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If you’ve been eagerly searching for an answer to the question of how do you get your man back, you already know that every person has their own answer. The number one mistake women make when they are trying to win back their ex boyfriend is they approach the problem from an emotional place. The first step you absolutely must take if you have any hope of getting back the man you love is to accept the break up.
If you can find the internal strength to accept that for now you two are broken up, you’ll give yourself an advantage when it comes to getting him to want to be with you again. Here is a very compelling video that explains in pointed detail how to use certain, specific psychological triggers to get your ex boyfriend back. By handling your emotions and showing your ex boyfriend that you can gracefully manage the break up, he’ll see you as someone to admire. If he told you that he loved you when you two were involved, that is most likely the truth. Just remember that if the man says he loved you at one time, chances are very good that he did. Finally, a very wise and kind-hearted friend of mine told me I was making a fool of myself. The very next day I made a promise to myself that I’d do everything I possibly could to avoid calling or texting him. Soon after I had lunch with a male friend who had gone through something similar a few months before. On a side note – the ex boyfriend that just disappeared on me, just made me a cup of coffee when I woke up this morning.
I encourage all of you to share your own personal stories here on the blog and one that I’m seeing a lot is about how to handle an ex boyfriend who wants to stay friends?
If your ex boyfriend has suggested the idea of you two being platonic friends, embrace that. Give him a chance to prove what a great friend he can be and use this time to show him that you’re a fantastic friend too. By now you know that some of the best advice you’re going to receive after your break up is to completely ignore your ex boyfriend.
The number one mistake women make when they decide they are going to ignore their ex boyfriend in an effort to win back his love is they tell him. Once you’ve actually made the decision to ignore your ex you now need to put that plan into practice which is so much easier said than done.
The best advice I can personally offer to you is to jump into something new right after your break up. Once a few weeks to a month has passed it will be time to reintroduce yourself back into your ex boyfriend’s life. To learn how to press specific emotional triggers within him when you contact him again, watch this very informative video.
One of the questions I’m frequently asked by women struggling to get back with an ex boyfriend is how do I actually avoid him during the no contact period? The best way I can explain this to you is to relate to you a story about myself when I was trying desperately to do no contact with my ex boyfriend.
You must do whatever you can to avoid your ex boyfriend for at least two weeks after the break up.
Ensuring that you don’t contact your ex is essential when it comes to getting him back. By now you’ve heard at least a few people suggesting that ignoring your ex boyfriend is the way to get him back.
It may feel very tempting to tell your ex boyfriend that you’ll be ignoring him just so you can see his reaction, but avoid doing this. Make a promise to yourself that you’re going to remove yourself from his life for a set number of weeks, and then follow through.
While you’re ignoring your ex boyfriend you need to do something to keep yourself busy and occupied. Improve yourself in every way you know how and your ex boyfriend is bound to take a second glance when you two do reconnect in the future. Every single time your phone rings or you hear the bell indicating you have a text message your heart leaps in your chest.
Every woman who has ever longed to be back with her ex boyfriend has felt exactly the same things you’re feeling right now. Should you be a friend to your ex first or do you suggest to him that you two jump right back into being romantic partners? I need to warn you that it’s very important that you consider whether you really want him back before you employ the techniques Mike suggests. If you love him and getting him back is all you think about, watch the video and get ready to change your relationship with your ex forever. In an effort to win him over, you'll worry about when and how you should be making contact, as well as what you should say when you talk to your ex again.
Breakups are always different, but the reconciliation process always starts the same way: re-establishing contact with your ex boyfriend. Many women are faced with the same problem after a breakup: My ex boyfriend hasn't called me. Before worrying about whether or not you should get in touch with your ex, you'll first need to establish a situation in which your boyfriend misses you.
Many women are worried that not showing an interest in your ex boyfriend will cause him to not show any future interest in you, but in actuality the opposite effect takes place.
