a few text exchanges all initiated by me and somewhat positive replies I tried calling. In mid Feb, after NCing her again for a week and a bit, I text some good news, she replied instantly.
She sent me a very nice reply saying she had moved on didn’t want me to hold back from other people (I previously let it slip I was going on dates with various girls and hanging out with a female friend she never trusted me with).
She might have thought me as the weird one but I was killing time, revising my cv and just relaxing pre and post interview. Two weeks later I went through the area, so trying to avoid a random meet asked her coffee, she replied positively – not agreeing but having a physio session and then work after (work was likely true) but had a mild text catch up about her.
Previously I’ve attempted to reconnect without really being ready and probably seemed very needy. Now however, I feel somewhat more secure in myself and that I’m similar but different enough to be able to compete with him in emotional connections. My current role caused a few problems in the relationship – in fact things started to go downhill almost as soon as I took it. When contacting her, shall I treat her exactly as I would an old friend whom I haven’t spoken to in a while?
Might seem a bit random messaging her now, especially with little changing in my day to day life to tell her about.
Somewhere in your pain you took to the internet to search for the ways you can turn the tables on her and make her love you like she used to. I literally sat in front of my computer for a few months, pounded out 30,000 words and put together the most comprehensive game plan for getting your ex girlfriend back. In my opinion, the age and maturity level of a woman can have a direct correlation to how hard she is willing to fight for a relationship. I am going to talk a lot about each one of these categories so you have a good idea of how this applies to your situation. I remember dating in high school ten years ago and thinking I knew everything there was to know about relationships.
For example, when I was a senior in high school I remember dating a girl and thinking we had the perfect relationship. We all love to hear those stories of two high school sweethearts beating the odds and ending up together but have you ever taken a look at how challenging those odds are to beat? However, the thing we are trying to focus on here is the actual mentality that girls have at this age in relationships. Between the ages of 15-18 there isn’t going to be much logic behind your girlfriends decisions. This is really where women start developing a barometer for what they want out of a relationship. The thing I have always found most interesting about this age for women is that they experience a lot of things that they learn they don’t want out of a relationship. Well, I would have to say that any girl within this age is still going through a maturing process. Lets assume that this 25 year old woman has just graduated from college, she has just started a new job and she is maturing every single day.
She basically explained to me that when her and her friends were in college they were in party mode. Believe it or not but pretty much every woman walking the face of the earth wants to have children.
Well, the first thing we have to understand here is that SHE was the one who broke up with you.
Those who are familiar with my work know that I love going into great details on things and this section is going to be no different. However, before I really dive in to the heart of what made her want to break up with you I feel the need to warn you about something. Now, I know that is a bit presumptuous of me but I want you to think about something for a second. The point here is simple, assume that your ex girlfriend wasn’t completely honest with you about the cause of the breakup. I am pretty sure that you get what I am saying here since you probably hate how you feel after you fight with your girlfriend. We kind of touched on this above in the age section and we are going to touch on this again here. Now, I think it goes without saying that I have dealt with a lot of relationships in my life. As a man I can honestly say that I didn’t start thinking seriously about what it took to create a long lasting relationship (potentially ending in marriage) until I was out of college for a while.
Above I established that the average age a woman gets married is 27 years old (really its 26.9 but I rounded up.) How old do you think men are before they get married?
So, we have the men who get married at 30 years old and the women who get married at 27 years old. Women are a little bit different than men in that they have to be re-assured that they are the only one that matters to you every so often. I had a girl once tell me that she shouldn’t have to ask for my attention, I should just know to give it to her. You see, in their mind if they have to ask you to pay attention to them then that means you didn’t care enough in the first place to give them the attention they feel they are entitled to.
Of course, the less attention a woman usually gets the more it drives her nuts and the more she gets upset with you. Lets assume for a moment that the reason that your ex girlfriend broke up with you was because you weren’t giving her enough attention. So far you not paying enough attention to your girlfriend caused her to think about her insecurities which eventually created resentment towards you for making her feel that way. This resentment she feels is going to lead her down a path that you don’t want her to take, the breakup path.
Since you have obviously dated before I am sure you are well aware of this period of time at the beginning of a relationship when everything is absolutely perfect. Though, if every day was like that then I bet relationships start to become kind of boring.
If your girlfriend became addicted to how she was feeling during the honeymoon period it can be a bit troublesome when reality kicks in and she starts to realize that you can’t feel that way forever. Essentially what we have here is a self fulfilling prophecy where she keeps jumping from relationship to relationships wondering why she can’t ever hang on to a man. Speaking personally, I can forgive someone for cheating on me but I couldn’t ever be with that person in a romantic way ever again.
Well, truthfully I am one of the most dedicated men you will ever meet when it comes to relationships. Call me crazy but I have this internal belief that most people walking around in the world tend to be good people.
In this particular scenario, where your ex girlfriend is the one who broke up with you, you are going to be fighting an uphill battle.
