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You can see from the below video, made back in 2007 when Chandler was a rookie, that Wilson has undergone many hours in a tattoo chair over the last six years.
Wilson Chandler: The first tattoo that I got was a cross, that's almost mandatory for your first tattoo, I got a cross with a basketball in the middle and around it it says God Bless This Game. WC: Allen Iverson, Tupac [Shakur], guys I used to watch play basketball and guys I used to listen to their music.
WC: Not this year, but I had my back done during the season and my right sleeve done during the season.
WC: I like to watch TV, listen to music, or talk to my friends - to try to keep my mind off of things. Subscribe to O, The Oprah Magazine for up to 72% OFF what others pay on the newsstand — that's like getting 19 FREE issues! I caught up with him after Nuggets practice and asked him to pick out five of his favorite tattoos with a little explanation behind each one. When I started getting a lot - then I started getting a rough time, but the first couple were no big deal. Two of my closest friends started a media line and clothing line, so I got that because we do business together and we are friends.
He-Man and Space Ghost, I liked that type of stuff [growing up] and thought it'd be pretty cool to get.

It's some of my favorite cartoons like Ren and Stimpy, Johnny Bravo, South Park, Family Guy, Beavis and Butt-Head, Squidbillies, and stuff like that; just funny cartoons.
20121 Kings 8:28 -- But please listen to my prayer and my request, because I am your servant. Friendship is one of the most beautiful thing on Earth, we need friends to share our thought, share our happiness and sadness in life…However, not all of us know what is a real friend? With Ty Lawson proclaiming the best tattoos on the team belonging to, "Wilson by far." I went in search of Mr. The Watch OWN app is free and available to you as part of your OWN subscription through a participating TV provider.
There is one channel late at night that has mad old cartoons on like Gigantor, Voltron, and stuff like that.
Saying Images collected many best and famous friendship sayings with images, these beautiful best friends quotes may help you to answer question above, or simply help you know more about friendship and love them more¦A best friend makes our lives meaningful.
This was when I was healthy and before all the surgeries; I used to go to the rack pretty hard.
I used to watch Avatar: The Last Airbender cartoon, the movie was wack, but the cartoon was really good and then it disappeared off Nickelodeon.
He was like, "You should get the Juggernaut" because they called me Unstoppable Juggernaut, so I thought that'd be kind of cool.

There could be similarity in the way both of you dress, music you listen to or the sport you like. Moreover, the individual would make you feel comfortable and would accept you the way you are. For such best friends, there are best friend quotes.Best friend quotation, famous friendship sayingsThese quotes define the most admirable qualities that a best friend has. While on friendship day, you are expected to let your best friend know their importance through gifts, on regular days, you could tell them that through these quotes. It’s someone who understands you a bit more than you understand yourself.Everyone is your best friend when you are successful. Make sure that the people that you surround yourself with are also the people that you are not afraid of failing with.
I WONT EAT FOR A10000000000 YEARS JUST TO SEE THEM HAPPY HEALTHY AND FREE!!!!!!im sorry if i made some mistakes besties and thnk u for everything that u did to me i will never forget u guys promise!!!!i love my friends!!!! Hope you like these quotes with pictures DISCLAIMER: All images are copyrighted by their respective authors.

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