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A month later he was crawling on my doorstep asking to get me back when a month ago he wouldn't even text me a goodnight.
1- Let out your pain and anger "I'm not crying over him I don't care nobody needs to know about this" WRONG. We are all human, we all experience heartbreak, we all cry, we all wonder if we were ever good enough, if we were not that great for him. 3- its meant for girls who got dumped not girls who dumped 4- hate comments will be spammed so please if h have something mean to say save it for yourselfAnd thank you! 2- The No Contact Rule (Which most girls fail at 90% of the time) NEVER EVER EVER contact a guy who broke up with you. Even if it was partially your fault, even if you know he still loves you, even if you miss him and fear he might move on. Prove him wrong surprise him, show him that you can live without him and he should not let you go again.

The next day she starts posting sad pictures and quotes hoping that she will trigger something within you. Posting a picture with one guy on Instagram or going out with a rebound just to make him jealous will not make him jealous.
It will just be obvious and hurt the poor rebound in the end while making you want your ex more. As if the breakup didn't happen but as if you are back to single you now and free to do whatever you want. Go out with friends, post pictures in different places, go camping, hiking, clubbing, to the beach, SMILE ! Dont go out only because you want to go like "in your face" no go out block him and really enjoy yourself.
When you're having fun naturally thats when trust me a guy knows you are moving on and he should take you back quick.

If the girl did something wrong causing the relationship to end she needs to own up to her mistake and actions like a healthy person would instead of playing stupid games.
She said something along the lines of even if the woman is partly to blame for the breakup that she needs to stand strong and have the guy come back to her. A relationship takes 2 people giving 100% not one fully devoted and the other half checked out. Even though you may believe you played a strategy and you succeeded, you may have also been subject of Him deciding leaving you was a bad idea and that he actually misses you.Girls need to stop playing games lol.

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