Unfortunately, the mere fact that you want your girlfriend back tells me that you are not in a state where you are super emotional.
Out of all the couples that I put back together do you know which ones I am the most proud of?
If you can take out a piece of paper and actually list out 10 things that are going to change to make sure you are a more successful couple this second time around.
I have always found that people process information a lot better when you number it in steps.
Look, whatever you are doing right now to get your ex girlfriend back is not working so I think it’s time to try a different approach. The one X factor here that I haven’t really gone into is the fact that she was the one who broke up with you. If you try to get her back right now (which I know for a fact you do) it is not going to go very well because she isn’t in the right emotional mindset to take you back.
Lets say that you just received some bad news and you are going to be forced to break it to a woman.
So, as your ex girlfriend sits around waiting for you to beg for her back and you don’t the dynamic begins to slowly change.
Well, if you are implementing the no contact rule and not talking to her you are obviously not going to be begging for her back. One of the advantages to owning a large website full of women (like the sister site to this one, Ex Boyfriend Recovery) is that I have a large database of women to quiz on what they are looking for in potential partners.
I am obviously going to be letting you in on them but first I feel it is important to explain why it is essential that you become the man of your exes dreams. No matter how much women insist that they don’t think about things like that I guarantee you that they do. When you give 5,000 women 20 qualities to choose from in describing their perfect man you begin to realize that beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. Out of the 20 qualities listed I was able to notice three consistent trends among everyone who answered my little survey.
The number one mistake that I see men make when they are trying to get their ex girlfriends back is that their mindset is completely wrong.
I want her to respond when I want her to respond and I want her to text me when I want her to text me.
We had a big fight that day as I pretty much said she was chatting to another guy again and deleting a lot of the chat history only leaving traces of it.
I told her that we should wait a few months before the engagement and take some time apart just so that I could get a little less dependant on her.
She eventually came over with her mom and gave me a letter which said that she was breaking up with me. So I have dated this girl for 2 months and a week before prom (I’m in high school), one of her friends told her that I kissed two other girls at a party. I took some time to think things through, went overseas for a couple of days in between and really collected my thoughts.
She’s always the first one to talk face to face we never talk on Facebook or something like that.
I have been helping men and women get back with their ex boyfriends and ex girlfriends for over three and a half years. I have responded to over 20,000 comments through this site and my other site, Ex Boyfriend Recovery and have seen quite a few things along the way.
In an effort to help more people through my websites I have been playing closer attention to the comments I am getting and looking for trends. Well, yesterday I got so many comments of a certain nature that I felt compelled to stop working on another article I was working on and start a new one, this one. More specifically, men who had addictive behavior and were trying to get their ex girlfriends back.
A lot of men seem to be neglecting their girlfriends in favor of their addiction which ultimately results in a breakup. The point I am getting at here is simple, while I would love to continue talking about the general concepts of getting an ex girlfriend back on this site I feel it is extremely important if I address these problems first. I am writing this page for those of you who are trying to get your ex girlfriend back if you have an addiction.
More specifically, I am writing it for those of you whose addiction was so prevalent that it was the underlying cause of your breakup. It is going to show you exactly what steps you need to take to not only recover her but recover your non-addicted personality. I mean, It literally annoys me that I can’t finish these massive articles all in one sitting.
A state characterized by compulsive engagement in rewarding stimuli, despite adverse consequences. A state characterized by compulsive engagement in rewarding stimuli = Me constantly playing WOW and it making me feel good.

When most people think of addiction they think of the hard addictions like drugs, alcohol and cigarettes. Too many of those little addictions can be just as devastating to a relationship as the bigger more well known ones.
Lets take a deeper look at all the types of addictions that men can have that cause women to leave them.
I know that is weird for me to say but in my opinion someone who has to work out every single day is addicted to excercise. No, we are just going to be looking at the addictions that have a negative impact on your relationship. Ok, before I really dive in here I would like to give you a brief overview of the negative addictions that I am going to be talking about. Based on what I am seeing there are a lot of young men out there that have a video game addiction. You have just gotten the newest Final Fantasy game (hey I have a bit of a nerdy side and this is my chance to show it off.) The game is absolutely incredible and you are glued to the screen so much that everything that happens in that fantasy world just captivates you. Then, all of a sudden, your girlfriend (your ex) comes home from work excited to see you and instead of rushing to the door to greet her with a kiss you completely ignore her and are focused on the game. Each member has to communicate with each other and set aside time earmarked for just that one person. Look, I am in agreement that everyone needs some alone time here and there but people also need together time too. She just wanted someone she could vent to about how bad her day was or what’s happening in the office. However, since you keep ignoring her in favor of video games she feels alienated and alone.
So, instead of relying on you emotionally for things (which is usually a good place to be) she is going to rely on her guy friend, Bob, for that. While I don’t think this fellow has an alcohol addiction I do know one thing, he drank too much. The sad part is, is that because of her feelings she doesn’t feel strong enough to walk away from the situation. Well, I read in an article that the woman who asked the question above was not only treated horribly but she was beaten so bad that she actually had to go to the hospital.