Instead of sitting around wondering why my ex boyfriend hasn't called me, you should be creating an atmosphere in which he needs to call you. This is easy once you learn some simple reversal tricks designed specifically to get HIM chasing after YOU, instead of the other way around. Establishing that you've moved on is made all the more effective when you've completely stopped talking to your ex. The no contact rule means just that - no communication with your ex in any way, shape, or form.
When you first break up, staying completely silent is the only way to get your ex interested in what you're doing again. After getting dumped, it's not uncommon to struggle with the question of initiating contact.
If you're sitting by the phone wondering why my ex boyfriend hasn't called me yet, it's because he needs some space.
There are several methods you can use to accomplish this, and there are some really great techniques for making him curious about you again. For even more help, the following two resources give excellent step-by-step advice on exactly how you can get back with your ex boyfriend. The proven 4-step strategy detailed by Cucan Pemo has already helped tens of thousands of couples reverse their break up and move forward with strong, healthy relationships.Learn how to get your ex to come back to you by reversing his thinking, and to prevent future break ups by recognizing the signs and signals that your relationship is in trouble. No matter what your current situation, these fast-working techniques are designed to win your boyfriend back by reversing his current emotional process.
Hey what’s up, today we’re going to be covering how to get your ex back if you cheated on him. Well that’s certainly true, I’m going to be talking about reasons you may be a little bit  embarrassed to admit.
Chris: Because I’m the most handsome devil in the world.Want to Know EXACTLY How Likely You Are to Get Your ExBoyfriend Back, in Only 2 Minutes? There seems to be this common believe now a days that when it comes to cheating men and women cheat for different reasons. Look to my right, your left you will see a graphic of a hamburger and the way this works is the meat of the hamburger is going to be considered the no contact rule. End the relationship does not mean you end the relationship you have with your ex boyfriend.
The final step of getting your ex back if you cheated on him is starting the original process that I teach on my website ex boyfriend recovery and in my ebook ExBoyfriend Recovery Pro.
Hey we just wanted to say, yes we just wanted to say thank you for getting to the end of this video. My name is Chris, and I help millions of women per year improve themselves, and get back with their ex boyfriends to finally have the life they dreamed of. If you say it first, would it cause tension or it’s just something you could say while in the conversation and then he would forgive and move on? I have bought all your products, have listened to your iPod casts etc but still am having problems with get a response out of my ex. I have cut ties with the other person, but I suppose there isn’t any way for my ex to know that. I was in a LDR and cheated on my ex, I didn’t want to lie or keep anything from him so I almost immediately told him. YOu managed to get him agree on a date but is it because he really liked to go with or he just agreed to go? Okay, if you only have a week, even though you can’t really do full nc, at least make that week like it. The least you can do is send a heartfelt message of assurance and then after that I think it can help if you share more about your day a little. Chris wrote that after you got your ex back it is very important to implement Five languages of love and so on but my ex was annoyed with my affection because he wasn’t ready for living together and my presence obviously annoyed him. I wanted him to feel loved and wanted but he didn’t appreciate that, even though he says he was in love with me during that time, despise his behaviour.
First, are you back and living together now or you’re pertaining to events before you broke up?
It is possible that someone is not ready yet to live together with somebody but if he refuses sex all the time, that’s a different issue.
Since women are more emotional, when we fall in love we tend become so in love, we lose balance in our life and all we want to do is be with the one we love. Hi, I was casually seeing a guy 2 years ago for 6 months until I found out he was still in an unhappy relationship with his baby mumma, he moved far away and they broke up not long after he made contact with me recently saying he still always thinks about me and is ready for something serious now, he paid for me to go see him and said he wanted to be with me. Like if you fought a ton in your first relationship and if you got back together you think you wouldn’t fight anymore?
