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I hate it when people are rude, but there are some things that have somehow been considered rude when they’re actually not at all. Not Letting Someone Else Act Smarter Or Better Than YouI'm not saying you need to inflate your ego or act like you're the best thing since sliced bread, but you should never dumb yourself down or let someone walk all over you because you think it will make them feel better. Photo Source: ShutterstockIgnoring CatcallsSome people believe that not being grateful for catcalls is rude. Photo Source: ShutterstockSending Food BackOne of my biggest pet peeves is when people get something they didn't actually order or want and they don't say something because they don't want to be rude. Photo Source: ShutterstockBeing HonestWhen you're friends with someone, you should be able to honestly tell them anything. Photo Source: ShutterstockNot Apologizing For Things You Shouldn't Apologize ForThere are plenty of things everyone should apologize for like not calling your friend on her birthday or for missing curfew. Photo Source: ShutterstockNot Hooking Up With Someone When You're Sleeping OverIf you're sleeping in someone else's bed whether it's your boyfriend, girlfriend, crush, whatever, you do not have to do anything with them. Photo Source: ShutterstockRejecting Someone You're Not Interested InI can't tell you how many times I've given out my phone number to someone I wasn't interested in because I was too afraid to hurt their feelings by rejecting them. Photo Source: ShutterstockNot Hooking Up With Someone You Went On A Date WithOnce a guy got aggressively mad with me because I wouldn't go home with him after a date. The other housemates looked shell-shocked as Cairon was told to leave the house.As they gasped he pulled a grim smile and walked out, looking despondent, to face a baying crowd. Cairon, who was born in London but raised in America's deep south, received four nominations.

Before Cairon left the house the housemates had a few run-ins as the tension of the impending eviction began to tell.
Marcus told him he was, 'doing dirty things' by dipping his fingers in other people's food.
Noirin was also finding Sree a bit trying after trying to repel his advances and went to the diary room to let off steam.
While most of us were asleep, Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy was fighting with his baby’s mother for all the world to see and jump in. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Moving to New York was a big culture shock for me because people were not very polite to me.
I am not one of those people because catcalls are disgusting and make most people feel horribly unsafe and uncomfortable. I have a few friends I go to for advice on things because I know they're always going to be very honest with me whether they hate my outfit or think I made the wrong decision or think I actually don't look good with bangs.
It doesn't matter what the circumstances are, but you can in fact just sleep in the same bed as someone without doing anything sexual. I had a fine time, but I didn't want to go home with him or kiss him or anything so I politely declined his offer.
Most people were also missing manners that I thought were just common sense to human beings like holding a door open when someone is right behind you.

I have been followed home for not responding to a catcall, but it wasn't rude of me to ignore it. Sending it back in a rude way is rude, but politely explaining that isn't what you ordered isn't.
But you should not apologize for things like standing up for your beliefs or getting out of a crappy relationship. There seems to be a misconception that you HAVE to do stuff if you're in the same bed, and you do not. Other times, it's because I fear for my safety if I reject someone since some people are absurd and will get violent or very vocal when they're turned down.
I knew I could trust him.'But after watching a video of himself washing Siavash's hair he was a pains to stress their relationship was purely friendship.
But realistically, it's more rude to give someone your number or go on a date when you have no interest in that person.

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