Thankfully, her boyfriend who did it to her was arrested but the lesson to take from it here is that he came home in a drunken rage one Saturday and that is when all hell broke loose. I mean, I am sure someone snorting cocaine or doing crystal meth is going to have a lot more problems than someone who smokes but to me I put smoking on the same level. Anyways, I live in an apartment on the first floor and there is a couple that lives above me who I swear are chain smokers.
I imagine this is how most girlfriends feel about their boyfriends smoking or drug addictions that they don’t approve of.
I talk to a lot of men and women every day and I have heard a lot of sob stories when it comes to drugs and cigarettes.
The funny thing I have noticed about these stories is that they always end up in one of two ways. If you have a drug problem or smoking problem and your girlfriend is constantly arguing with you over it then that means that instead of adding positive experiences into the relationship bank you are constantly adding negative ones. Now, the last time I looked the most healthy relationships out there didn’t consist of two people constantly arguing over an addiction. Lets stick with our breaking bad theme and say that this girls boyfriend is addicted to crystal meth.
Well, if this girl gets hooked on crystal meth then that is going to create a whole new set of problems.
Unfortunately, many couples won’t get that time because they are going to be forced to go to work. How often have you heard that couples break up because they couldn’t see each other enough? Heck, I even know what it feels like to want that alone time with your partner but have her not be in a position to give it to you because of the constraints of work. I personally think it is important for both members of the relationship to carve out some time for each other no matter what because in the end if you can’t find that alone time someone is going to start to resent it.
Imagine that you are a workaholic (you have insane hours) and your girlfriend is a stay at home mom.
You are gone all day long and when she does see you it’s only for a maximum of an hour and in that hour you are so tired that you are kind of standoffish towards her.
Now, I am assuming that since you have read this far down on the page the demise of your relationship came as a direct result of some type of addiction.
If you want to successfully win your ex girlfriend back then you are going to have to find a way to get rid of your addiction. What I am going to do now is give you a game plan that you can follow to kick each one of the addictions I discussed above. If you are familiar with my website or my E-Book then you would know that the no contact rule is a vital part of the strategy to get your ex girlfriend book. Of course, when you deal with exes the one commonality from situation to situation is the fact that no two situations are aliek. So, how are you supposed to use the no contact rule if your ex girlfriend broke up with you due to an addiction that you have?
Of course, instead of spending all of your no contact rule obsessing about your ex girlfriend you really need to be focusing on yourself more than ever. You really don’t have a shot of getting your ex girlfriend back if you still have your addiction to drugs or cigarettes or video games. By ignoring your ex through the no contact rule you are going to be essentially killing two birds with one stone.
Second Bird- You are going to be getting valuable time to work on rehabbing your addiction. Of course, certain addictions are going to require different types of rehabilitation methods.
Lets take a look at the differences in rehabilitation that you will have from addiction to addiction. I mean, the last time I checked there wasn’t a VGA (video games anonymous) group for you to attend. Remember at the beginning of this article I talked about my own little mini addiction with World of Warcraft (just reference the south park picture above if you need reminding.) Well, the way that I kicked World of Warcraft was I literally had to throw it out.
Being an alcoholic is a very serious matter and you should seek professional help immediately. This is a tougher one because it’s not like you can just quit your job especially if you are relying on that job to pay your rent. What I would say is that when you do get your ex girlfriend back (I am thinking positive here) make sure that she is priority number one.
Before you can even try any of the tactics to get her back make sure you have defeated your addiction. Yesterday we put our son down for a nap and we went walk in the woods and I litterelly made her chaise me threw the woods. Hello Chris, so… last October I met a girl online (she lives in another state) and we started sending text messages to each other every day, we were getting along great and in a week we started doing Skype video calls. I have put together many articles on this site to help you with any relationship issues you may be facing. Thus she is trying to make use of to your advantage to ultimately up to let her come to terms with will help win her back and somewhat obsessed about them but don’t show your problems that you find a way in in order to get back together then there are five easy steps to take on a whole new and fresh and you first met small things like you need to do to make it occur. If you have done a lot of the things that we have but when they go out to meet womenthey find that they miss them don’t force anything. If you are willing to give her some space So I am going to get into another personal opinion of your mind. But now, a couple of weeks have passed and my client is starting to think about her all the time, wondering if what they had before can be salvaged.Do You Even Have a Chance of Getting Your Ex Back?
And the harder you try to turn off these thoughts of your girlfriend dumping you for some guy, the angrier you feel. Yes, getting dumped is a form of breaking up and every break-up is painful, particularly if the couple have a great deal of themselves invested in the relationship. Both the guy and the girl, no matter who did the dumping, will not come out the process completely whole. And no matter what, there will be some bumps along the way because we are all so uniquely different as individuals.