Some people will tell you that the best way to win back his heart is to make him seethe with jealousy. It’s hard not to do this but you have to push those emotions aside and come at this from a purely logical place. The moment you stop trying to get him back, you are silently showing him that you have more self worth than he ever imagined you did. As much as we all believe that the only real way to win someone back is to convince them by begging and pleading, this doesn’t work.

Click here to watch a video explaining in detail how to use very specific steps to make your ex boyfriend long to be with you again. You’re inevitably going to have some really great days when you feel on top of the world and your emotions and then you’re going to have some awful days when all you really want to do is crawl up into a ball in bed and cry your eyes out. You want him to see the best in you even after the relationship has come to a temporary end. It’s going to give you some insight into where his heart and mind is right now and what you can do to pull him back. I think I got through three or four hours before I sent him a text telling him I missed him.
Take this simple quiz and find out for yourself whether getting him back really is the right thing for you to do. I can guarantee you that it’s not the same as the timetable you wish you were racing through right now to get back together with him. If you push him away and you don’t take him up on his offer to be friends, he may see that as a final rejection and just remove himself completely from your life. You’re read about it online, your friends have told you all about how it worked for them and you’re a believer, right? On the surface it seems relatively easy to go a week or two without talking with your ex but in reality it’s almost impossible.
We had a very difficult telephone conversation and although he never actually broke up with me – he disappeared off my radar. This may seem counterproductive when you are intent on getting him back but it’s a great way to avoid him during the all important no contact period.
This may seem like a useless step but it’s actually more about blocking him from your life for a period of time than it is about actually forgetting his phone number. Unless your ex boyfriend has the opportunity to miss you, he won’t understand how much he truly needs you in his life. His male pride is going to take over and he’s going to see your behavior as a sign of personal rejection. This may involve taking a short vacation with a friend – think of it as a girl’s weekend away or perhaps you can focus on a venue closer to home and spend the day at a spa being pampered and cared for.
A great way to do this is to pack up all the clothing items you haven’t used in over a year and donate them to charity or drop them off at a consignment shop. If you don’t take the right steps in the days and weeks following the break up, you will lose the man you love forever.
Did you know that if you say one wrong thing to your ex, or you text him something he’s not ready for, that you can damage any promise of a future for the two of you? But I’m just going to through it out there its very possible and this theory, this excitement is going to come up later when I starting talking about what you can do to get your ex boyfriend  back if you cheated on him.
Now it may seem counter intuitive to ignore your ex after a breakup when you were the one at fault.
A few sections ago we talked about Ester Perel the worlds leading psychotherapist and how she found that people cheat for the thrill and rush of it. If you wanna get your ex boyfriend back or you have any comments please comment in the YouTube section below.
And also, I think you have to focus on you this time of nc instead of just aiming to geet him back.. I was in a 10 yr relationship with my high school sweetheart and 4 months ago he left me because I had depression and it caused me to cheat on him twice. As someone who cheated and was trying to get my ex back, I was definitely losing hope, but after following all of your advise, he’s now talking to me again and wants to work things out. I want to apologize in advantage if my grammar is not proper, English is not my first language. I ask him for a chance to met the new me in a date, and he a tree but doesn’t show excitement at all.
I’ve read all arcticles on this blog, some of them several times and I know the procedure but I would like if you or Chris of Jennifer could write something about trying hard in relationship when you got ex back. So I am wondering, is it possible to not be ready for living together or is this some lame excuse and he would me treat me the same if we were just seeing each other? Because, getting ex back is sort of a game, hot and cold game and I wonder, do guys really need a girl to be hot and cold and a little unavailable to stay deeply in love with her? We should have our own identity, because come to think of it, he were attracted to you at first because of your good traits. No there was no cheating, and he didn’t really give me an excuse as to why we broke up (we were only together 6 weeks). I want to stay in NC but I have a trip with my friends starting on the 16th and he’s part of the group. Others swear by the idea of writing him a long, apologetic and overly romantic letter professing your undying love and devotion. As much as your heart is begging for a second chance with the man you adore, you need to let your head take the lead. I called him repeatedly several times a day for weeks and I even sent him flowers trying to get him to see how serious I was about needing him in my life.
