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I have had a period every month after that and now 9 yrs later I have not had a period in 89 days my brest have gotten huge and are tender I have gained a little weight and I am always tired I feel like I am pregnant but I really dont want to know if I am or not I was wondering what u thought..
I do want a way to permenantly fix the risk of pregancy, but now I am scared that it may do more harm than good. Tubal ligation, or tying your tubes, is an effective form of preventing unwanted pregnancy.
Tubal ligation is a permanent surgical procedure which consists in tying off the Fallopian tubes in order to prevent the egg from reaching the woman’s uterus where it can be fertilized. Fortunately, this can be achieved with another surgical procedure called tubal ligation removal.
The tubal ligation reversal procedure is associated with a subsequent average pregnancy rate of 75%; moreover, the percentage continues to increase every month, given the reopening of the tubes.
The overall success of the tubal ligation repair varies among different female patients according to the type of tubal sterilization (tying and removing a segment of the fallopian tube, tubal clips or rings, electro-coagulation) and the status of the remaining segment of the tube, whether too short, completely removed, or diseased. The reversal procedure is a minor surgery performed in an outpatient surgical facility, and furthermore, it is significantly cheaper compared to treatments using in-vitro fertilization. In order to reverse the tubal ligation, a specialized surgeon will remove the tied segments of the tubes, and realign the two portions to establish a complete tube.
Getting pregnant after the tubal ligation removal procedure is directly connected with the restoration of a woman’s fertility which, in the long run, can be immune to any other methods of becoming pregnant, such as a single in-vitro fertilization that may or may not prove to be successful. In addition to this minor surgery, in order to improve the chances of ultimately achieving the desired pregnancy, abdominal massage can help reduce the scar tissue of post-surgery tubes, and increase blood circulation, especially in the cases when only one fallopian tube is functional.
As we said before, tubal ligations are around 99.5% effective in protecting against future pregnancies.
If you have had a tubal ligation and you have decided that you want to get pregnant after all, there are options available to you. If you are not able to have your tubal ligation reversed, don’t worry, there are some other options that might be a possibility for you.
I have had my tubes cut and tied following right after the birth of my son which was January 20th 2014. I have had my tubes cut and tied right after conceiving a child through a c-section January 20th 2014. Hi I got my tubes tied and burned about 8 years ago which I thought I was done having kids. If I only have six inches left of my tubes what is my chances of getting pregnant if I have a tubal reversal?????
I had placenta previa phase 4 and it resulted in a c section-doc made hubby and I sign womb removal-but after removing baby-bledding was not as doc expected it was mild so he instead cut my tubes -the problem is that I only signed for womb removal because of placenta privia risk-now that tubes are cut ,its 12 years later and I want another baby-how?
I had my tubes cut and burned back in 2009, it has been 2 months that i have missed my period, and i have been feeling tired, there has been certain foods that upsets my stomach, and i feel as if something in my body is changing..
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My mom got her tubes tied 7 years ago and I just asked her and she said she never skipped a period hers were pretty regular..
While this extremely effective method of birth control seems as the best solution in certain periods of a woman’s life, its reversal may often be necessary. If a woman changes her mind, and decides she wants to become pregnant, tubal ligation reversal is possible, and it can effectively ensure fertility restoration.