It takes a while to resolve the compatibility issues and other problems that the relationship may encounter.
Seldom does a couple that look into each other’s eyes and calmly and lovingly agree that things are not working out and choose to part ways on friendly terms. And when things don’t work out to the satisfaction of one or both of the parties, somebody will dump the other.
I am quite certain that your girlfriend would be shattered if you had dumped her for another woman.
You are going to roll it around your head trying to make sense of why she left you and took up with this other dude.
But my experience with these situations is that the truth will either been hidden from you or wrapped up in uncertainty. Even if you thought of the possibility, the reality of it actually happening to you can be jarring. There are some sleaze balls out there who will prey on women, even if they know they are taken. But on occasion, a woman will be in a “committed” relationship with you, but will also be stringing another guy along on the side. Beware of trying to read the mind of a women, you will always fall short of the true reality of what is really going on. So don’t try to make these ridiculous and speculative comparisons between you and this other guy. Don’t go out on dates or do and say things that would lead her to think you have completely forgotten her.
The bigger picture of what you really want and what your ex-girlfriend may actually desire, tends to come into better focus with time.
This means that you should do everything you can to avoid thinking about your ex girlfriend. If I was to venture an educated guess, I would say that about half of these situations turn out to be short lived….meaning that the two of you will be able to reconnect sometime in the future. But you want her to look at images of you or read postings you have authored, that reflect the best things about you. But if you are truly committed to giving yourself the best chance of reuniting with your Ex, then you need to get a lot smarter on the strategies and tactics. So many of my readers, who were on the wrong side of “being dumped”, were looking for details and examples of what they should say in all different types of situations.
I had to call her from My moms phone, lets just say that she wasn’t happy taking my call. I had anxiety and depression and she would go out night clubbing all the time with her friends and do MDMA once in a while.
She had kissed a guy from work a few weeks before that and tried to keep the relationship going but it just wants working. One night I snapped and told her to stop, she said sorry but within a week couple of days started again.
I then went way for 2 weeks leading up to Christmas and Non contacted her for 40 days into the new year. She asked me to call within seconds – We talked for 45 mins, it was awful (and turned out she was deleting pictures of us on social media as we spoke!). For someone that had moved on it seemed very odd to want to talk for a while and keep looking in. If I am to meet a new girl or have a chance with my ex I need to be more settled, closer and have a bit more in the bank.
I have been contacting a few old friends from uni so as to practise this and expand my social circle.
All those plans for the future that you had, all the romantic getaways that you were going to surprise her with aren’t possible anymore. I don’t want you to repeat the same mistakes that occurred in your old relationship with her.
I want this relationship to be so good that it would be impossible for another breakup to occur. However, this page doesn’t tell you everything you need to know about getting your ex girlfriend back. So, before we even start looking at the reasons on why she may have broken up with you I think it’s important to look at the stage of life your ex girlfriend is in.
Sure, they may say they are but at this age they have absolutely no idea what they want out of life. Sure, most women are controlled by emotions pretty much all the time but the thing you start to see as they get older is that they start putting more logic into their decisions.
You see, in high school they were always under their parents roof and had to abide by the dating rules that they set. However, once they got out of college she began to notice an interesting change in the dynamic. Of course, there are risks associated with having a child later in life and most women are aware of these risks. No, they know if they did that then they would scare away every man within a ten mile radius. In fact, I applaud women who are looking for such a serious commitment but you didn’t come here to hear me praise women who want serious relationships. Now, if we apply what we already know about the super serious mentality (that women are looking for serious relationships) it could potentially mean that when she sat down and really thought things out she didn’t consider your relationship as developing into something that could potentially mean marriage. My point is simple, no matter how bad things were at the end deep down your ex girlfriend probably still cares for you a lot.
However, what’s not normal is getting into a fight every other day over unimportant stuff. I remember we would have these horrible fights where we would both say things to each other that we didn’t really mean.
If you were a woman and your main goal when it comes to relationships was to find someone you can marry would you find that type of behavior attractive? I talk to both men and women every single day about them and when it comes to this particular issue (a mans future potential) there is one thing that I continually see.
So, the disconnect that applies to the (future potential) is the fact that your ex girlfriend may already be at the stage where she is looking for something super serious and you aren’t. Most girls are smart enough to know that constantly hounding a guy to pay attention to them isn’t the way to go about a situation. In her mind she probably thinks that she did everything she could (without overstepping her bounds) to get you to pay attention to her. Lets say that your ex girlfriend broke up with you because of this reason (the honeymoon period being over.) Lets also assume that she has moved on to another guy.
Of course, your girlfriend is madly in love with you so she tries to forgive you and decides to stay with you. Sure, we are all flawed, that just goes with the territory, but underneath all those flaws our hearts are in the right place.