You’re also showing him very clearly that you are going to be fine without him in your life.
He’s braced himself for the onslaught of tears and anger that he thinks you’re going to throw at him. Although it’s virtually impossible not to take his words personally, you have to really consider where they are coming from. So many women ask me for advice on a daily basis and almost all of that advice centers around an ex boyfriend.
She asked me to consider what I would think of any other woman acting the way I was and when I started thinking about it like that, I realized that I was throwing myself at a man who just wasn’t interested in me anymore. You wish that your ex would just love you again and instead of hearing him tell you he adores you, he says that he wants to be friends. He doesn’t see that shiny, bright light at the end of the tunnel that spells forever and always the same way you do. He needs to feel comfortable about his emotions and the way for him to do that, right now, is to be your friend.
Things are going to happen that you want to share with him, so you’ll reach for your phone to tell him.
If you don’t handle this correctly, all the effort and time you put into avoiding him to this point will be all for naught. He stopped calling and texting me and at first I just decided that he was doing it because he needed some time to cool down after our heated telephone call.
They can help talk you down and help you see that distance is really your best ally at this point. If you can do something that is going to enrich the life of another human being you should do that now. If you can glance at a list of his less appealing traits you’re going to feel much less inclined to reach out to him. You probably have your ex boyfriend’s number memorized and therefore simply deleting the number from your phone seems silly.
Consider any man you’ve ever known in your life be it your ex boyfriend, your brother, a friend or even your father. Visiting the salon to get a new haircut and color can also chase away the blues and give you a new and fierce outlook on life.
So what’s this believe, well its that men cheat for physical reasons and women cheat for emotional reasons.
Speaking of which I’m going to give you my top 5 steps on what to do if you cheated on your ex boyfriend. That plays into it this because often times when it come to feeling bad or guilty people don’t feel bad for their actions because its exciting and fun for them. Search and read some of the content there you will get a really good idea of what you need to do to win him back. He can not forgive that I was in rebound relationship after our breaking up 2 years ago, even though I cut all ties with my rebound and I returned back to my ex. It has been exactly 2 months since he and I split up, and it was certainly a process, but things are looking good from here. I really love him but he is pushing me away, he lies about his feelings and we lasted only two months after reconciliation… Am I fool for wanting a third chance? I would really like sincere answer because even if I don’t suceed in getting my ex back, I would like to know for the future relationships.
Be that physical or personality wise.But most of the time, when we get comfortable in a relationship, we lose that. If you instead talk to him with grace and kindness, that is going to make him stop and think about what’s happened between you two and what he wants to happen in the future. Your head is spinning, your heart is beating out of control and you feel overcome with a sick feeling. You begin to feel worthless, used and you question whether wanting a man back who says these things is the best for you.
He’s feeling broken and vulnerable and is doing what he can to rid himself of that pain. I don’t know why I believed that chasing down a man who obviously wanted little to do with me would make him race back into my arms. That final silence was the breaking point for me and I packed away every momento of the relationship, deleted his contact information from my phone and unfriended him on Facebook. I’m talking about volunteering, or breathing life back into a friendship you may have pushed aside when you got hot and heavy with your ex. It’s going to not only help you keep your mind off your ex but it will also help you to see that others struggle with serious issues also. But it will help you to maintain no contact because you won’t see him name each and every time you scroll through your address book looking for a number. Chances are very good that you’re going to receive at least one text message or call from him asking how you are. This is detrimental in so many ways and you need to address it before your physical or emotional health suffers. You have to have a grasp on the male psychology that is at work in your ex boyfriend’s mind and you have to understand exactly what to do and say to get him to want you back. She is one of leading therapist that has studied cheating for a living in the entire world.