Experts have shown that 98% of tubal ligation procedures are reversible, so that almost all women have the possibility to become pregnant following the ligation removal microsurgery. Therefore, the resection or removal of a portion of the tubes for the purpose of achieving effective birth control doesn’t actually affect a woman’s fertility, and should she decide to become a parent and undergo the reversal operation, it can be a complete success as long as at least two segments remain for the reconstruction process. The recovery time following the tubal ligation removal technique is minimal, and the ensuing chances of having a baby are very satisfactory. Therefore, if you are ready to conceive, the tubal ligation removal procedure will ensure perfect fertility restoration almost in all cases, and aid you to become pregnant. Clinically proven to dramatically increase your chances of conception and help you get pregnant fast from the very first use.
Scott joined ConceiveEasy after working in prenatal obstetrical care for two years in a private practice before being promoted to Director of Nursing. For women who have decided that they do not want to have children, or for women who already have children but have decided not to have any more, tubal ligation is a great option. In women who already have children, tubal ligations are done usually following a delivery or c-section birth of a child. There is something known as a tubal ligation reversal, which is, pretty much, the untying of the tubes. There are several different assisted reproduction techniques that can make it possible for women who have had tubal ligations to have babies. I was wondering what we’re my chances of being eligible for tubal reversal and what are my chances of getting pregnant?
If I have them tied but decide to do the surrogacy later on down the road will they still be able to use my egg? I have heard of an injunction of the male sprem in the side of the stomach is their any trush to this.
Fortunately, this is possible even in cases when the sterilization procedure involves tubal rings or tubal clips.
And now for a limited time, Try a FREE starter pack today & receive 20 FREE pregnancy tests and a FREE Digital BBT Thermometer! She has a strong interest in women's health with an emphasis on promoting fertility awareness. A tubal ligation is meant to be a permanent option for birth control, as it is approximately 99.5% effective in protecting against pregnancy.
Doctors are more likely to do a tubal ligation reversal if it has been less than ten years since the tubal ligation was done, and if a woman is younger than 40. I WANT TO KNOW IF IT'S TRUE.I AM 24 YEARS OLD AND I'M SO DONE NO MORE CHILDREN NO MORE C-SECTION.
If you think you want to reverse there are many website that will direct you how to go about it. In fact, this actually involves the most successful rate of fertility following the reversal microsurgery which entails the recuperation of those portions of fallopian tubes left behind when clipped. During a tubal ligation, a woman’s tubes can be cut, tied, burned, or blocked off via clips, bands, or sometimes rings.
This is because IVF does not use the fallopian tubes, and the egg will not have to travel that way, so it is possible to get pregnant using IVF. If so can a woman take her eggs and her husbands sperm and have them put inside her uterus to become pregnant.

If you would like to talk to your doctor about a tubal ligation reversal, be prepared to undergo a lot of testing to determine if you are a good candidate. He said my ovaries Has not stop working and I may need to take the pills ( birth control)ever month.
There are several different ways that tubal ligations are done, and your doctor can help you decide which one is the best for you. Also, sometimes tubal ligations are not able to be reversed, so do not get your hopes up until your doctor tells you for sure. Other times, in cases in which the tubes are cut or burned, the body can actually allow the tubes to grow back together, healing and repairing themselves. I had my tubaligation on June 28, 2004 because i wasn't married and i didn't want to have 3 kids by three different men and not be married. I had my tubes cut, burnt, and tied almost 3 years ago because I didn't plan on having any more children. The most common times that a tubal ligation fails is either shortly after the procedure, or very far down the road, usually around ten years after having one done. Of course he treat my kids as they are his own but I know that he wants a child of his own. He knows I had this surgery and wants me to find out if there are any other methods of getting pregnant, if it turns out that I am not currently pregnant. I know you probably get this question alot, but what are the chances of me being pregnant now?
Did I tell you that we are getting married on December 27, 2008.Thank you REady to give my man a baby. With great disappointment I found out I am not able to have this reversal due to the fact the Md whom did my procedure burned my tubes 10 times. My question is what is the normal numeral cut on a burn tubaligation and Why would some one do this 10 times?
All my children have the same father who walked out of their life in 1999 while I was pregnant with my last child. My husband of a year is a wonderful man who walked into our lives and became the father my children always wanted and needed.
He understands that I may never be able to bless him with the gift of life and it tears me up every day.
After getting my tubes tied, i have become pregnant 5 times each resulting in miscarriages. Now I know that the tubal ligation has been around for several years but I was wondering how long has the uterus burning been around? With the uterus burning it is supose to stop your period for good but since the surgery I have been experiencing a horrible smell and tons of bleeding and grapefruit size blood clots. I went back to the hospital the other day due to it and I ended up passing out on the hospital floor and when I was seen by the doctor, he couldn't explain what had happened or why I was bleeding the way that I was. Could you please tell me what is going on or why this is happening when it isn't supose to be doing this?

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