In fact, it could be eating away at her so much that SHE breaks up with you because she feels you deserve better. I mean, you came here looking for a way to get her back if she was the one who broke up with you, of course you think your relationship is worth fighting for. You know, the type of couple that gets back together and does whatever it takes to stay together? Take out a piece of paper and tell me exactly what YOU can do differently this time to carry your weight in the relationship?
If you can’t do that then I am afraid to tell you that your ex is not worth fighting for. So, I have identified 3 key steps to winning back your ex girlfriend assuming that she was the one who broke up with you.
Well, you won’t have to worry about that here because I ALWAYS go into great detail to make sure you understand every little thing I am trying to teach you.
Of course, doing that at this point is a little risky considering you probably aren’t her favorite person in the world right now. If you are reading this page then that means that your ex was the one who probably broke up with you. It would be smarter of you to wait until her emotions reset or wait until she starts missing you to get her back. You see, she was probably angry that your relationship failed and that puts her in an angry mood. Well, a few days ago (since I knew I was writing this guide) I decided to send out a mass email to women quizzing them on the most important traits that a man has to have in order for them to fall in love with that man. The truth is that if you are able to successfully influence your ex girlfriend you can make her take the actions you wanted her to take if you were to control her. She insisted that we still went on it and that giving her the ring meant that it was a promise to one day get married. Didnt want to speak to me, and her dad pretty much said that I must stay away from her for a while.
That she thanked me for how well I took care of her and that how sad she was about her having to hurt me. We talked about marriage and she said she was ready to marry me so when I went and asked her dad for her hand she broke up with me saying she wasnt overjoyed by that so she isnt in love with me. I talked to both of the girls and they said nothing happened and I tried to convince her of this.
Just some background info, she’s older than me, around 34 while I am 30, we were together for nearly 2 years as well.
After 2 weeks, I sent her a text and she said she was going on a holiday that very day itself, and only back next weekend. But this time she was saying that my hair looks nice and she was really touching it and touching my face and just saying you’re looking better you know. For example, if I notice a type of comment that is continually getting asked then I know that a lot of people are having that issue and I will write an article about it. Men from all walks of life come to me in search of advice on how to win the love of their life back. In fact, he was playing so much that to his own admission he was starting to damage his relationship with his girlfriend. For example, if you and your ex girlfriend constantly fought about your problems with addiction of some sort then I am willing to bet that your addiction probably factored into her decision to leave you.
However, don’t think you are above addiction if you have the smaller ones like video games, shopping or working too much. Now, while maybe there is a negative aspect with the loss of time it takes to excercise there is also a positive effect that working out has on your body.
In other words, did you addiction in some way, shape or form contribute to your break with your ex girlfriend?
You see, what ends up happening is that they end up playing video games so much that they completely neglect their girlfriends. Oh, and I guess I should mention that this is the fifth day in a row that this exact thing has happened. Someone who has a video game addiction has put an emphasis on alone time and is completely ignoring together time.
I think it is totally nasty and it makes no sense to me as to why you would want to do something that has proven to end your life quicker but we are getting a little off topic here.
In fact, they smoke so much that at times I can smell their nasty secondhand smoke in my apartment and it drives me nuts. For example, both of them are going to have a meth habit and probably run through their savings to feed it.
For example, if your ex girlfriend broke up with you because you neglected her to play video games then she probably broke up with you as a result of your video game addiction. In other words, how you use the no contact rule in one situation may not necessarily apply to another one.
I know I say that to everyone who uses the no contact really but it is VITALLY important for you.
For example, someone who has a drug addiction is going to require more professional help than someone who just plays too many video games.
In order to overcome those negative experiences and get her back you are going to have to overcome your addiction and eliminate it. So my story is this, I was dating this girl and after she fell asleep I asked her cousin if i could drink the rest of the vodka and she said yes. When we spend time together we watch talk about being a family we make plans for vacations with the kids we cook together we cuddle on the couch.
I get a lot of questions every day but rest assured I always try to get back to commentors.
So how do you get your ex girlfriend still seem to get into a crystal ball and all kinds of other couples she will watch over your eyes will open and you know for a few week’s efforts though. I am literally asked thousands of questions every day about how to recover one’s ex-girlfriend. If this is what is happening, then getting dumped is much more about your ex-girlfriend’s failings than your own.

Then as fate would have it (actually it’s NOT fate!) your steady girlfriend falls into the arms of this other man.
Your ex-girlfriend will immediately see through any efforts you make to try and break up the relationship she now has with this other guy. Those actions will just cause her to strengthen her resolve that “dumping you” was the right decision. The problem with objectivity though is that it is sometimes shrouded in a cloud of uncertainty. Maybe you arrive at the conclusion that the bond was not that strong in the first place due to the lack of compatibility.
She tried opening me me up and asking getting me to trust her but it just wasn’t right for me, yet anyway. The days before we broke up I applied for a job away from she worked but wanted her to move with me (she’d previously worked in the area and would be a promotion), not called her back one evening to say good night after losing track of the time and been stressed at work so was ratty on the phone.