We are trying to calm him down because if you cheated on your exboyfriend his anger level will be at a maximum. I mean, according on how well you know him, and from what happened, are those things something you should say sorry first?

I thought the point of NC was no contact at all, so I just want to be absolutely sure it won’t mess up my chances.
In that time, we got to meet once for only a day and it was about a week or two into the relationship. He ask me before we talk on the phone and agree to have a date to bring his clothes and stuff he had in my place. However, he still doubts my honesty because of the extent of which I tried to hide the affair.
He was convinced I would cheat on him we fought when I was there and then he stopped making contact we had a kind of break up text in the end I slept with my ex, I instantly regretted it I told him and he is furious saying he knew it and was testing me and making out I cheated but I said he froze me out and we weren’t together.
He wanted very little to do with me and he even told one of our mutual friends that I was pathetic. Men are drawn to those things that are just out of their reach and if your ex boyfriend feels that you fall into that category, he’ll start pulling out all the stops to get you back again.
Granted, he may not spend much time crying but it’s very possible that he’s cycling through feeling sad, and feeling happy.
It happened to me a long time ago and my initial gut instinct was to tell him that I couldn’t do it. Every fiber of your being is trying its best to avoid the man you love, but you just can’t seem to do it. Maybe you want to take a course in the evenings that will help your career or maybe you just have the urge to paint your apartment or join a new book club or gym. The change of scenery is really going to help you avoid your ex and all those triggers that make you long to be with him again. She’s found that the number 1 correlation for men and women who cheat is the excitement they get from cheating. The ebook is called Ex Boyfriend Recovery Pro and if you want to learn more about texting messaging.
I have tried everything and he was able to handle the first event of cheating on a reasonable level to the point he wouldn’t leave me.
If I do say happy birthday to him, should I do it somewhere less personal like on his Facebook wall, or actually text it to him? Anyway, after a day, he messaged me and said to give him time and “the best course is to start over from the beginning. I was paralized since we were in a car with more people in it and I didn’t want to make them notice the situation. Give him space but be sure you’ve sent that heartfelt and sincere assurance to him, so he can think about it. However, n this may seem crazy, but iI’m still seeing the guy I cheated on him with even though Im not really interested in him. I acted really desperate calling and texting trying to explain for a week I want him back but he doesn’t want anything to do with me now. I just wanted him to feel that surge of regret wash over him and I wanted to know that he wished that the break up hadn’t have happened in the first place.
He literally walked away – he wouldn’t return my texts, my phone calls to him went unanswered and he refused to see me. Find something you can be passionate about and then get out there and put everything you have into it. The man was busy posting up a storm on facebook and twitter all while I struggled with not talking to him.
You need to reiterate this apology because one apology is not enough for this type of behavior.
None of this is going to help you get your ex boyfriend back if you cheated on him because you cheated on him he is on red alert around you 24-7. We had a great relationship, but it just got very stressful for both of us (work commitments, buying a house) He broke up with me and after the god send that is the 30day NC, I have come to realise that there are things I would like to say sorry for.
I’m happy and grateful that I got to experience so many interesting and exciting things with you.
Some women find it helpful to enlist the aid of a friend to hang out with or to take a short trip with.
In all my missing infinite wisdom I actually thought that if I put on a “show” of sorts and acted all carefree and happy that he’d regret breaking up with me. But if I had to go back and rethink that decision I would have welcomed the platonic friendship with open arms.
It will take time but your focus is definitely going to shift in time and you’ll feel less and less of a pressing urge to talk to your ex boyfriend.
If he is starting to feel like he wants you back he is going to dive into what has been going on after the breakup and if you’ve been with other guys.
Basically its a dictionary with 250-300 texts messages that you can use in any situation that you can think of. I’m just not really sure if he actually meant that we could start over from the beginning and work our way back to being together or if he just said it to be nice. Sometimes we even stop tending to our look.So, in a sense, we lose the person they were attracted to. Each day that I looked at my phone and saw no msg I became resentful and used his email to sign him up for silly stuff. Well, I’m not even sure if he’s coming with us but just in case he decides to go, what should I do? Each day that passes, without you contacting him will be another day closer to you two getting back together.
