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Have you ever had someone ask you “Where did you get your nails done?” only to tell them you painted them yourself? I would say the most important thing I’ve learned is to not flood your cuticles with nail polish. On the 28th of February 2016, QM Nail Lounge & Spa, specialists in quintessential experience for all things Nails including manicure and pedicure hosted the Cointreau Fizz Le Parisienne Party – which served as the official launch of the QM Day Spa and Cointreau Cocktail bar. Invited guests enjoyed Cointreau infused desserts, canapes and of course – Cointreau Fizz cocktails.
With the Cointreau bar – this means you can get your drink on while getting your nails and everything beauty done as well. Omoge MuRa is an online lifestyle magazine which brings you the latest in fashion and beauty magazine from around the world.
Cori's Cozy CornerSouth Florida Blogger- Family Fun, Reviews, Giveaways, Crafts, Recipes, and More! On your wedding day, you are noticed from head to toe, from hair strand to your toe nails, not only by your hubby but by everyone present in the event. During your pre wedding period, you should be certain for the bridal nail art in your nail beautifying session. There are various additional elements that you can try in wedding nail art for enhancing your sweet and nice look.
There are certain things that one should pay attention towards for getting Wedding Nail Designs done.
Leaving a small gap between your polish and your cuticle will make your paint job look way nicer than getting polish all over the skin surrounding your nail, which leads to another point: If you get nail polish on the skin around your nails, put some nail polish remover on a Q-tip and remove it as closely to the nail as possible without actually removing the polish from your nail. What you want to focus on when painting your nail is creating a smooth edge that follows the curve of your cuticle.

Apply a cuticle cream, oil, or remover and push back your cuticles before painting your nails to make your cuticles less noticeable.
Filing your nails to a shape that you would get at a salon will instantly give your nails that professionally done look.
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She wants everything to be perfect on her wedding day, from dress, jewellery to all the arrangements at venue, catering and everything. On such an important day of your life, you cannot afford  to have no grace in your nails, that will ultimately beautify your hands. One should get these designer nail art done by someone professional and expert so that you can get a specific look for your wedding party.  Whereas, after you marriage, less complicated styles of nail art can be offered a strive reception. You can go for pink varnish as a base and use your imagination to colour the little white flowers.
The best option is the use of beads or stones on your nails for making your nails look gorgeous and beautiful.
The very important decision is to choose the expert for doing your nail art on your special day. We assure to keep bringing new nail art trends regularly to you and fascinate you with the most interesting and attractive artworks. Whether or not your goal is to paint your nails to look like you got your them professionally done, its still nice to have a clean looking manicure.
If the polish and your cuticle end up touching, run a toothpick along the cuticle to recreate the gap.
Square nails might be more difficult to maintain than following the natural curve of your nail, but the shape alone will make a plain manicure look like a million bucks.

This special creativity can give a very delicate look to your nails which is perfect for your bridal gown. Its a great feeling when someone mistakes your DIY manicure for one that was done in a salon, and just paying attention to a few little details can drastically change the look of your manicure for the better. Keeping the polish on your nails and only your nails makes a huge difference in the presentation of your manicure. Also, thin coats will make the surface of the nail polish much more even than a thick coat. But today, nail art has become such an essential part of your dressing that you really need to move it up in your list. You can choose them according to your choice or by matching it with the work on your dress.
Make your decision of choosing the wedding nail design in advance so that you do not get confused on right time. Otherwise, any stray polish marks on your skin will distract from the beauty of your nails!
Most importantly, keep your nails healthy and strong so that you may get natural long white nail designs.

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