As I sat waiting in the coffee place she kept walking around outside looking at her phone and then in the shop. I even gave her a couple of outs in the conversation but both times she lingered and then (as mentioned previously) I kept spotting her outside either typing on her phone or looking in – was that attraction or just shock and acting friendly? I want the two of you to connect emotionally on a level that neither of you has ever experienced before.Do You Even Have a Chance of Getting Your Ex Back? Sure, I had been on dates and new a thing or two about women but I had absolutely no clue what it took to have a successful relationship. However, in college they get their first taste of freedom and with that freedom comes an endless possibility of men. On my other site, Ex Boyfriend Recovery, I had an interesting chat with a 25 year old woman who explained this phenomenon to me. Rather than talking about the latest party they were going to attend they started talking about how they wanted more serious relationships.
Thus, it is during this super serious mentality that they begin to realize that their time is very valuable and they can’t waste it on prospects (aka men) who are just going to string them along. Instead, they opt to get you hooked in the relationship before they let out their true plans, to get married. No, you came here because you want to know what your ex girlfriend is thinking if she is within this age range. So, rather than sitting around trying to change the past why not focus on how to improve the future?
She may have given you a reason that you think is true but trust me when I say that it could be more than just that reason. Sometimes both of us would scream at the top of our lungs to each other and then after the fight was over we would both frantically apologize and promise it would never happen again. They mature a lot faster than men do because they realize that their time is much more valuable.
Instead, they’d rather drop hints like breadcrumbs and hope you are smart enough to follow the trail to what they really want.
Well, she is going to be in for a rude awakening because the honeymoon period won’t last forever with this new guy either. If it isn’t, then I know my worth and I would be willing to walk away to find a situation where I know for a fact my dedication will be matched.
Unfortunately, no matter how hard she tries she can’t get past the cheating and it starts to carry over into other aspects of your relationships. Now, if you haven’t noticed already you may notice that when I write one of these pages I tend to write a lot. Of course, you can’t only appeal to her on a logical level like most business people try to do.
I want you to make her feel like she made a massive mistake because that is really the only way you are going to convince her to take you back. If you could draw a perfect scenario up it would be one where she is the one who begs for you back.
One of the main reasons why we fought was because I said she doesn’t show that much affection towards me and she said I got angry too easily.
I spent a lot of time with her at this stage, and I just noticed that she was a lot more pulled back. She then confronted me about her needing her space and that she was not going to be in a relationship with a detective always over her shoulders. She says she never was in love with me and cant see a future she was just comfortable so she went along with things. The morning after prom I snapchatted her and asked if she wanted to go on a walk with my dog.
Of course, like I said, a few days ago I did a scan of this sites comments just to get a general idea with what you guys were struggling with and the thing that stuck out to me were addiction comments.
While I have never taken any drugs and the only time I really drink is socially I do have a problem with playing certain video games from time to time. I mean, we have all heard the stories where a guy gets too drunk and smacks around his girlfriend.
Oh, and if they have a kid together then that means that this kid is totally going to be ignored in favor of some silly addiction. Unfortunately, living in this world costs money and in order to make that money we have to work. I have found the reading on your site very interesting and would like your thoughts and suggestions on how to get my ex back. I was the only one that drank off it that night and after a few pulls I went out side and drank the rest. I have ben studying most of your posts on how to get me ex back and I need your advice sir.
I mean I can go on and on I feel like were still together and when we look each other in the eyes is when the magic really happens.
If you can't find what you are looking for please get in touch and I will be able to guide you personally if you so wish.
But rather, if your ex-girlfriend is broken up by what happened, it shows she still cares about you and just maybe, if things fall a certain way and you want her back, the two of you can make another go at it.
But it is much more common and in fact, a natural process on the dating and relationship scene. You need to guard against getting pissed off and saying mean and awful things to your ex girlfriend. If you and your ex girlfriend have dated for any reasonable period of time, then you have already formed a bond together. Maybe you have only been dating for a few months and you figure it is not worth the risk of more emotional pain. Be sure that your social media postings reflect that “you”, personally, are “getting along” quite well.
Left me some voicemails and even while I was in Vegas for my bros bachelor party she txt me which hadn’t in over a month. I have found that one of the best ways to affect the future when it comes to breakups is to actually understand what caused the relationship to end. No, when it comes to relationships with women you also have to take the emotional factor into account.
So, in order to achieve this scenario you try way too hard to control things and you end up falling flat on your face. She replied that she was overwhelmed by how fast we were moving and how she wanted to go back to how we were at the start. After trying my best to convince her that we could make it work and that I could change, I eventually broke down in tears and accepted her decision. Now, I know I have readers from all over the world on this site and the amount of time at which people work varies from country to country.
By the time you get home you are so tired the only thing you really want to do is eat and sleep.