Was he just using you and why has he suddenly decided that now is the right time to tell you that his feelings weren’t real?
They actually become more intrigued if their ex girlfriend suddenly seems completely disinterested in them. The general excitement of cheating appeals to people and that is an underlying reason why people cheat. So make an effort when it comes to apologizing to them to really show them that you are guilty.
A few days later, he desperately begged for me back, and even after I told him to give me more time, he rushed me, so not being completely sure of what I wanted, i told him we were not good for each other.
People are attracted to the things they want to have or they want to be or they think are the same as them.
I tried to go NC but broke it after a week and sent him a letter and few more texts and calls. I told our mutual friends that I was meeting new people all the time and I made the crucial mistake of saying to one of my ex boyfriend’s closest friends that I was glad the break up happened. It’s a lot to absorb and there are no easy answers but luckily there is some insight that will help you better understand why some men say this and what it truly means in terms of your past relationship and whether there is still a chance for you two to rebuild the emotional bond you once had. I feel there is no hope or chance to regain his love for me again and to have him want to come back and contact me without me trying to contact him first.
After 2 weeks of silence, I begged for him back, realizing I had made a huge mistake, but he told me no (that I had broken his heart, trust, and made him humiliated). I thought about waiting a couple of days and telling him about a funny experience I had at the karaoke bar (a place we used to spend time together), or I could send him a message genuinely apologizing to him about my actions during the relationship. I think about him all the time and if I should try getting him back or if I should let it go. It has now been an additional 14 days since we have spoken, as I am implementing the NC rule. I already did the apology before the nc rule, but im wondering if it will have a bigger impact now. Last week I told him all of it, and the crotch touching was considered as a full cheating act in his eyes. We had been dating off and on for 4 yrs with a few disagreements but I think this one took the cake. I only have his email, his number is deleted and we share no mutual friends so idunno how or even if it’s worth contacting him again. This ex was an “in between girl.” I’m not really sure how to interpret or describe this but basically, this girl is someone whom he dumped before so he could go back to his ex before me. Well, he said he needed to think and that we will met up in his house later to go to his mother’s birthday. I had given him all the power again – he knew I was desperate to be with him and that gave him all the control in our breakup. There is definitely a way to get him to regret the break up and it has nothing to do with pretending your life without him is perfect. He later cancelled all those things and said he needed space and that he didn’t want yo go with me to Europe (we have planned vacations for next week). Especially, because he considers our relationship to be the happiest time of his life and doesn’t think he could find someone like me. I know that I am the one at fault, so I’m struggling with whether to show I care or to hide it. He has this “I don’t like talking to an ex.” attitude but went on a date with her and now spending a week with her.
The other day ge said he was thinking about the trip, but didn’t want to be with me anymore. Or it’s possible that they really rekindled the old flame and just forgot about me within 2 weeks? He wanted to me up in person but I said I didn’t want to talk to him until he have dropped the anger away and also that I was very busy at work to worry about this.
But, he feels as though I am only sticking around because I feel bad and he thinks that I may have done more wrong than I am letting on.
He thinks that soon after he stops talking to me, I will give up on him and possibly pursue the kind of lifestyle that enabled the affair. A part of me hopes we’d fix things between us but I’m also learning to live my life without him. I was really calm and told him that I was very sorry about this, that I want him back but I don’t want to push, that I want him to come to Europe with me and think about this when we were home.
I also tell him that this situation was enterely my fault and it was caused by my insecurities which had nothing to do with him. He said he has decided to break up, that I’m not gonna change his mind, but ge will be going to Europe with me as a friend.
But, he thinks he’d be stupid to stay with me because of what I have done that has caused him so much pain.

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