We have been together for 2 yrs we connected on the first day we met and from then we are together most of the time but not living with each other.We have never had an argument or a fight and we both get on great. She asked me last night if it was wrong for us to kiss I told her yes bc she had a boy friend. I had no idea he still had his ex-girlfriend in mind, but it turned out that he still talked to her and a€?woke up thinking of hera€?.
Then the next day, you are wondering if she will ever come to realize she made a huge mistake and what you might do to get her back. It is like, “you tell me about your past boyfriends and I will tell you about my former girlfriends”. I want you to think of every negative word you might say to your ex girlfriend who dumped you as a “withdrawal” to your “trust account” you have with your ex.
I got slightly suspicious again when I discovered she was watching porn, when she became self righteous about never watching it in the past. I want her back and love her im just torn because she is very stubborn and determined with her decision. We always have something to talk about ,a great sex life maybe a bit more than I could handle sometimes hahaha. I let my addictions get the best of me and that’s why we broke up but now I have controll of my addictions u would do anything to be able to call her mine again. Over the past two weeks, hea€™s started acting up, not calling me and not taking my calls either, until he finally called to tell me that he is no longer interested in me. In trying to stay occupied and can start you ought to principally determined Apologize For All the Wrong Things you have said and it helped tremendously. We sometimes have an insatiable desire to understand everything about our lover, even their past romances.
Some girls struggle with making a decision or are afraid to let their other relationship partner go.
Sexual human chemistry can bring two people together, but that does not necessarily mean they are meant for each other.
She still probably has doubts about whether she made the right decision to let you go and pursue this relationship with another man. However, she was kind enough to tell me what my problems were and how I could become a better person. The thing is that I don’t understand why she comes to me just to say me those two things?
So they get stuck in this limbo land where they care for you, but also care for this other man.
Your ex-girlfriend will need to eventually discover for herself that the “dream” relationship with this new guy is really partly cloudy and stormy.
But if you spend your time withdrawing that trust in the form negative and ugly comments or text messages, then you are making a huge mistake. I said that this is not something we can do considering that we were dating already for a few months. I think she got a little scared since her parents had a terrible divorce but I dont want to tell her that. I told her what my faults were and was mostly apologizing as I knew exactly where I went wrong.
I’m just trying to apply the no contact rule, but is it going to work if she’s coming to say Hi and how are you? And yes I do have a narcotics addiction which I tried to keep from her but she did find out what I was doing and supringslingly she said I really don’t care what you do because I love you so much. Spend all kinds of time together we still like were still together but she has a boyfriend. If you mope you won’t find a better matured person who needs How To Get Back With Your Ex Girlfriend After He Dumped You to always remember that there are some common mistakes?
Clearly, if the dumping occurred because you ex-girlfriend fell into the arms of another man and they ended up having sex, the sting of this betrayal will hurt. In fact, in most cases, I usually recommend the guy in this situation implement the No Contact Rule in which the period is usually 30 days. Later, I will offer you some tactics you can employ that can indirectly help her with getting to that place in her mind. We went to look at dresses just a month after I got to her and she like one of them in particular.
She texted me the following morning and told me she accepted my apology, we had a text conversation for the next hour going through our realizations and left it there. It came to my knowledge after all this she has a bad past with alcohol and iam not quite sure how to proceed. When we are apart everything reminds me of her I can’t even listen to the radio without hearing a song that makes me want to hold her in my arms. Most people strive exhausting to figure it may kill you in trying to get start rectifying the problem immediately put in some new bars leisure facilities and other negative feelings. Way back in your mind, you might have even thought about the prospect of her hitching up with this guy again. In some cases you get this awkward triangle where all three parties in the relationship are confused and uncertain as to what they really want or what it all means.
You will want to take extensive time away from your ex in the form of a No Contact Period to deal with this.
But in no way should you forcefully and visibly try to break up her “supposed” new found love. So of course like any man who wanted to give his girl what she wanted, I put down money for it.
First I texted her asking if she was out, then I asked if it was a good time to talk She readily agreed and my emotional self took over again. The following day, I texted her saying I saw this post on Facebook that reminded me of her. But about 2 months ago I had a lot pressure to deal with ,my business which was failing I had no option but to wind the business up so it was consuming a lot of my time and energy and also I was having dramas with my own teenage kids from my first marriage all at the same time. What you end up doing will be largely based on how you feel after you complete the recovery period.
So we ended up kinda seeing each other but in the process of all that I ended up seeing her and another girl.
After a while she mentioned that while she appreciated me trying to win her back, I had to calm down and collect my thoughts and let things evolve.
She texted back saying it was memorable as well, but why was I communicating with her now and not before, when we were a couple? Deanne and I would still see each other every night but I wasn’t showing her the affection I used to and my sex drive was fading away because of the pressures I was under and I neglected her and I am so sorry I did.
Then, after some time of battling her “longing feelings”, she goes back to the other guy to confront those feelings and their relationship starts all over again.
I apologized for blaming her and said that this was just a very stressful situation for me. But I thought she would understand and things would improve for me and it was something I was going through and everything would get back to normal soon. The breach of trust becomes a secondary issue in your ex-girlfriend’s mind as she gives in to the the two different forces pulling at her.
If you play your cards right, that bubble will burst all by itself and when she looks your direction again and sees a former boyfriend that has all his sh#t together, you will have her back in the fold. She also said that whenever a guy would talk about it with her in the past that she would just feel weirded out, but not with me. Then last week I was speaking to her on the phone and she sounded from the way she was speaking that there was something wrong I could tell it in her voice I went straight over to her place and she handed me a 2 page letter saying she was leaving me and why . Throughout the months, I realised I had certain insecurities when I felt rejected and would thus become very clingy and needy as well as suspicious whenever she was chatting to another guy on whatsapp of facebook. I then just would send her funny messages or experiences that I went through and then a small reminder text and she would take her time to respond and would sometimes show emotions to this or would just ignore a text. I read her letter and she had written about my addiction that she cant trust because of it .
But in this scenario, where you are dumped for one of her old boyfriends, it can be really painful as all of those memories come rushing back. I had my reasons though because she liked to delete her messages and would outright say that she didn’t when I confronted her about it.
And I must say I never let my drug use intervere with the way I behaved when we were together I would never hurt her in anyway and I don’t have violent bone in my body.
Your advantage is that you are here at my website gaining some valuable insight that will hopefully give you a leg up on this other guy. She agreed and seemed excited but then last minute cancelled because she felt uncomfortable. You wona€™t do yourself any favours by chasing him, and even if you did convince him to come back, youa€™d still wonder if he really wanted to be with this other girl. We kept the same sort of message pattern as before with funny experience then reminder when it fit. As painful as it is to let it go and try to move on, ita€™s still less painful than being with someone who you dona€™t think wants to be with you. Maybe I could have done something to avoid this from happening?” Look, it is not unusual to do a lot of second guessing when your ex girlfriend dumps you for her old flame, but the truth is no one can know if such a thing will happen. To me, it sounds as if he never shook that other girl off and was always hoping for a way to get back together with her. You can’t live your life worrying about every possible outcome or planning for every possible contingency. So maybe bout year anda half ago she still really wanted to be with me but I was adamant on our friendship. This would lead to the occasional fights where I would just go silent and sulk a little then confront her about what was bothering me. That was very unfair on you because you gave everything to the relationship and you fell in love with him. I started NC , but den she called nd message me for some project help.I did a wats app chat and again appologies and said sorry fot the last abusive night. She would get over sensitive and lash out, and then I would just do my best to quickly resolve the issue. Still, ita€™s better that it has happened now rather than a year or several years into a relationship when it would be harder to pick yourself up and move on. In fact, if you just got dumped for her old boyfriend, you probably already feel like you are going insane.
She said I care more about my hobby than her which was not true I love her to death and sometimes we do need to do our own thing to take our mind of things. Therea€™s always a chance that once hea€™s been back with his ex for a while, hea€™ll realise shea€™s not right after all and try to win you back.
So i started my serious NC from 2 days ago, but she sent me message again regarding project on wats app, i didnt reply.
Anyways, as the story goes, we were looking at wedding venues and told all our friends to get ready for it.
We then went to look at rings and as she said she would like the engagement to happen soon and that we could wait a year to get married afterward, I said ok that sounds like a nice idea. Then two nights ago (only 17 days after the breakup I decided it was best that I begin no contact.
She didn’t initiate conversation so I was under the impression that she was just doing it out of guilt. So I started to bombard her with messages , phone calls , flowers ,hand written letters I even hung a huge banner of an over pass bridge that she would see on her way to work telling her that I loved her Nothing has worked to convince her to come back she insists its over when I feel there is still something there and the issues she has with me I can easily fix. If this sort of thing is unfolding in your life, just know that women, just as men, have all kinds of motivations for not telling you certain things.
She ignored read the last two messages I sent her but didn’t answer my question about how her eve was. One other thing I haveta mention is I currently live at her parents house which makes it even harder. Since the break up I am seeing a professional about my addiction and ive told her that I am. It does not change the fact that she is presumably resuming her prior relationship with this old boyfriend. She will talk to me when she’s came down to visit but as soon as she leaves she goes completely cold. She did however like the pic I uploaded that a mate of mine took of me and she said that she is happy I am enjoying my eve.
Your focus should be on matters of what is more likely to happen and what you can do to get her back…if you want her back. I agreed eventually, but said she will have to wait and see when I actually give it to her, and then joked about whether I would give it to her. She does reply to my messages sometimes they are always very short and not answering the questions im asking her. Also the day she dumped me she deleted me of her facebook and sure enough a new guy appears on there from her work so ive got a suspicion she has met someone else.
I really want to give it all I got and show her that I am the best version of the person she fell for originally.

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